With Each Claim I Take No Blame!

You know Pat blames me for a lot of things as I run about our wings. That makes it sound like we have a big place. Nope, averaged size apartment we embrace. But anyway he keeps blaming me and we can't take the fifth at our Canadian sea.

Look at all the litter on the floor.
It goes right out to the door.
Don't go looking at me.
I blame that one on Cassie.

There was a huge bang,
And maybe a bit of a clang.
You found glass on the floor?
It was a magic elf wanting to explore.

You almost stepped in goo?
Are you telling me a hairball came due?
Those birds just spit them through the window.
I think you would call those kind a crow.

That cord is chewed a bit?
I did not do it.
It was that shadow on the wall.
Did you not see it running down the hall?

There is water all over the floor?
My, fish sure like to explore.
They have to take water with them you know.
Or else they would dry up and shrivel like a zombie toe.

There are holes in the shower curtain?
I told you that you should not be flirtin.
That is not good for you,
For things may turn blue.

The mat is upside down?
Why are you looking at me with a frown?
It just wants to get the dirt off of it.
So it twirled around a bit.

The curtain rod looks a little bent?
That was some guy trying to pitch a tent.
He snuck in when you were at work.
He had a real evil smirk.

You hear meows in the night?
Boy, that must be a fright.
I bet it is those neighbors next door.
They sure like to umm explore.

There is cat hair on the couch?
Okay, just so you will not be a grouch.
I will admit to that.
But what do you expect from a cat?

Geez, Pat blames me for everything around here. I bet he would even blame me if someone scratched his ear. He really just has no class, always trying to blame my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break sweet #17
      A piece of loving!


    2. 17 in a row
      Some newbie was trying to stop you though

  2. I enjoyed this poem! Simply and good.

  3. If nothing's wrong there's none to blame
    Or otherwise it will get someone aflamed
    Don't antagonize
    That'll be wise
    Or be prepared hearing excuses so lame


    1. Excuses sure come
      From the cat's little rhyming bum

  4. Meows from the neighbors next door? You mean, like in When Harry Met Sally he says he made a woman meow?

    1. Yeah that would be it
      A high note they can hit lol

  5. Cats are never to blame
    The fact that Pat blames you is a shame
    He's probably guilty of all the aforementioned transgressions
    I think you should scratch him until you get a confession

    1. I've scratched him a time or ten
      He seems immune to it now at our den

  6. Most entertaining read Pat.


  7. An interesting crow
    spitting thru the window...
    it probably wants to make contact
    with thee
    go for it! maybe it takes you to warm sea...

    1. Fly away to bora bora's shore
      There the cat can explore

  8. Hahaha So cat gets the blame
    My oh my ain't that a shame
    A lttle puss would do nothing wrong
    Would never jump to hit the gong
    It's the "Evil One" for the score
    He enters through the locked front door
    Cat likes "Evil One" as a patsy
    Better him than a big gray ratsey

    1. Blame for it all
      Like it's written on the wall
      Just blame the cat
      How rude is that

  9. It is just not fair.

    Throw in an instance were kittens are chasing each other at 4 am and they run over a sleeping human head or two and you cover what the felines get blamed for hear as well.

    1. haha yeah that has been done a time or ten
      As well at our den

  10. I keep hearing noise from my kitchen, the pan cupboard, and I'm certain the snake in the basement has changed his location. It's a large dark corner cupboard with a small door - would you like to come over and explore?

    1. The cat would come and sniff it out
      Although not sure he'd eat it like a trout

  11. Were the meows in the night from humans or cats? ;0)

    1. Cats do it a lot
      But there are some humans who are hot to trot

  12. Bwaa haa haaa!

    I'm loving your blog headers too. Very cool.

  13. Very nicely done! (I'd say "Nice post" but that would get me a "Yippee for me.")

  14. No idea how Pat could blame such sweet, innocents. I'm sorry to hear of the atrocity. And it really COULD be elves. We had one in our house at Christmas time who caused all kinds of mischief!

    1. Yeah those elves are the cause
      That is if they have claws

  15. hehehe i like to explore as well,
    makes for a swell
    day---some days
    i wish i could turn the mat upside down
    and shake all the dirt on the ground

    1. The cat does it with ease
      Shakes the mat like it has fleas

  16. almost step in goo?

    could have been poo

  17. It wasn't me!
    It wasn't me!
    Why don't you blame
    Mr. Nobody?!

  18. Haha if my pup could talk I can only imagine the elaborate excuses she would make for the havoc she wreaks on my apartment!

