A dVerse Bed To Rest Your Head!

So today for dVerse the cat will help with your sleep curse. I will share with you how to sleep good and deep. No need for a comfy bed when you have such great places to rest your head.

Make like a cat,
There at your mat.
Find a comfy spot,
And sleep a whole lot.

No need for the bed,
That has been said.
The couch is easy to.
There are better spots for you.

The sink is grand,
There at your land.
Plus no need to move as well,
When a drink is needed at your cell.

The bathtub has more room.
Could shrivel up like a mushroom.
Plus get in your bath,
So there is no stinky wrath.

The cupboard is great.
It is such a fun fate.
Open it and close the door.
Always dark at your shore.

A box that is bare,
With maybe a little cat hair,
Keeps you from falling over,
And looking like a drunk rover.

Under some clothes,
That are piled in rows,
Is quite the comfy spot.
Some humans may need a lot.

Curl up on the windowsill,
Where you could give neighbors a thrill.
Depending on what you wear,
Or like a cat you sit bare.

Climb a big tree,
Smile with glee.
Then lie on back,
Sleep you won't lack.

So there you are,
Some great spots at your bar.
Of course you have to fit,
Otherwise you may curse it.

Do not say the cat never helps you at your bay. I will make sure you get some sleep as you try new places at your keep. Just give each one a pass and you will sleep easy like my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. no 2 everyone must be sleeping

    1. so many places one can rest
      but, I think my bed is best
      if you don't want to be a grouch
      sneak in a nap on the couch
      a bubble bath would be good
      may close my eyes at my hood

      now I have to run, have a good day
      under a new sun, enjoying your bay

    2. A new sun you say
      Hmmm isn't it the same one on display?
      You trying to confuse me?
      How mean of thee haha

      Three good places to go
      Unless they make me back eat crow

    3. Haha same sun on display
      Just welcoming a new day

      Cat you like to make fun

    4. Cat likes to make fun
      It just has to be done

  2. If it's an animal, curled up on top of the owner or occupying the entire bed is always an option as well.

    1. Yeah very true
      They leave about 10%, if lucky, of the bed for you

  3. Hunting around for a good place to sleep
    May get one to be dumped in a dust heap
    May go for broke
    For a good stroke
    Or look around for something on the cheap


    1. A cheap place can work
      Could be a perk
      Or sleep on money
      That be kinda funny

  4. Cat your sleep places are most grand
    Sleep and be king in any land
    I wish that I could curl and bend
    Be relaxed like a feline friend
    I think cat's spines are made of rubber
    The human kind are just all blubber

    1. They must be rubber made
      As they seem to fade
      Tons of yoga would have to come due
      For us to even attempt that at our zoo

  5. Ah, to be able to sleet like a cat
    On a bed, a couch, or a bath mat
    My cat Ruby sleeps in the most odd places
    And when she's snoring, she makes the funniest faces

    1. haha yeah they snore too
      At least it isn't ear drum breaking like humans do

  6. I've never seen a cat sleep in a tub. One twist of the faucet would fix that though. hahahaha I wouldn't do it, but thinking of the cat jumping (not one of your cats, of course!!) makes me laugh. ;)

    1. A cat has done it a time or two
      And Cassie you'd scare at my zoo
      But the cat not so much
      He doesn't care if water and he touch

    2. I wouldn't do it to either one, I felt almost guilty typing it, lol.

    3. lol a guilt trip to yourself
      I'll keep that guilt on a shelf

  7. I sleep in a bed
    Lay down my weary hear.
    But not much sleep do I get any.
    I'm always spending a penny.
    So for conveinient sake.
    Just for a laugh.
    Better for me
    To sleep in the bath.


    1. haha nice and warm though
      At least for a while at your show

  8. Of course you'd write about sleep
    on a morning when mine wasn't so deep
    I tossed and turned and rolled about
    wishing I would just pass out
    maybe if I were a spoiled cat
    I'd have it just like that
    instead I'm surrounded by dogs
    and they all slept like logs

    1. See, you need to just admit it
      And then sleep will be a hit
      You are one with the mutt
      bend down ad sniff a butt hahaha

    2. You are such a jerk
      and yet I still lurk
      around your bay
      to read your display
      and get my feelings hurt
      by whatever you decide to blurt
      I guess you are trying to make me cry
      out of not one, but TWO eyes.

    3. haha the cat will run
      If waterworks is done
      That is no fun
      Howling cyclops at the sun

  9. dude i wish i could sleep like my cat,
    he can fall down or curl up where ever he is at
    a box, with a fox, on rocks, in the drawner with socks
    half off the bed, on action figure heads, on a pile of laudry
    that included and accidental red.

    1. haha accidental red
      Make everything look like dread
      On action figure heads must not be comfy though
      But away they sleep on the go

  10. Unlike cats, my dog is pretty predictable to find while taking a nap

    she knows where her dog-bed is on the map

    1. Easy to find
      And if not, bring a smelly behind

  11. Very cool, a cat can sleep anywhere I think
    however cat could get wet in the kitchen sink
    if someone like me decided to get a drink!

