Another Time With A Spotlight Rhyme!

So movies and Rhyme Time ABC. May as well combine the two at my sea. Heck why not? Could make a good plot. The movie triva abc killer. Could be the next big thriller.

A is for Alien that big drooly thing.
It was not mammalian but its tongue could cling.
B gets some Bad News Bears who play ball.
They need to climb some stairs like at old one eye's hall.

C is for Con Air which was a bad thought.
Shouldn't it dawn on a pair about some evil plot?
D is for Duma that big spotted cat.
Evan a puma would sure love that.

E is for Elf the shower peeper.
Off the shelf he can be quite the creeper.
F is for Flipper that sea faring thing.
Get me a clipper and I'll have lunch at my wing.

G is for Go, it just popped in.
Search high and low in the used bin.
H goes for Harry and The Henderson crew.
He may seem scary with his very full hairdo.

I is for Indiana Jones, except that last one.
Bury the fourth with bones, a whole friggin ton.
J is for Jimmy Hollywood the pathetic loon.
He never understood he did not live in a cartoon.

K jumps into Karate Kid action with a wax on.
You might end up in traction is wax off is a con.
L makes you a Lethal Weapon by the light of day.
Just watched where you're steppin at night, okay?

M is for Mannequin one and not number two.
The first was fun the second was poo.
N is for New Kids and their carnival plight.
Kids flip their lids and bring a big fight.

O is for Open Range and lots of cows.
I think cows are strange, prefer one who meows.
P goes to Point of No Return which is near.
But none I will spurn today with my rhyming rear.

Q is for Quiz Show and its trivia stuff.
Those not in the know end up in a huff.
R brings a Roger Rabbit with his craze.
It's a bad habit to see birds when in a daze.

S is a Short Circuit but its alive.
Just figure out how to work it and you'll survive.
T is a Top Gun with a need for speed.
Look, some video game fun decided to take seed.

U is for Unstoppable times two, each a load of crap.
Burn either one at your zoo if they enter your map
V brings Varsity Blues and another ball.
But that isn't news as they give plays a call

W brings a Weekend at Bernies and a dead smell.
Those monopoly tourneys can really raise hell.
X dances to a Xanadu that is quite a miss.
But such news isn't new over its rainbow bliss.

Y features Yes Man and its yes ways.
A flash in the pan compared to the no craze.
Z is for Zapped, up goes the skirt.
Sure won't be trapped and easy to flirt.

Now I am done my two in one. Hope it was fun. But if a movie trivia abc killer comes to your door, don't blame my shore. But if you must you can Scream and shout something crass before you die at my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break it's #43
      Do so just slowly!


    2. Hank is still number but, I was hot on his heels..

    3. Oh so very very close
      Hank squeaked in like a mouse

    4. Truedessa and Hank were both winners
      The time registered was the same!


    5. Seconds away
      From each other today

  2. Replies
    1. Posting A to Z at your sea
      some of these were fun
      going on a movie spree
      you even have Top Gun

      Hope you have a great day
      watching movies at your bay...

    2. Yeah seen them all
      Here at my hall
      But some of them suck
      I guess that was bad luck

  3. An abc killer is awaited for
    Just bring it on to the door
    It is no trivia
    Near and far
    Only to wait for just one more


    1. Just one more
      At my shore
      Then another too
      Plenty to view

  4. Excellent Pat. If you have had Lee's blog today you will know by now I am one of his Ambassadors for the A to Z Challenge. if you have signed up you will of course be see much of me before, during and after the challenge.

    1. Enjoy being an ambassador at his shore
      Sure you'll be all around to explore

  5. Have you seen all those movies? Because I think I've seen all but one. Sad, huh?
    And Truedessa is the movie star around here - she'll always be number one.

    1. Well I am sad too
      Seen them all at my zoo
      Even those two very very very stupid Unstoppable ones
      Hate them tons
      Truedessa has a fan
      Not just the cat and that Pat man haha

  6. Ah Weekend at Bernie's, what an underrated movie
    I loved it, found it to be quite groovy
    Harry and the Hendersons, watched it in grade school
    The Sasquatch made me laugh when he would drool

    1. haha yeah it was a fun one
      The second hmmm rather meh run
      Yeah haven't seen that one for a long while
      Wonder if it went out of style

    2. For as funny as Bernie was all zombie and stuff

      alive his choices in life were rough

    3. Yeah he was such a schmuck
      Alive always trying to make a buck

  7. ^^Guys like Bernie. All the guys in my family do too. ;)

    I thought Mannequin was cute. :)

    1. I like both of those
      Although each sequel causes woes

  8. This is awesome. Love all the movie references. Brilliant! ♥

  9. Nooo, you can't eat Flipper, that just wouldn't be chipper. And really, there was a Mannequin 2? That's some scary news if it is true. #5 is alive ain't no jive!