    1. haha yeah they'd sure make plenty an excuse
      For causing our stuff such abuse

  19. Haha, guilty as charged, cat!
    No doubt he did all that! :)

    1. I just know it's the cat
      Turns upside down the mat
      Chews up everything in sight
      Meows and yowls all night
      Throws up a big hairball
      But gets away with it all ! :)

    2. haha yep gets away with everything
      Even chewing the tp at our wing

  20. How could any blame such a sweet innocent cat?
    Take responsibility for yourself, Pat.

    1. That is right
      He does it all in the middle of the night

  21. orlin n cassie...we get de same treet mint heer two tho we CAN take a fifth...frank lee we can send ewe both a fifth...wood ya want vodka, whiskey, tequilla...any combo menshuned.....ewe name it N we will get out cross de border in noe time with noe questshunz asked !!! hope everee one haza grate week oh end N stayz outta trubull...KNOT !!!

    1. haha some tequila would be nice
      Plus the fifth to add some spice

  22. Well you sure can't be blamed for any of that stuff!!!

  23. bent curtain rod and meows at night
    i can relate to the damage and noise fright
    something barges around the room
    it's definitely not the vaccuum in a zoom
    something makes a clatter
    makes my sense of calmness splatter

    have a great weekend, sir. thank you so much for your support and encouragement at my place:)

    1. Yep calmness goes out the window
      When such things tend to show

  24. Once, we had a Persian cat,
    So we knew just who
    To point the finger at.
    If something got chewed,
    Or we found pee on the floor,
    It had to be him,
    But now... no more.
    Now, there are two cats at our place,
    And both of them with an innocent face.
    If the table has a hairball upon it,
    We never know for sure whodunit.

    1. haha with two you never know
      But table hairball is eww at your show
      At least the cat doe it on the floor
      But seems to always hit the one mat at our shore

  25. You need to find a way to take the fifth otherwise you may be out of luck

    1. Yeah that could be the case
      As he blames me at a steady pace

  26. A cat is easy to blame
    it may be his claim to fame!!!

    1. Bringing him to the masses
      Or the upper classes

  27. This is your best rhyme yet. I hope you stay away from the vet. Excuses are not needed, a cat shan't confess. Here at our house, the King is totally blameless. We can totally relate to that suspicious fate.

    1. Yeah there is no blame at all
      Don't know why Pat says so on the wall

  28. A cute post!
    It tickles my funny bone the most.
    Coming from a family of five kids,
    putting the blame on others is what we dids.
    Obviously you are an intelligent cat!
    All that creative blaming where you're at!
    Have a happy weekend,
    my clever friend!

    1. haha I blamed others too
      Just as the cat does at our zoo

  29. Maybe in the budget could go
    a housekeeper or a maid
    and then no messes on the floor
    and the cat wouldn't be afraid

    that he would take the blame
    when obviously he is not at fault
    but then this this rhyme
    would have to halt.

    If cat air is anything like corgi hair, I'm sure it is a never ending battle to clean it all up :)


    1. haha thankfully they don't have a ton
      So not as much hair under our sun
      Corgi would have way more
      Have to get a maid at our shore

  30. Boy, that cat is sounding a lot like my kids. "Not Me" is what I hear all day long!

    1. haha used to it you must be
      There at your sea

  31. Sorry cat the clues lead to you
    with some strange things in view
    perhaps, a ghost gave you fright
    as you ran around during the night
    imagine that Pat blaming the cat
    just don't chew the captain's hat
    or I will come after you for that..haha

    hope tomorrow is a better day

    1. haha what are you going to do
      if the hat I were to chew? lol

  32. "Blaming you?" Say it isn't so.
    Pat of all people should definitely know.
    To be a cat is to be free and arrogant like that
    Often comical, smart or lazy like a mat
    So my hair strands are strewn here and there
    Who cares that my claw marks are littered everywhere?
    And the meows, and shadows and kitty litter too
    Who cares about the what, when, where, how and who?
    We are what we are and will be what we'll be.
    The most magnificent, loyal companions you' ever did see.

    I heart your rhymes! :)

    1. haha look at you go
      With such a flow
      Yep all of the above fits
      Even if hairballs are the pits
      Cats are there
      Always at their lair

  33. My cat was a horrible puker until I changed her cat food (she was allergic to the red dyes in the food). She'd puke right in front of me and stare at me, like, "well, clean that up...don't want the dog to enjoy it"

    1. haha yeah they do stare after they puke
      Allergies we have here a ton and not a fluke

  34. Heh, reminds me of my old ferret. He was quite the troublemaker...

    1. Animals sure are
      They get into things near and far

  35. Hairballs, puking, yakking it up.
    None of which are neat.
    It's worse at midnight when you get up
    and step in it in bare feet.

    1. Yep, that had happened once or twice
      Guess for getting up to pee that is the price

  36. Cat hair only on the couch? OH MY Gosh, when I go to may Daughters, her cat gets hair on EVERYTHING!!

    1. haha the couch and bed are the main spots
      Thankfully they don't have lots

  37. Blame it all on the cat how dare Pat


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