    1. The cat doesn't care
      Water doesn't give him a scare

  12. Those all sound like wonderful places to rest your head...if you're a cat!

    1. Humans can do it too
      Especially short ones like you lol

  13. At my house it's fun to walk around
    and see where each cat can be found.
    Little nooks and crannies make
    little beds for naps to take.
    Under tables and behind chairs,
    Inside closets and everywhere!
    In a basket, on a pillow,
    under the couch, I whisper 'hello!'.

    1. With each one at your sea
      Must leave few spots for them to flee
      Each having to find a new place
      Even if that means knocking things over and making space

  14. I wish I can sleep anywhere but I do love my bed all the time or couch sometimes ~ Can't sleep too well though when the car or truck or boat are moving ~

  15. Cats do have an amazing habit of finding what would seem to be the most uncomfortable places to sleep. No matter what kind of day I am having, your rhymes always make me smile. You are much like a modern day Dr. Seuss.

    1. Glad i can get a smile
      As I go the rhyming mile
      And yep, anywhere anytime
      They can sleep so sublime

  16. How about sleep on a bed of rosies,
    Or perhaps a bunch of posies?
    I'd be willing to bet a dollar
    Rose thorns would make you holler!

    1. Not if i have a suit or armor
      Then the roses would make me a charmer

  17. Yes, I've been there, done that, did sleep on tee shirt!

  18. I always have to wonder why cats need so much sleep... even more than I do...

    1. Yeah they sure need tons of it
      Not sure why either they need more than a bit

  19. I sleep like a dog
    Or is it a log
    Cats don't sleep
    They like to creep
    Up to your bed
    And piss on your head

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  20. smiles.. i always wanted to live in an old house with deep window sills where you can sit and watch the world... maybe i have some cat genes in me...smiles..

    1. haha that you could indeed
      Or just need to build a deeper windowsill at your feed

  21. At the moment one of my cats is asleep on the rug in the kitchen, the other in a living room chair. They do like to snuggle up next to me when I'm on the sofa.

    1. Get the warmth and snuggle close
      As they go everywhere in the house

  22. I fall asleep in the tub
    Afraid some day I'll flub
    And the whole house will flood
    That'd be a dud
    If I didn't awake
    To realize my mistake:
    If you fall asleep in the bath
    With water on, you'll face wrath
    Of being super clean
    In a flood that's not keen.


    1. Water everywhere
      Stop and stare
      Give a swear
      Run around bare
      Stop and stare
      Dry your hair
      The walk away without a care

  23. orlin N cassie

    N dont for get de kitchen tabull
    dinnerz rite ther N when ewe R abe bull
    curl up next ta yur plate N spoon
    N lunch iz still reddy rite a round noon

    1. And add cat hair for flavor
      Such a nice favor

  24. My cat prefers the kitchen table. Not sure it's sturdy enough to hole me!

    1. Could try and find out
      Although you may pout

  25. I think I'll just sleep in the bed..The sink would break, the cabinet would fall down and all my clothes on the floor are dirty and I don't want to sleep there. lol

    1. lol yeah germy clothes
      Might give you nightmare woes

  26. If I were a cat, I would sure try those suggestions. But, since I am not, I think I'll just stick to my bed. Though, I did used to want to sleep in the cupboards when I was a kid. I thought it would be fun. Yes, I was strange.

    1. haha see, in there can be fun
      Bet you are short enough to still give it a run

  27. How I wish I could sleep
    Like a cat, sound and deep
    Anytime, anywhere
    Oh, it just ain't fair!

    1. To have that skill
      Would sure work at any hill

  28. Sounds like all the places a cat likes to nap;)

    1. Got many in there
      But sure some are missing at my lair

  29. Sleep in any spot. I'd like that a lot

  30. Oh to be a cat or a dog
    that can sleep anywhere, even on a log
    I'd gladly change places with them some night
    than toss and turn while in bed and not get sleep to no one's delight.


    1. Yeah would be better indeed
      They can plop their head and go to sleep at super speed

  31. Location, location, location! right?

    I just enjoy watching how cats and dogs put themselves to sleep. It is like one deep breath then exhale and then out like a light. I need to try that strategy.

    1. Yeah wish that strategy would work for me
      Sleep and wake up so easily

  32. Our cat always loved sleeping under the desk or the bed,
    Short squashy places where a human would bump their head.

  33. I remember as a kid our cat was sleeping on my brothers face lol. It was in for a surprise when he threw it as he woke up :O Not a good place to sleep lol.

  34. There are days when I am exactly like a cat. I find a spot of sunshine and read in it..

    1. Not a bad day
      Sit in the sun and drift away

  35. I can't sleep
    There's this neighboring creep
    Keeps showing off his style
    Takes a while
    Making sounds you won't believe
    Causing grieve
    I might try curling on a sill
    Or sleep on top of a Bora hill

    1. May need to find that hill
      Or the creep may make you more ill


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