A Review Or Two At Your Zoo!

So today is a little did you know there at your show. Some of it is very wrong and it needs to be sung a little review song. Whether they come on strong or not there is an evil review plot.

The other day,
At the ODesk bay,
The cat applied for this and that,
Making a little money at our mat.

One he thought was easy,
Even if things were cheesy.
It was to review stuff.
Sounded easy enough.

Just needed an Amazon account,
And you could review a huge amount.
Get a whole buck per review,
And then the rules came due.

The reviews would be done for you,
You'd just have to copy and paste at your zoo.
In other words, lie!
The reviews were typed by some other guy.

More than likely the owner of the thing,
They wanted the review on at Amazon's wing.
I played a long for a bit,
Having no intention of doing such umm shit.

Then came the reviews to post.
Made me sick at my coast.
They were reviews for pills and such,
Like vitamins and things that supposedly help much.

They stated in the review,
That everything was so true.
That my doctor told me about it,
And it worked, making it a hit.

Pffft down right criminal there.
Think of how many at every lair,
Are looking for something to work.
They read the fake review and think the pill is a perk.

They waste their dough,
And find it is nothing but dung from a crow.
Worse than that,
They may do more harm than good at their mat.

All because someone got paid a buck,
To tell all they are in luck.
Copy and pasted a review,
Making all believe it is true.

Sickening what these companies do. They hire an outsource overseas crew, get a group to copy and paste reviews and pretend they are getting tons of views. Books,movies, etc. is one thing. But pills and stuff at their wing? Disgusting as can be with their fake spree. 33% of all internet reviews are said to be fake and now you know how they partake. The cat hopes they get beat over the head with a bass. No fake copy and pasted reviews will ever be done by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your spring, have a fling.


  1. Hurray for Cat, good cheer to you
    Standing up for what you do
    I was naive, I did not believe
    That writers lie behind their sleeve
    You warned me that many were fake
    Written by a paid off rake
    Thank you cat for making it known
    To sink so low only makes one groan

    1. Yeah they sure sink low
      Putting up 50 fake reviews in a row

  2. Fake reviews seems to be the vogue
    Being paid for services make them rogues
    2-cent's ruse
    Just an excuse
    To just hoodwink sincere,meant well folks


    1. That is what they do
      Hoodwink away at their zoo

  3. I never really trust an internet review
    It sounds like a bunch of lies that spew
    I only trust word-of-mouth from people I know
    That way I know it's not just for show

    1. The best way to be
      Then won't get suckered in at your sea

  4. Do you mean Cat does not aspire to have a side business of selling diet or security products online as well? Oh those reviewers tricked me with their tales of success. I should not believe everything that I read online.

    1. haha nah, that would just be wrong
      And yep, oh so fake with their reviewing song

  5. This is something bet sad
    Too many people willing to be bad
    An honest opinion I like to see
    Copy and paste just never should be

    1. But that they do
      So many reviews can come into view

  6. I did not know this. How sad that so many people are bad.

  7. Really sad that most all of these "work at home" jobs are scams. I always figure if I had to pay to make money something was up. Back when I started writing online I actually had a company cold call me. Said that I could pay them, they would set my up with a website and I could write for them. Well I did. I wrote articles for them at 5.00 a crack and made over 3000.00 doing it. I more than paid for my initial investment of 200.00. Unfortunately one day they closed their doors and I lost the ability to post to my website...so I started the one I have now on blogger for free and the rest is history.

    1. That would be a nice chunk of change
      Too bad they put the site out on the range

  8. Too bad, 'cause now the good thing
    will feel- maybe it's threat?

  9. That's horrible! I had no idea companies actually stooped that low.

  10. I was doing academic work for a reputable company and never had a problem. I worked for him a good long while too, and he paid well and spot-on. He asked me about a year in if I'd like to write dissertations for money. Um no!! I quit working for him instantly. I miss the steady income, but have zero regrets. What s wrong with people?!??!? It makes me want to pull my hair...but I shan't. I'll just keep being good over here, and hope that's the norm, and not the other.

    1. Wow, that is pretty bad too
      Could get in trouble with that at ones zoo
      Best to get the hell away indeed
      Many look for the easy way out at their feed

  11. Wow, this is a scam indeed
    had not heard about it before
    thank you for alerting us to it
    so none of us fell for that store.

    Seriously, thanks for letting us know about this. I will do book reviews on my blog but that is only after I read the book and then give my opinion about it, not someone else's and I never get paid for it other than getting to keep the copy of the book I reviewed.


    1. Yeah that is the way to review
      Then it is exactly from you
      Instead of 50 cop and paste things
      Lurking in the wings

  12. All about the numbers, even if they are fake

  13. Replies
    1. About the size of it
      As they gnaw on umm spit

  14. Oh, this just makes me mad
    That companies and fake reviewers
    Can be so bad!

    1. They do it everyday
      I know some people that have 25,000 amazon accounts at their bay

  15. Wow that sounds almost criminal to me
    They could literally be causing deaths,
    For what? Of course, more money.
    Amazon is slime for playing the game
    It's not like they don't already have wealth and fame
    They're taking over publishing. Isn't that enough?
    But to go and make more than bazillions?
    I've lost all respect. Glad you called their bluff.


    1. Yeah amazon lets it show
      Sinking to anew low
      But then it may be hard to know
      Or they could not care as long as they get the dough

  16. Totally unbelievable! So sad too, because folks to rely on that stuff, I know I read the reviews of items that I buy. Now, I'll wonder if it's real or a copy and paste. I hate that site, Angie's list - she requires you pay before you can check out a vendor, but it should be the other way around. I refuse, especially after a contractor came to the table with his all printed off neatly - don't tell me he or his friends didn't sign on, pay the fee, and then write their own reviews! Not buying! And how the hell do they afford all those costly ads on television? If you're going to help the consumer, help the consumer, don't rip them off too!

