#4 Takes A Worm Tour!

The cat was not sure he would do this again at his den, as it takes a ton of work. But watching the chaos last year made me smirk. So away we will go and last year I did say that there may be a reward at my show. Well I kept the stats for a whole year and now in order the top 24, who are still active, will be shown off by my little rhyming rear. Yep, 24 posts in one day for Pat's birthday make a return to my bay.

Terry got 24 as well.
But she ran like hell.
Had to catch up leaving her fourth.
Maybe because the cat is too far north?

Very helpful at her sea,
Giving all ways to get healthy.
Especially with some nasty crap,
That is more common then you think across the map.

I.e. worms/parasites,
Maybe even dust mites.
Plus a giveaway or ten,
Is done at her den.

Some back tips too,
Just for you.
Go hang upside down.
Would a smile be a frown?

Have you met Terry yet? Now you have, thanks to the pet. Four down and 20 to go. Can you keep up at my show? We shall see what takes place as all day the cat fills this space. Now get ready for posts in mass that will come from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I was so excited that I forgot to say "Happy Birthday" on your actual birthday! Will you survive 24 posts in one day? I'm rooting for you!

    1. I will survive
      Done it before at my hive

    2. At least someone blue got to be #1
      You don't mind me sharing a bit of the fun? ;)

    3. Trying to share
      Quite the blue pair

  2. That's not like Wormfest, is it? Good to know.
    And yes, happy birthday, Pat!

  3. Health helpful is a nice way to be

  4. Worms galore could this just be lore
    at her place who knows what is in store..
    another friend at the cat's den...

    1. haha not just lore
      They creep in you and explore

  5. Number four
    at your shore
    You want us to stay up all night
    and catch each post as it takes flight?
    Surely you jest
    as your wear your birthday best.

    1. haha people can catch up
      Just need to fill their coffee cup

  6. Totally love Terry and her blog!

  7. I have definitely learned a lot about worms and parasites from Terry. And that hanging upside down contraption did look neat!

    1. Yeah that did look neat
      And now worms all can beat

  8. orlin N cassie

    a happee birth day two yur dad
    24 postz, a bloggerz new fad
    we hope his day bee rockin way fun
    in 24 hourz de day iz done

    1. Look at you with rinse and repeat
      Oh so neat

  9. Worms? I'm a little afraid to look.

    Happy Birthday, Pat. :)

  10. Oh, if R shows up on your list
    A two-word fest hardly missed
    You're keeping 'em popping here today
    Plenty of comments coming your way

    1. They keep coming back
      R and his stuff last year tended to lack

  11. Hahahaha... I was a busy girl that day. Wishing you anothr Happy Birthday... I must be late though.

  12. Terry is a super gal
    And a very special pal
    In the kitchen she's a whizz
    Whipping up some healthy fizz


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