WEP: Traveling Up

The clock struck my life changing moment. They clapped and whistled for my presence. It had come. The moment I had worked so hard for. All the planning and thought that I had put into those accidents would be paid off in full. My sacrifices would hold millions in worth. She may have married the second accident after I denied her my presence, but now she had grieved. She would be mine and birth my offspring. Many offspring. That is her place.
The floundering lackeys stood and clapped their hands raw while I took the stage. None of them dare show their grief for fear of what I or the other trophies high upon the mantle would do to them. My smile widened with each second. If only they knew. I bet they would still clap. Despicable bunch of rats in a maze. Noses up the nearest ass to attain some sense of place. Accomplishment of the old, the fat, the hairless, and the divorced. The hours of sweat showing on their worn out faces. Screw that. Speaking of screw. There she stood. She showed worry for her future, but I would soon dispel that from within her over and over again.
A simple raise of my hand had them seated like puppies waiting for a treat. Their silence allowed me a moment of my own. One to thank God for all he had given me and to thank him for giving each of them offspring. Those spoiled, self-absorbed, rich brats allowed me to ascend to my rightful place without becoming decrepit and needy like the cattle before me. Each branded by their own desire and ego. Each wearing that brand thinking it distinguished them from the cattle on the street. Each too naive to realize their botched fate.
My words could have been a nursery rhyme from Mother Goose. They could have been a rap song with more obscenities than a slob shouts at the TV every Sunday from his couch. This herd would have clapped and cheered for it all. If I hadn’t invented each scenario to get me here, I would have set the room on fire just to add some variety. Surely they would not all scramble in the same manner.
I descended the stage stairs and then came the hands. Each stuck out for the prehistoric gesture of faith. Hand upon hand they had me while really they wished it resided up another part of my torso. Their offers of congratulations as hollow as their robot eyes. Their offers of prize and help layered with hidden agendas. Deciphering my wants became their life’s mission. A mission they failed at from the moment I took the stage. Had they any true skill or thoughts of their own, I may be rotting in a prison right now. Instead I’m head of the herd with her before me. Those hazel eyes trying to look away, but they refuse to withdraw from the sight of my stature before them.
The herd came fully trained to their new task master. They followed me to the lobby where my accomplishment would shine forever. There it would be for generations to come and only I would ever know the truth. I could brag to all and never get caught. Perfection at its finest. Our babies will be glorious. With my DNA and her ability to shove them out, perfection will be birthed upon the world time and time again. If only I could have her now.
My thoughts strayed back to the task. My fingers reached around a curtain and yanked. It fell to the floor and they clapped once more. Their sadness unable to remain hidden. A few sobbed while others grew angry. They all clapped, but now they had become individual. Death can do that. Especially when it comes to those so young. Such accidents only further their grief as their thoughts turn to avoidance. If only they knew.
My words filled them with hope while my head wished that it would connect with a tree. My gut squirmed sayings such pleasantries about such vile individuals. Spoiled and dead. The latter the best aspect that their life ever had in it. But my mouth spoke what they wanted to hear. Their loved ones in a better place. God taking care of them. Other platitudes that I found on the internet. Anything to make them weep before me to show my true strength.
Our moment of silence soon came. Their sobbing music to my soul while I turned to the eight pictures on the wall. My just over a year of work displayed prominently forever. I grinned while recalling their last breath. They each thought themselves untouchable. Daddy’s money the barrier that kept them separate from the slums. My slum taught me better. They learned that, and the world will learn that when I rise this company to greater heights. A price that their accidents will have paid for ten times over.
She ran her hand across his picture. Her love showing through her tears. I slipped my fingers within hers and that love slowly seeped toward me. Enough to have her within my grasp. I would force the rest if need be. For after ascending to the top in under two years, I plan to have the perfect family and own the company within the next decade, if not sooner. This is the quickest road to my ascension, so all better bend to my will or find themselves on my trophy wall.

Word Count: 917
A quick road to the top. Kill the competition. Going to go cause “accidents” now? Hopefully not. I take no blame if you go nutball. Feel free to leave thoughts below.
Enjoy life, forget the strife.


2018-04-16 12:05:45 - Edit - Reply
I’m SO glad marriage isn’t really like that!

Hilary Melton-Butcher
2018-04-16 18:11:35 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat – I wondered where you were going with this … but a wonderful story of his need to win through and rule … clever – cheers Hilary
Yolanda Renee
2018-04-16 19:16:57 - Edit - Reply
Sounds like someone familiar… Hmm… Do I really know this person or am I just placing an innocent in the spotlight. I’ll never tell.
Now to go out and cause a few accidents of my own. Did I just write that, oops, your influence is rubbing off! 
 Great entry, as always!

