A dVerse Bird Is The Word!

So is it just the cat or does it make little sense at any other mat? Go to advanced education and pay big bucks and then they have courses on monster trucks. So great. It has to be all's fate.

Away you go,
To get in the know.
Learn more of this or that,
Maybe the anatomy of a cat.

But why use your brain?
Lets play with a toy train,
And still pay a ton,
Just to sit and have fun.

A class on love and one on death.
In the end, both leave you out of breath.
What more do you need to know?
Where umm things should go?

A class on movies is so fun.
Sit there and watch a ton.
Paying more to do so then any ticket.
But hey it's so great you can't even pick it.

Life in the universe is great.
Sit, look up and wait.
What more could you ask for?
Warning, it may be a bore.

Cyberporn and Society might be fun.
I wonder how you go about teaching that one?
Must have to watch a lot of porn.
Let your inner freak be born.

This one is strange,
Really out on the range.
Sign up for Alien Sex.
Explore sex between monsters and humans that convex.

The Vampire in literature and cinema is for you.
You can learn what a blood sucker can do.
Maybe even get to play with a dead thing.
Oh how your spirit will sing.

And after paying a whole heaping,
Take finding dates worth keeping.
Learn to stop finding Mr/Mrs Wrong,
So we can all just get along.

Finally, if you want to leave recruiters impressed,
Add the course titled Getting Dressed.
I bet they will hire you on the spot,
So you can dress their robot.

Have you taken any of these? I bet they are a dVerse breeze. Well I don't know about the getting dressed one, the cat is nude after all under his sun. But I am sure all I could pass while napping on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Back on top
      No Betsy to make you flop

    2. There he is in his usual spot.
      Probably glad awake I was not!

    3. haha need to keep number one
      And go on a run

    4. Forty winks, for few hours out of commission
      For the next few minutes will make amends


    5. With Pat's clarification
      For the #1 position
      March 23 it was # 9
      March 24 historic party so grand
      considered an intermission
      March 25 is a continuation
      So today it is a perfect #10


    6. Ten in a row
      Back to form at my show

  2. Higher ed is so very grand
    If you take head out of the sand
    Then find a job if you please
    Or pray a lot on your knees

  3. Another way to make you pay and pay and pay

  4. Napping/sleeping on My rhyming ass
    I often take the class
    where stumble on the simple essence-
    I've missed so many lessons...oh!

    1. That is a fun class
      Should charge for a hall pass

  5. I did take a class on movies as an undergrad
    To use an 80s term, it was totally rad
    There are some head-turning class titles here in the states
    There's even ones on how to get dates

    1. Yep, sad state of affairs
      Get a date so someone cares

  6. alien sex, i am not sure i want to ask even,
    did you know that Lucasfilms
    offers a star wars degree
    at a college out west

    1. haha that is sad
      But sci fi nuts might think it rad

  7. I would like to take a class on movies
    my kind of learning, as films are groovey
    taking classes surely beats working
    and one doesn't even consider it shirking!

    1. True, beats working any day
      Can sit and play

  8. When I was in college those courses I took. Wild edibles, mysticism, and yoga didn't even require a book. Why struggle through calculus or greek, when you can have fun unleashing your inner freak?

    1. Yeah but you have to pay for such crap
      When you could be done in half the time without falling into such a trap

  9. Porn and alien sex
    Reminds me of my ex
    Now I need a course
    To get rid of her force

    1. haha good luck
      A witch may cost a mighty buck

    2. A witch costs a stack
      Have that at your shack?
      To every lair

  10. Replies
    1. You could try
      Be a popular guy

    2. oh my, I needed that laugh after today
      some people just know what to say


  11. I missed most of these classes, I fear. Maybe I'll go back for another year.

    In biology we did study the anatomy of a rat.
    I'd much rather do that then cut open a cat.

    1. Yeah agreed
      Anatomy was never one i liked at my feed
      At least the animal part
      Others I can take to heart lol

  12. Let's try this with less typos!

    My son came home from college this weekend with the news that many of the degrees outside of the sciences, is not going to help young grads get a job. I guess classes on movies is not such a good thing after all.

