The Future Is Back At My Shack!

The cat got that time travel device working again here at our den. Of course the damn thing only told me the news in title form. I guess that is the norm. So away we go giving you the news of the future at my show.

2165: Oldest Person In The World Dies
I guess they had one too many pies?
Didn't even say their name.
The future is kinda lame.

3034: New Aliens Have Landed
Are they right or left handed?
Do they even have eyes?
I wonder if they are wise.

2016: Google Drive Helps Drunks
Put them in trunks.
Then no problem at all,
Drive them to their hall.

2050: Cubs Win The World Series
Puts an end to theories,
That they will never win.
Place a bet at your bin.

3666: Aliens Blow Us To Bits
Better hide when 666 hits.
I'll be long past dead though.
But at least future generations will know.

2063: Sailing Is Now Outlawed
Are we supposed to applaud?
I guess too much pollution in the sea,
They are just trying to protect thee.

2098: First Contact With Alien Life
You mean you actually talked to your wife?
Wow, what a great writer indeed.
I can't wait for another 85 years to come so I can read.

2154: Plants Mutate Into Killer Herbs
Better watch out if you live in the burbs.
They may strangle you.
Destroy all plants at your zoo.

2762: More People Live In Space Than On Earth
How much is a space house worth?
I'd rather stay here.
Being stuck in space I fear.

2953: Earth 4 Is Open For Everyone
What happened to the first three that spun?
I bet they went boom.
Thanks for the doom and gloom.

There you go, now you have lots to look forward to at your show. Might want to duck and cover though if you plan to live to be 2000 years old you know. Nasty aliens will come to pass. Keep them away from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. ha. cubs in first? you might make quite the purse if you place that bet not, 36 years in advance, odds are probably outrageous, i figured aliens would get us sooner or later, but on the year of the beast, ah, at least that makes sense

    1. The odds would be very high
      If it is true be rich before I die
      Unless aliens come early
      Then things may get squirrely

  2. Asteroids instead of hurricanes to worry about?? Oy, from bad to worse. ;)

    1. They fall from the sky
      Get a big bat and give a homerun cry

  3. haha some of them could actually happening, they will hail you as the new Nostradamus....although it won't do you any good...or us because we will be all dead...

    1. Yeah they see this in a future state
      And hail me as I'm dead and fish bait

  4. A few of them are actually never know! LOL Cleverly brilliant as always! ♥

    1. Never know what can come due
      Be funny if one was true

  5. Finally talked to your wife - about lost my breakfast on that one!
    The Cubs headline must've come from the National Enquirer. Can't believe anything they say.

    1. haha sorry for the almost spit
      The national enquirer must have got mixed in a bit

  6. Ha, I won't be worrying about the world being blown to bits in 3666. Sounds somewhat like some of the fears of what would happen in the year 2K!

    1. Yeah must have tapped into the conspiracy nuts
      But we'll be long dead before such world ending ruts

  7. Oh how I'd love to travel in time
    To go so fast avoid a fine
    Fast forward ahead and then go back
    Can I learn time travel on my Mac?
    Is there a little knob to set the date
    Rush into space to determine fate
    I'd leave this planet in the wink of an eye
    And forever visit others in the faraway sky
    A new header did I spy
    As they wisk off in the blink of an eye
    The gang's on a wheel that goes round and round
    Pay Cat, jump aboard, don't hit the ground

    1. Yeah so much to see and do
      But fun to get a time travel view
      Know much that will occur
      And travel back in a blur
      A fee the cats charges for a ride
      He isn't on the cheap side

    2. Pat & Truedessa on top of the world
      with all the blog-land friend going around
      looks like fun as we give it a whirl
      so many adventure can be found
      when the cat is at the control
      the fun just rolls and rolls..haha

    3. The cat can control much
      Changing things at a single touch

  8. WOW! Maybe we will all get back to the future!

  9. in the future some aliens will give it a go
    making all fear as they finally do show
    sailing is outlawed the future looks bleak
    but, tell me can we still swim in a creek
    well, at least we wont' be there for probing
    yuck to all that scary poking..haha
    time travel would be so grand
    walking in sands of a new land...

    1. The creeks may be safe
      Could end up with something that makes you chafe
      So better off in the bath tub
      Aliens better not come to rub a dub dub

  10. Hahaha. Ok, today's facebook message of mine.

    2011- Harold Camping,
    2012 - Mayans,
    2013 - Grigori Rasputin and
    2014-Vikings Ragnork :)

    I used these as an excuse to hog on icecream, so you know what I am doing today.

    1. Always an excuse to be had
      To chow down on icecream at your pad

    2. Now with your predictions I would like to buy a ticket to future please,, can you bribe the cat - one trip is fine.

    3. I can be bribed indeed
      The cat just isn't cheap at his feed

    4. cat isnt cheap - lol. How much does pringle can cost?

      And this is my blog. Old one - had to be recycled or thrashed :)

    5. Those are no longer around
      He uses cashew cans at our mound

  11. You are the new Nostradamus!
    Will they, at some point in the future try to make your predictions fit?
    Ha, ha - that would be something to see!
    The rhyming ass - soothsayer of fact!

    1. That would be rather funny
      They better send my dead self money

  12. ah it would be cool to actually get some news from 2056 or so through a time machine tv.... how would the world look like..? and i wonder if aliens enjoy poetry...we could invite them to the pub...smiles

    1. haha aliens at the pub you say
      To see that i may pay

  13. My ocd wants to be the sorter
    since they aren't in chronological order!

    1. haha they never came that way
      So come what may

  14. Yay! In future we go
    with time machine show,
    where 'It's Rhyme time'
    like Merry-Go-Round enzymes.

  15. To bad I won't be around to see most of those exciting things!

    1. Need to travel in time to see
      Or get frozen under a tree

  16. Those aliens like to probe and harass.
    Make sure you guard that little rhyming ass!

    1. The cat will hide under the bed
      And pass gas until they are dead

  17. Not sure if I've been here before
    Poltegeists in the brain as well as in the house stealing our socks

    1. Damn, that must suck
      Your socks are outta luck

  18. Not sure I would ever want to live in space

    1. Could get lonely up there
      With no breathable air

  19. My husband will be thrilled if he is still alive for the cubs winning the World Series. He holds out hope at the beginning of each season, only to have those hopes squashed to bits shortly after the season starts.

    1. haha they never get very far
      Cursed big time they are

  20. Well that will be a good time if more people live outside the earth ~

    Imaginative take Pat ~ Have a good weekend ~

    1. Yeah take them all away
      And have a brighter day

  21. As back to the future says, Cubs will win in 2015

    1. One year to go
      To see if they were right or wrong about time's flow

  22. I usually read your post in the mornings, but after a day of tears decided to read blogs at 23.00 . I am going to bed with a smile, Thanks Pat.


    1. Glad the cat could bring a smile
      As he turned the future dial

  23. In 2020
    there'll be plenty
    of people with perfect sight
    And I bet I'm right.

  24. When can I buy a Jetson's car?

  25. The Cubs winning the world series? You must be joking
    Or instead of joking, maybe you've been toking
    I wonder if Earth 4 will be better than the first three
    But I know you don't like remakes at your sea

    1. Yeah remakes are crap
      Even on a whole new map
      Toking you say?
      Geez you never expect them to win at their bay

  26. I might have believed all of this, if you hadn't thrown in the thing about the Cubbies winning the World Series. :(

    1. haha but you never know
      They could make it to the show


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