Elephants Child
2018-04-16 19:51:29 - Edit - Reply
Dark, nasty and clever. My wimpy self is very grateful that this is (I hope) the Road Less Travelled.
Pat Hatt
2018-04-16 20:30:39 - Edit - Reply
Snow – yeah, good it isn’t indeed
Hilary – He sure had that need to win.
Yolanda – First rule of causing “accidents” is to never admit to causing accidents lol
Elephants Child – 3 for one. Yeah, hopefully it is never traveled.
Denise Covey
2018-04-17 00:51:12 - Edit - Reply
Hi Pat.
Evil deliciousness again! This character is such a megalomaniac. Unfortunately there’ s too many of them around, bunch of crazies believing in the superiority and keeping others under. You had a great flow in telling your tale. Must admit, I was actually expecting a crueler ending. Glad it wasn’t although this story isn’t finished yet!
2018-04-17 02:05:41 - Edit - Reply
And here I thought of
The Jim Jones of the world

Olga Godim
2018-04-17 04:44:27 - Edit - Reply
This is chilly. I hope I never encounter such a scary bastard.
Pat Hatt
2018-04-17 09:21:19 - Edit - Reply
Denise – sure many of those about indeed, sadly. May be more to the story.
desk49 – nutballs abound
Olga – maybe you have and you just didn’t know it haha

Mary Kirkland
2018-04-18 02:36:49 - Edit - Reply
Well dang that didn’t go where I thought it was going but I liked the ending.

Nilanjana Bose
2018-04-18 05:01:38 - Edit - Reply
Wonder was he always like that or did the success of the first accident turn his head? Scary to contemplate how some people are not above being manipulative. Well written and darkly delicious, as always.
Best wishes,
Pat Hatt
2018-04-18 09:32:50 - Edit - Reply
Mary – sure can go anywhere at our lair
Nilanjana – One success can sure lead one to want more.

Tyrean A Martinson
2018-04-18 15:11:50 - Edit - Reply
Horribly awful, as you intended, so it works! I have to admit I wondered if “she” was really under his power as much as he thought or if she had her own plan – but this was my wishful thinking in the midst of his evil plans.
Michael Di Gesu
2018-04-18 15:19:00 - Edit - Reply
Hi, Pat,
Evil is right. Whoa…. Geez…. sadly these demons are around and can manipulate with the greatest of ease. Loved the first person writing, really felt like I was in his head. Even scarier thought!

Donna McNicol
2018-04-18 19:59:48 - Edit - Reply
Oh my…I had to read it a second and a third time. Evil deliciousness!! WoW~
Donna B McNicol, author & traveler
Romance & Mystery…writing my life

Pat Hatt
2018-04-18 20:49:26 - Edit - Reply
Tyrean – She may be, as she may find him to be the nutball that he thinks he isn’t.
Michael – Yep, such demons are sure around indeed.
Donna – glad it was grand.

Deborah Drucker
2018-04-19 03:22:28 - Edit - Reply
It does sound like this could be someone in power now. Your character is a true sociopath. I always hope this type of person will face justice in the end.
2018-04-19 03:44:05 - Edit - Reply
Has a impressive pace to it despite the sadness to the tale.
J Lenni Dorner
2018-04-19 06:18:46 - Edit - Reply
I love when the story is told from the villain’s point of view. Great work here!
Pat Hatt
2018-04-19 08:29:05 - Edit - Reply
Deborah – hopefully such people do, but have my doubts.
Christopher – can’t all be happy as can be at our sea haha
J Lenni – Fun to tell them from their side.

Pat Garcia
2018-04-19 10:31:33 - Edit - Reply
It is sad that we have started equating happiness as the rise to the top and those elbow tactics are often used. Sadly, too late people find out their mistakes.
A Well-written piece of wisdom.
Shalom aleichem,
Pat Hatt
2018-04-19 21:40:48 - Edit - Reply
Pat – yep, too late and then they are so deep that they keep going.
DG Hudson
2018-04-20 07:41:08 - Edit - Reply
A control freak and a power driven egomaniac. Funny how some are drawn to these types of people, who can be charismatic. An engaging story, with a slimy character. . .and then. . .
Well done, Pat, but you know that.
Pat Hatt
2018-04-20 09:21:20 - Edit - Reply
DG – people are drawn to these nutballs indeed. Sheep.

Jo-ke Ojo
2018-05-02 16:39:41 - Edit - Reply
I thought of many things it could be. Marriage wasn’t one of them. A testament to the writer’s imagination.
Pat Hatt
2018-05-02 20:50:53 - Edit - Reply
Imagination has its perks