#21 Is Blue With Fun!

The cat was not sure he would do this again at his den, as it takes a ton of work. But watching the chaos last year made me smirk. So away we will go and last year I did say that there may be a reward at my show. Well I kept the stats for a whole year and now in order the top 24, who are still active, will be shown off by my little rhyming rear. Yep, 24 posts in one day for Pat's birthday make a return to my bay.

The Blue Guy likes to yap,
But he couldn't fill the gap.
He only got a whole one.
Hope it didn't make him more blue with that run.

The Blue Grumpster...well, usually...what?
Not always blue at your hut?
Do you change colors at your sea?
All grammatically correct as well, aren't thee?

He'll put you in his pocket,
Err umm put you in his rocket.
Maybe even count each birth,
As they happen all over Earth.

But don't believe anything he has to say,
He'll promise you a Bora Bora getaway.
Then it will turn out to be a lie.
Maybe you shouldn't visit the blue guy.

Have you met The Blue Guy yet? Now you have, thanks to the pet. Twenty one down and 3 to go. Can you keep up at my show? We shall see what takes place as all day the cat fills this space. Now get ready for posts in mass that will come from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. This one is a new one for me.

  2. Replies
    1. and so does Happy Birthday to you..you..you..

    2. That is a cheat rhyme
      But I'll take the chime

  3. The Blue Guy and Bora Bora getaway
    Not to believe all that he has to say
    Just ignore
    Don't bother
    He'll stake his woes and go on his way


    1. Was about to invite Mr. Kaykuala too
      For a drink on Bora Bora with my whole pirate crew
      Pat's still hurt he didn't get to play
      And that was years ago at my Bora bay
      But I will make it up to him before I die
      Will find a hidden treasure and make him cry
      More kitty litter than he's ever seen
      Captain Cat knows what I mean
      Then money'll make the world take a spin
      We'll throw those bills in a Bora bin
      You may want to reconsider Hank
      And try out his kitty litter at the bank
      Bora Bora is the game
      Players just the same
      Sure you can believe Mr. Blue
      Would I ever lie to you? ;)

    2. Will get round to your domain BG! Thanks!


    3. Ah you'd like to hear about my hump hump neigbor
      I'm not really sure you'd be doing yourself a favor
      But be my guest and board our rocket
      Just don't go sticking your hand in a blue rocket socket
      Don't tell Mr. Kitty Cat
      Or he'll get jealous
      And spank you on his kitty mat ;)

    4. The cat can hold a grudge
      And gift you something that isn't fudge
      It may look like it though
      May smell it, depend on how the wind will blow

    5. No wind, no blow
      Not on my show ;)

    6. We shall see
      Hang it from a tree

  4. I can't keep up with you today
    Actually, not on any day.

    1. haha the cat has energy galore
      Here at his shore

  5. I still believe in you my dear friend blue
    sailing the ocean until bora comes in view
    tell me do you wear blue suede shoes
    glad you are feeling better you know it's true..

    1. Thanks Truedessa Dear
      No need for you to fear
      Our boat won't find Bora Beach
      For nothing's out of reach

    2. Pffft believe all you like
      Blue is a liar and earned a strike

  6. Sounds like someone I'd get along with. I'm pretty grumpy myself.

  7. Blue is for Grumpster I've read it before
    I'll pop on over and knock at his door

  8. Hey I'm last!!!!!
    At least for now!
    If I can't be first,
    I'll go for worst!
    Belated Happy Birthday, Pat.
    Hope you're great where you're at!

  9. Ha ha, Fundy, I knocked you out
    I can never be first, but last I can shout
    What sad lives we must lead
    Staying up all night for a good read

    1. Tee Hee! Snowcatcher! You knocked me out good!

    2. haha at least i don't put you to sleep
      That is a plus at my keep

  10. False promises of Bora Bora you say? I think it's time to turn him a new shade of color. Add a little black to that blue!

    1. haha that sounds like a plan
      One of which I'm a fan

  11. I think I should get a prize for being the last to comment on your posts. And... never heard of the The Blue Guy...

    1. That last on this one
      But not another i gave a run


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