#10 Brings Facts To My Den!

The cat was not sure he would do this again at his den, as it takes a ton of work. But watching the chaos last year made me smirk. So away we will go and last year I did say that there may be a reward at my show. Well I kept the stats for a whole year and now in order the top 24, who are still active, will be shown off by my little rhyming rear. Yep, 24 posts in one day for Pat's birthday make a return to my bay.

Adam got 16 too.
Maybe work came due?
Or 16 related to a fact,
So that ended his act.

Neko Random you say?
Looked it up at my bay.
Wishbone showed up.
Are you really a talking pup?

That would be a fact,
One on which you'd have to act.
Trying to make people learn, 
At every blog post turn.

That could take some skill,
Few fit the learning bill.
But can find pictures too,
For those that like to view.

Have you met Adam yet? Now you have, thanks to the pet. Ten down and 14 to go. Can you keep up at my show? We shall see what takes place as all day the cat fills this space. Now get ready for posts in mass that will come from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Pics paint a thousand words
    Reveal much things untoward
    Not reading
    Just looking
    Leaving nothing less undesired


    1. Just having a look
      Can say as much as reading a book

  2. i dont know if i even got one,
    my bun is a little slow on the uptake
    you are filling my inbox today
    for goodness sake

    1. Haven't got #1 yet
      But you may show today by the pet

  3. Thanks for inviting to Adam's place
    where he's bowling, plays other games,
    share the comments for video-, movies -
    Adam's website sounds so groovy!

    1. He does a lot at his sea
      With many a fact spree

  4. Well Happy day to you
    this is my first days view.
    Guess I have some rewind to do
    to see what happened while I slept, too!

  5. I have now met Neko Random, and I will have to get to know him better after work, since my supervisor just came to the breakroom and nabbed me. Curses! I will come back!! Maybe while I'm at the hospital, nothing to do there...

    1. Yeah nothing to do at that germy place
      How dare they want you to work in the rat race lol

  6. To the Humbird I say congratulations
    I send you the best of all felicitations
    You must really like to rhyme
    Have yourself a wonderful time
    Do let your rhymes fall free
    As you watch the bumble bee
    And you hum your twitty song
    With the birdies all day long

    1. Hmmm wrong post
      Did you get confused at my coast lol

    2. By now I'm LMAO..... I'm trying to catch up and do them all and visit their blogs and I'm so mixed up, I don't know where I am.
      Reminds me of when my son's used to have early morning paper routes. I'd drive them on a rainy morning and I'd help. I'd get so mixed up that I'd just throw the paper at every other house and if i had any left over, they'd go in the trash bin. Well, everyone will get a comment but it may not fit. hahaha

  7. It's your birthday this fine day
    guess I'll be nice at your bay
    but that will come to an end
    and I won't have to pretend
    to like you any more than I do
    cause you're one of the select few
    I'm visiting today
    and saying Happy Birthday!

    1. Well you are always nice to Pat
      It's the cat that leaves you the scat lol

  8. I call him Mr. Fact
    His posts are kind of exact
    Adam is is a nice guy too
    Showing pictures of his baby shoe
    Knows a lot about statistics
    Never goes ummm balistics
    Concise comments too
    And they're always true
    There he is on your mat
    Happy birthday Pat

    1. He does a ton
      And gives them a run
      A pic of this or that
      And a fact or stat

  9. Visited...cool fact about honey he's got up there today!

  10. I learn so much at Adams site each week. Can't say I remember every thing he posts about, but a lot of it sure is interesting!

    1. Yeah can't say I remember it all
      But most of it at his hall

  11. I always learn some cool random fact's on Adam's blog each day
    Makes me want to go on Jeopardy and play

  12. orlin N cassie

    a happee birth day two yur dad
    24 postz, a bloggerz new fad
    we hope his day bee rockin way fun
    in 24 hourz de day iz done

    1. Look at you with rinse and repeat
      Oh so neat

  13. You're keeping me busy today, roaming from blog to blog and getting to know these commenter's at your bay. :)

    1. The cat gives you much to do
      Today going to zoo to zoo

  14. The honey posted today
    Is making my tummy churn away
    I should be eating lunch
    Instead of reading a bunch

  15. I have seen Adam around blog land but don't think I have been to his blog.

  16. Very cool!
    Sounds like a great blog.

  17. a post all about me

    for all to see

    I like it

  18. Neko Random is a cool dude
    He's always nice and never rude.



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