#18 Knows How To Keep You Clean!

The cat was not sure he would do this again at his den, as it takes a ton of work. But watching the chaos last year made me smirk. So away we will go and last year I did say that there may be a reward at my show. Well I kept the stats for a whole year and now in order the top 24, who are still active, will be shown off by my little rhyming rear. Yep, 24 posts in one day for Pat's birthday make a return to my bay.

Manzanita got a whole two.
Maybe she was de-worming at her zoo?
Or moving from here to there?
Finding new ducks for her lair?

Wanna Buy A Duck?
Hmmm what the umm truck?
You sell ducks at your sea?
Did you go on a duck murder and stuffing spree?

Can get much info there,
For staying healthy at your lair.
Not buying into the crap.
Yes, Fluoride head, take a nap.

Has more go than many 25% her age,
You read that right at my page.
Wow, so over the hill.
Care to share your magic pill?

Have you met Manzanita yet? Now you have, thanks to the pet. Eighteen down and 6 to go. Can you keep up at my show? We shall see what takes place as all day the cat fills this space. Now get ready for posts in mass that will come from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. orlin N cassie

    a veree happee birth day two yur dad
    for copee N paste we iz troo lee glad
    lets see if him catches R message change
    home home home on de range

    1. Caught the home on the range
      As you throw in a little change

  2. If I ask for a duck, you've known I went quackers.

  3. I have met Manzanita, she is here everyday adding to the cats rhyming fun..

  4. So YOU'RE the one blowing up Feedly. LOL
    Go, dude! Go go go!!! :D

  5. I predict little sleep at your zoo tonight!

    1. Bah, it will be over by 12
      Then in sleep I can delve

  6. Manzanita is very busy keeping herself in shape. I bet she could out walk us on any given day. I will find out in October how out of shape I am when I go to her hometown.

    1. Yeah she could out walk me
      That i know at my sea

  7. I love Manzanita
    Even more than a margarita

    1. haha like her more than getting drunk
      That is a slam dunk

  8. Happy Birthday, Pat! I need a magic pill ~ will definitely be checking Manzanita out. Seen her comments lots at your spots. 1.4 million + views at your zoo. I'd need several lifetimes to get there! Way to go, Pat!

    1. lol the just keep finding me
      With their crazy search spree

  9. I agree, she seems young to me too. And she's one of my most favorite bloggers. :)

  10. A duck again? What is it with ducks?

  11. I hope you are having/had a great birthday run
    Hang onto it long under the sun
    The years tick off fast, I know for a fact
    Make every one count, show them your act
    I remember last year on this date
    Everything sunny, at least at my gate
    I worked in the garden, the weather so fine
    I thought on your birthday you had a good time
    This year was so different, ice wind like a witch
    But spring is acum'n, the weather will switch

    1. Sure it will fly by
      Yeah last year the sun was in the sky
      This year we are going to get tons of snow
      Enough to bury us from head to toe

  12. I am now a proud follower of Manzanita :)

  13. I so love the title of her blog! I've head about her through Terry, but haven't visited yet. I am going to go bookmark her blog right now!

  14. Couldn't remember where I left off
    So many posts, you make me cough
    But all these new folks are so much fun
    I like meeting them under your sun

    1. Always fun to meet a new blogger
      Beats playing frogger


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