Can A Repeat Be Neat?

So dVerse wants repetition at play here today. I guess Bill Murray started it all at his bay. Or could use Day Break. Stargate did their own take. And I am sure there were many more that opened the repeat a day door. So what should I do? I do not want to be a broken record at my zoo.

Repeat, repeat, repeat,
Claps your hands and stomp your feet,
To the Bohlingaringding beat.
Whoops! Already went down that street.

Captcha is crap.
Blow it off the map.
Some stupid trap.
Damn! Gave that a lap.

This feeling will not pass.
There seems to be a mass.
I can't shake this hand up my ass.
Crap! Taught that class,.

Ready for something sweet.
I swear it is neat.
Prepare for zombie feet.
Whoops! They already came to greet.

Glitch of a Witch!
The Gawker's got a zombie itch.
Numb Tongue is crazy too.
Damn! That already came in view.

A is for acts and their fine fate,
Ignore the facts and push things off your plate.
B is for broke even with a pay check.
Crap! Don't choke as work has already hit the abc deck.

Two light hearted fools are back.
They are on the one eye attack.
The scary old hag is dead.
Whoops! Put that to bed.

Tarsier Man had to run,
His job was done.
He wanted some more dough.
Damn! Seen that Tarsier Man show.

Taking over the world here at my shore,
Traffic, cats, nonsense, rhymes galore.
You might get a thrill,
Crap! Think I popped that pill.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
What do you do when life is mundane?
Repeating tasks that drive you insane.
A kink in your neck and a dulling brain,
Leave you in even more, more pain.
Giving you, giving you a major headache.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-da
Try a new task and you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo
Whoops! Damn!  Crap! All seem to be repeating and are here to flap. Whoops! Damn!  Crap! All seem to be repeating and are here to flap. It is getting worse. It is a repeat curse. It is getting worse. It is a repeat curse. I need to go relieve this repeat gas out my little rhyming ass. I need to go relieve this repeat gas out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Keeping on with those repeats
    The feeling's are so very sweet
    Not missing a cue
    Whenever it's due
    Repeating it is such a big treat


    1. If it is grand
      A repeat i can stand
      But if it is crap
      No need for a repeat trap

  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat/stamp your hands and clap your feet/or is it perhaps the other way around?/oh, damn, now the cat will think I'm just a clown! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Well a clown could do that
      So maybe that is your night job at your mat

  3. ha... no zombie feet for me please but def. agree that captcha is crap... i'm not much for repeating things - usually i don't even watch movies twice... have seen groundhog day once though..and enjoyed...

    1. haha you just never know
      When zombie feet could show
      I've watched many movies a time or two
      But only the good ones get a second view

  4. Yikes! I will move ItIm down wind! This has a charm and real bite-- I especially like that last stanza--life has too much pah sometimes, not enough oomph. K.

    1. That life does indeed
      May want to move down wind at top speed

  5. That was clever you brought it back
    I enjoyed it from my Mac
    Remembering every single one
    Early mornings they were fun
    But I like the basic rules
    Repeat a post is just for fools

    1. The cat can keep you on your toes
      So you don't suffer any woes
      Making you think back
      Using your brain at your shack

  6. That's a lot of repeated crap in one place.
    Nice touch to recall the Stargate episode. Best one ever.

    1. The crap kept flowing
      And yeah that repeat day was the best showing

  7. All I can think of doing mundane tasks over & over again
    till my neck hurts ~ Repeat works well in a song though,
    that I like ~ Happy Sunday ~

    1. Yeah the mundane crap
      Sure can become a trap
      Then the neck gives out
      And all one wants to do is shout

  8. just put the record on repeat and hear the beat
    again and again til its stuck in your head,
    my zombie itch is doing fine thank you,
    captcha does suck, that one you can run in a rut,
    but don't kick the mutt again, its abuse
    and there is no excuse

    1. Then it gets stuck in my head
      And causes me dread
      No zombie feet for you?
      Captcha will drown at every zoo
      Before i am through
      And I'll leave the mutt alone as it has no clue

  9. OOMPA LOOMPA I feel the beat
    at your bay you often repeat
    rhyming here and rhyming there
    rhyming simply everywhere!