    1. Yeah there was a mannequin 2
      It really really blew

  10. This was like the A-Z Challenge in one post =P

    So many movies to review
    but I've only heard of a few
    that you mentioned at your bay
    but I don't feel any dismay
    because most of them suck
    so I just don't give a duck
    that I missed most of these
    when they were at the movies

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

    1. I can challenge away
      All in one day
      See done and done
      Now I don't have to do a a to z run
      But since i am done
      Will still do it under my sun
      and yep, many sure suck
      Don't watch and you're in luck

    2. So you're doing the Challenge, huh? What is the theme - how mean the cat is??

    3. Pffft to a theme
      I just go the a to z stream

  11. Good you know your ABC's.
    And movies, too, if you please!

    1. Yippeee, two things I can do
      At the same time at my zoo

  12. Movies movies everywhere
    A to Z please take care
    A few I've seen A few I've not
    I'd like to see the whole big lot

    1. Some of them never see
      They aren't worth watching even for free

  13. ha. i have seen most of these,
    many to please, weekend at bernies is a hit,
    i like to laugh at it...mannequin was a movie
    my mom took us to see
    before realizing the content
    and then thought, oh sh---

    1. hahaha well it wasn't that bad
      But yeah may have regretted showing you that one at your pad

  14. Movies A to Z, you say
    Rhyming at your bay
    Attack of the Giant Snowflake
    will take the cake
    Oh, I just made that up today
    More snow coming my way
    Good day to stay in
    And watch movies at my bin :)

    1. Yeah as long as the power stays on
      Then a book it may be after dawn
      Then at night
      Just sleep tight

  15. Xanadu
    Was a bunch of poo
    Lethal Weapon is hazy
    Thought the star was crazy!

    1. Yep big can of poo
      Flush it at your zoo
      Lethal weapon though
      Is fine by my show

  16. This was a nice little movie flashback post.
    I am pretty sure I have seen all, if not, most.
    Harry and the Hendersons and Mannequin too,
    Were such favorite flicks here at my zoo.

    1. Yeah they were sure grand
      But each Unstoppable I can't stand

  17. I laughed at "poo" for some reason :) I'm following your blog ♥

  18. indiana jones i have only seen the first and fourth and i agree with you, i only will say from now on that i have only seen 1 indiana jones movie!

    1. haha that is the way to be
      That last one needs to be pitched in the sea

  19. Dear Pat, of all those movies you rhymed about--26 or more--the only one(s) I've seen are the Indiana Jones series. Makes me think I need to get a life! Peace.

    1. haha or you just have a life at your sea
      And don't have time for a movie spree

  20. orlin N casie...ever wunder who wood win if alien fighted predator....oh wait, we think they did.....we mizzed it.....oh well.....Godzilla roolz any how !!!

    1. Never ever watch that second piece of crap
      Unless you want to take a nap

  21. The boys at my house think Top Gun is so really fine,
    They can quote lots of it line by line.

    1. haha it was a fun one
      Can't say I quote it though under my sun

  22. This was fun indeed!
    Thinking of New Kids...gosh, I haven't thought of them in forever.
    And as for Monopoly tournies, I would pass. I would rather have gas. LOL.

    1. haha don't like Monoply at your sea?
      I guess you don't get caught in the fake money tree

  23. Great movie trivia:) I prefer meows to cows too.

    1. Yeah those cows just poo
      And give off lots of poo

  24. I had to go back and count, I think there are nine that I have not seen... Awesome rhyming!

    1. 9 you say
      You will have to rectify that at your bay

  25. I've seen a few of those, Alien being my favorite.

    1. Yeah that one was grand
      Think I like Aliens more though at my stand

  26. Some of these movies from long ago
    still good to see them these days
    amazing what you will decide to rhyme
    thanks for sharing this today!


  27. I think I've seen three. Poor pitiful me

  28. You forgot the Last Request for L in your rhyme

    1. Didn't add yours today
      Have to next time at my bay

  29. Great job! Now you have the A-Z movies to blog about in April's A-Z challenge.

  30. Now I'd love to see
    your ABC
    and movie stars
    at video bars...

    1. Movie stars at video bars you say
      I may get death threats at my bay

  31. Cool. I've seen most of those shows.


  32. Loved Con Air with Nic Cage/Steve Buscemi and Malkovich get him into a rage/Should have called Roger Rabbit, if you ask me/At least the Big-Toothed One would have kicked their butts with glee!.:-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Can't hurt the rabbit
      Even if he does have a crazy habit

  33. Some of those I've actually seen
    And some even on the big screen
    Fun to remember when movies were good
    Not too much more of that in my neighborhood

    1. Oh and another new header I see!
      What a creative streak from thee!

    2. Yeah when they were good
      So much more enjoyable in each hood

  34. You should have saved this for the A to Z thing that is coming up in April.


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