    PS...I sent a young lady to check you out. She wants to be a children's book author and you quickly came to mind. So, I sent her to cyber stalk you. You're welcome. ;)

    1. Seems that way indeed
      Most are now useless at many a feed
      A stalker you say
      Had one of those at my bay

  13. No haven't taken any of these crazy courses, smiles ~

    Me, I want to take a class on dancing, just for fun ~

    1. Well that is different then paying for a degree
      And having to take extra crap just so they can get your money lol

  14. Looking up at the sky trying to observe alien life is just a marvelous way to pass time. I do it all the time. Not!

    1. haha at least looking is free
      Do it in school and pay a fee

  15. Vampire literature, yep that's for me.

  16. orlin N casie

    why iz it we iz just now see in yur rhyme time videe oh...due knot tell uz it's been on yur page for like an ee tern a tee coz then we will hafta go bak ta skewl N take a lesson in pay inn a tention ta R surroundins....

    hope yur dad hada grate day yesterday.....koo doz on all the postz !!!

    1. haha wow you are kinda errr umm slow
      That has been there for years at my show

  17. I haven´t take these crazy courses Ha! Maybe I need lol

    1. lol has to be boring in the sand
      May need to take them at your land

    2. You forget Only Im in the sand
      only in your land
      here at my zoo
      I can make all

    3. lol can make and bake
      Maybe even partake

  18. you are so fast for me making post all days!

    1. Fast i can be
      Have to keep up at my sea

    2. He probably wrote them last month, Gloria. Then had his flying monkeys post them one by one so we could have fun.

    3. Yep, wrote them all a month ago
      I'm writing July now at my show

    4. OMY how you can make all these posts sooo fast !

    5. They just flow
      And away I go

  19. There was a movies class in high school but I never took it. We did have a board game class in middle school called strategic thinking. They used board games that required skill and thought.

    1. Well at least there it was free
      Or pretty free at your sea

  20. None of these are on my to do list
    perhaps, there are some who can't resist
    I'm sure there is a lot of money to be made
    classes start today make sure you've paid

    1. Pfft never again
      At my den
      Will I pay for such crap
      Nothing but a money trap

    2. well, just look at the stats in the US
      we have so many college graduates
      with no jobs, and saddled with debt
      kite flying 101 will not land a job..

    3. Nope, only way to get a job now a days
      Is to get out of that daze
      Have to create for yourself
      Or be a plumber, mechanic, etc at your shelf

  21. One of the Human's former students who is a junior now at UC Berkeley came by to see her today and told her one of the classes she's taking this semester is about solving the Rubik's cube; wait....what?????

    1. lol wow that is just sad
      A whole semester of that means boredom must be had

  22. Shows the extent of the school system

    1. That it does indeed
      No wonder people can't read

  23. I think I need to go back to school
    some of these classes seem really cool!


    1. haha could be good to waste time
      But they cost waaaay more than a dime

  24. Maybe if you found the right overseas educational school, you could pay for a degree that did not require any of those boring classes, lectures or tests. Just skip the middle man and go right for the degree.

    I see you have been busy with posts lately Pat… haha

    1. haha busy as can be indeed
      True, they may have less at their overseas feed

  25. I get tons of email spam
    Trying to renew that college cram
    I learn enough from work and the 'net
    Way more fun, I just bet

  26. Look at all the courses I missed!
    Silly me, I went for rock-blissed.
    Tolkien was my best fling,
    as through Earth's rocks I did spring.
    Diamond Head today was lots of fun,
    as over volcanic tuffs I did run.
    Now that I'm retired,
    I could take that Star Wars degree ~ no worries about getting hired!
    Maybe I should take a course in rhyming!
    Definitely harder than rock climbing!
    Take care,
    at your lair!

    1. haha a rhyming course you say
      I'd get a big old A

  27. Ah, but then there's so much to learn
    Provided you don't get the money burn
    Pay for the class if it's worth the buck
    Otherwise, your blank out of luck

    1. many aren't worth a buck
      Can learn on the internet and be in luck

  28. No movie classes for me, though did take a theater class in high school. Thought it would be an easy A until the asshole teacher cast me in every play. Big parts too, so most of that semester was spent memorizing lines to plays that were stupid. That was the last time I took a class because I thought it would be easy!

    1. haha oh turned out the other way
      Thankfully never had to bother with a play


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