    1. Rhyming has to come due
      Repeat it each day at my zoo

  10. There goes my plan to repeat a post from last year on Wordless Wednesday this week. Thanks a lot. ;) :)

    1. haha no problem at all
      Repeats shouldn't dawn your wall

  11. I hope that goofy groundhog is wrong, and I will repeat that often!

    1. That thing better be
      No more snow for any sea

  12. Hey Pat! I forgot the usual significance of February 2nd until I read your post! Happy Ground Day ~ Don't get stuck any more today in a repeating loop. We Broncos fans have waited 15 years for a REPEAT ~ back to the Super Bowl! Go Broncos!

    1. Yeah the dumb overgrown rat
      Is out and about at its mat
      Hope it is grand
      As you watch in your land

  13. Try a new task, I like that!
    To liven up things a bit
    Less repetition
    and more addition :)

    1. And learn something new
      Plus maybe get a clue haha

  14. Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo

    the ones in the remake looked like poo

    1. The whole remake was poo
      Flush that down the loo

  15. An interesting repeat attack
    all within the lines of your shack

    two light hearted fools on display
    as they try to sail to bora bora bay

    Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-do
    now, this song is stuck thanks to you..

    Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-do
    now, this song is stuck thanks to you..

    oops did I just say that the repeat curse
    all at the hands of Pat and dVerse

    1. haha the oompa loompas are in your head
      Oh they can sure cause dread
      And make you repeat too
      Damn I'm good at my zoo

  16. Now I will have those oompa loompa's in my head all day

  17. I remember some of those. Why? Who knows!

    1. They get stuck in your head
      Right after you have read

  18. Then there's the "great post!" or "nice post!" or "informative post"
    Those tend to repeat the most.
    I mean, really, how informative can a post be
    When it's meant to be silly and make you spew coffee?
    Those are the funniest repeats at my show
    You get the "great posts" repeats, though.
    I suppose it's an upgrade because great is great
    And informative is boring
    And second rate.


    1. That is very true
      It is all great in view
      I suppose informative it can be
      Just not useful information to thee
      A bunch of nonsense on display
      So all can have a fun day

  19. I've been trying to think of a comment which I have left before...

    1. Can't remember a single one
      There have sure been a ton

  20. All depends what repeat you're watching.
    If it's boring you'll catch me napping.

    Excellent poem as always.

    1. A nap can be nice too
      Sometimes it has to come due

  21. Why did you have to Oompa Loompa?
    Now it is stuck in my head.
    A chant that will be hard to get rid of
    And something I dread!


    1. haha it just popped in
      I know it is a sin
      There in ones head
      Causing lots of dread

  22. 'What do you do when life is mundane?
    Repeating tasks that drive you insane.'
    Add some music to routine repeats,
    turn to the right, turn to the left -
    use your wits!

    1. Your wits can get you out
      So you don't shout
      Just do a little twist
      And forget the list

  23. Replies
    1. I suppose there are
      Depends what they are near and far

  24. Captcha is crap, but a little less runny now that it switched mostly to numbers.

    1. It seems to be switching back though
      With the switching show

  25. We'd hope the Giants would repeat
    Their 2012 amazing feat!
    Instead they played like total bums
    Instead they played like total bums.

    1. Total bums beats mooning bums
      Or giant flapping gums

  26. I don't mind repeats from time to time. Though the days of this repeated cold and snow is sure one that I would like to see vanish and never come back!

    1. Yes, those days need to go far away
      And not come again near my bay

  27. Repeat the beat and tap your feet.
    It's Groundhog Day and that's really neat!

    Okay, so it's no longer Groundhog Day, it's really late, and my brain's shut down. I did the best I could. :)

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha not sure how neat Groundhog day is
      But you nailed it with the rhyming biz

  28. So neat at least your repeat is at your street

  29. Rinse and repeat
    To the drum of your own beat
    Wait, it's beat of your own drum
    Hell with it, gimme some more rum

    1. haha getting drunk at work
      That could be a perk

  30. Capcha is really crap. I hate when I go to a blog to comment and there it is....

    1. Yeah hit submit
      And then stupid captcha has a fit

  31. LOL, this was funny! I remember the Oompa Loompa song, but did it have those same lyrics? So coincidental...I can't go check because I have a headache. So suggestive...

    1. haha i made the lyrics up for it at my sea
      As I've done a time or three

  32. Indeed, I won't be having Captcha over for dinner anytime soon. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get in somewhere, and Captcha would lock me out.

    1. Yeah the piece of crap has done it to me
      Many a time at another blog's sea


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