    1. Yep, and it is usually just one guy
      He makes up 25,000 amazon accounts on the fly
      Then switches between them and reviews from each one
      And gets paid a buck per every one he gives a run
      So 25K accounts
      You can add up the amounts

  17. Nothing fake in your show
    As if we didn't know so
    Smack them on the head with a stick
    Use a brick
    Fake overseas crooks
    Are set to jail in my books

    1. See I'm so upset
      Can't type when I fret

    2. But they get away with it
      And make more than a bit
      Some are easily hauling in 100K a year
      With their review cheer

    3. That would cover some of them bills
      That keeping giving us the chills
      Let's throw them in a well
      Or have them eat some gel

    4. Lassie might go for the save
      Preventing them from an early grave

  18. Oy! that's annoying. It's so frustrating all the scams that are out there.

    I'm having Amazon review frustrations also, but from a different aspect. I've been making that push for reviews (I mentioned on my blog), but I know Amazon deleted at least three people's posts. They're not able to review my book :( So, I've emailed Amazon and they're contacting Amazon. But I have to say, it is an annoying process in general dealing with reviews on Amazon. Hopefully they can straighten up some of these issues (what happened to you and me). Glad we can both rant on it a bit.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Pat. :)

    1. hahaha nice rant indeed
      But sadly the reviews won't take seed
      The dicks deleted a whole bunch of mine
      Pissing off the feline
      Plus author aren't allowed to post on other authors there
      Or at least that is a rule I just became aware
      As they went and deleted a bunch of reviews I made
      So not able to review even if I paid

  19. I hope you feel better after getting that off your chest. ;)

    1. Was fun to rant
      Haven't done it for a while at my plant

  20. I always wanted to believe the best,
    And think reviewers behave as they ought,
    But more and more, when put to the test,
    What we read has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

    1. haha my belief is long gone
      Nothing but a big con
      Read the 1 stars I say
      They say more at ones bay

  21. Damn. That really is disgusting.

    1. Yep, the things they do
      to try and fool all who view

  22. orlin N cassie....dont waste a good bass....

    N we due knot listen two ore bee leeve ree views either...

    kinda like de cat food commershulz///adz.....they tell ya it tastes grate...they who......iz ther cats out ther with de power oh speech we due knot noe about

    ore just crazed azz peepuls who haz eated it N said...kneads mor fish...

    hope everee one enjoyz de week oh end N heerz ta platez oh perch ♥

    1. haha the i true
      Most of the food the cats just find eww

  23. When a review is done by "Jennifer W.", then it is a fake review. Makes me sooo angry.

    1. Fakes up the ying yang
      As more seem to hang

  24. In Amazon world, reviews are dead.
    I can't get their trickery out of my head.
    Praise is phony, criticism fake,
    the reviewers are swindlers, all on the take

    VR Barkowski

  25. Wow, that is quite frightening, Pat! Scary to think that people are paid for reviews that they don't even write to say things that are totally untrue. Thanks for your informative post today. I will be a bit more leery at my bay!!

    1. Be leery indeed
      As realistically half the reviews you read are fake at your feed

  26. Today I learned something new at your zoo
    I've seen a fake review or two
    But I had no idea how low some might stoop
    To sell a bunch of bird poop
    I have been doing what you say
    Check the negatives before spending away
    I'm sickened by this awful ploy
    Consumer confidence they will destroy

    1. They destroy it and them some
      As they talk out their bum
      Copying and pasting this or that
      There at their fake mat

  27. I've heard about this and even had a friend of mine get an email asking if she would like to pay for reviews for the books she published. Thankfully she let everyone know what that company was doing and how people were paying for book reviews. It's disgusting.

    1. Yeah, trying to get ahead
      Real reviews end up dead

  28. That must be the same people that send the spam mails too! They are real boogers!

    1. They are probably related
      As your inbox gets inflated

  29. Oh I'm usually into outsourcing
    But not this kind!

    1. Yeah i can outsource away
      But nothing that causes dismay

  30. That's why the average opinion is worth very little. Not enough truth in the reviews.

    1. Yep, worth a load of crap
      All across the map

  31. Yikes! So much for going by reviews.

    1. Yeah have to pick and choose
      Or in the end you lose

  32. I didn't realize that either. But whoever did the comments for the sugarfree gummy bears really earned their money!

    1. They do it all the time
      Even those gummies are sublime

  33. Nobody wanted a review written in rhyme?
    You could have cranked those out in no time!

    1. Would have took a few seconds to do
      Then they'd be in view

  34. Wtf? That's not cool! I've had companies ask me to buy the product from amazon so would be a verified buyer for a review (they reimburse) but the reviews are always my own thoughts. My conscious is worth more than $1. Makes me duck what people will do for a quick buck!

    1. Yep, they do it with ease
      Whenever they please
      To get ahead
      And all are force fed

  35. #73...
    i am so proud at my sea
    to be toward the end today
    but i made it to your bay
    i dont put a lot of stock in reviews
    as i find they are similar
    to the abuse you mention

    1. Wow, could be last
      Among the comment cast
      Could be a first
      And yep, many are the same old same old with their review burst

  36. Good for you, Pat! I have done one or two book reviews for Amazon, but they were genuine. Damn! I never got a buck!

    1. haha a buck can add up
      If not for a copy and paste hiccup

  37. That is why I like doing product reviews. I get to touch and feel the product. Plus, I can only take what I would use.


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