#6 Pokes People With Sticks!

The cat was not sure he would do this again at his den, as it takes a ton of work. But watching the chaos last year made me smirk. So away we will go and last year I did say that there may be a reward at my show. Well I kept the stats for a whole year and now in order the top 24, who are still active, will be shown off by my little rhyming rear. Yep, 24 posts in one day for Pat's birthday make a return to my bay.

Look at the rock,
Making 6th a lock.
Got 24 too,
A little later at my zoo.

Poke The Rock,
Daring people to give them a shock?
Does the rock poke back?
Might give some a heart attack.

Can draw on fingers with glee,
That can really impress thee.
Batman to a happy face,
Quite the finger embrace.

Also draws up a storm,
Things not the norm.
The birds are,
But not dancing bears at a bar.

Have you met Poke The Rock yet? Now you have, thanks to the pet. Six down and 18 to go. Can you keep up at my show? We shall see what takes place as all day the cat fills this space. Now get ready for posts in mass that will come from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. You are going to be really busy today...

  2. i will not poke a rock, might poke back

  3. I have been to her sight
    and she does draw rather well
    and this post is just swell...

  4. Sounds like his fingers are busy!
    Might make you dizzy! ha.

    1. Nice and painted every day
      And up on display

  5. Sure know miss Pirate Poke the Rock
    That woman's got a lot in stock
    Birds like you've never seen
    She's can draw like the best
    You know what I mean

    1. Yeah she can draw really well
      And even raise a little hell

  6. I like to visit her blog. She makes me laugh. :)

  7. I like the title of her blog! I'll be meeting all kinds of interesting folks today, thanks to you!

    1. The cat is spreading the word
      Watch it though, some may be absurd lol

  8. orlin N cassie

    a happee birth day two yur dad
    24 postz, a bloggerz new fad
    we hope his day bee rockin way fun
    in 24 hourz de day iz done

    1. Look at you with rinse and repeat
      Oh so neat

  9. No poking, especially rock poking.

  10. Rock, scissors, paper, lizard, Spock
    Makes me want to take a long walk
    Fun to see all your new headers
    Just keep getting better and betterz

    1. The headers are sure at play
      With all the posts today

  11. Happy Birthday, Pat! I'm working through the posts I missed from 5 thru 19.

  12. Hahha... have never visited Poke The Rock. Should go there though.

  13. I like Poke she makes me giggle
    Her talented finger doth do wiggle


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