I Raise My Claw To A Migration Law!

So now that the crummy cold weather is mostly, if not fully, through there is a new law the cat thinks should come due. Every year when winter arrives all should be given free airfare some place warm so everyone survives.

The first sign of cold,
All should join the fold.
Go to sands of gold,
So snow never takes hold.

Here is your free ticket.
You can even pick it.
Then stay for free,
At a place by the sea.

All set up for you,
Near the ocean so blue.
You have all the perks,
They throw in the works.

You just have to work a bit.
Now don't throw a fit.
You beat the cold.
Have to clear away the mold.

Just sweep and clean.
No need to make a scene.
If you can't do that,
Run home like a rat.

Otherwise you stay warm,
Avoid every snow storm,
And rest on a beach,
With a drink in reach.

Then when winter is done,
Home you can run.
A free ticket will be yours,
Provided you've done your chores.

This is the law.
Live by the claw.
You can even bring the pup,
As long as you scoop up.

So join on in.
Get rid of cold at your bin.
Hop a plane to a new shore.
There is plenty there to explore.

No one will know cold again.
All will be warm at their den.
And it will be the end of snow.
Sorry snow ploughs, you gotta go.

Wouldn't that be a great law? It may have a bit of a flaw. But what they heck, could pile people on a ship deck. It may get as crowded as can be but you'll still be warm on the sea. Let's just hope a hurricane does not come to pass. That may put a kink in the law made by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. This year you would've had to come pretty far south to beat the cold. We were below freezing last night. At the end of March. We should be edging close to hot and humid by now!

    1. Damn, have to go to Mexico
      And try and avoid the drug dealers that show

  2. That'll be fun, free ride to and home again
    No snow, cold but clear paradise to claim
    All for free!
    Couldn't be?
    Might just look insane but who to blame


    1. Yeah a bit insane
      But I'd happily jump on such a train

  3. But I love the snow
    I'm "that guy", yeah I know
    But I'll still take you up on the airfare offer to be polite
    Bora Bora here I come, I can't wait to board that flight

    1. haha could take some snow with you
      Although it might melt and turn you blue

  4. ha. how would you know when to come back,
    winter is on the sneak attack
    5 inches of snow yesterday
    at my bay
    & freezin today
    so find a place and i will race
    to the heat

    1. haha that is true
      May get back and more snow in view
      We are getting the 5 inches today
      Inside is where I will stay

  5. We woke up to snow this morning. Good gravy. :o/

  6. So many people would flee
    it would sink the ship in the sea! haha.
    No thanks, I'll stay in the winter myself
    It's my favorite season at my shelf.

    1. haha you could have the town all to yourself
      Go and swipe things from the grocery shelf

  7. Well, that sounds like a clever plan
    my airline ticket is waiting to be scanned
    fly away in the winter to another land
    relaxing warm waters & golden sand

    to bora bora bay where skies are blue
    & a big yellow sun to shine down on you

    I would enjoy a mid winter break
    yes, that is one I would like to take

    1. The cat has a good idea here and there
      Go to a nice warm lair
      Where the sun with shine
      And outside you can dine
      Not crummy cold or snow
      Just go with the flow

  8. The cat would love the crowded beach
    A big sandbox within easy reach
    Of year round warm I'd say no dice
    Of winter I'd take a little slice
    No wonder Keith says he likes snow
    It does not all the winter blow
    Maybe next winter to Kentucky we move
    And live with Keith to get out of our groove

    1. haha hmmm he may have a crowded spot
      Things could go to pot
      As it would get quite hot
      With all the hot air from the lot

  9. I don't like snow or humidity. So why do I live in Missouri you ask? Beats me.

    PS this has been a lonnnnng winter, here in MO.

    1. Maybe you just want something you don't like
      So you stay there and tell the snow to take a hike

  10. would be wonderful to live/work down south in winter and up north during summer. The birds got the right idea.

  11. I would love to have that ticket to somewhere warm and summer all day ~

    Happy Wednesday ~

  12. I couldn't even imagine the traffic on the roads heading south if such a law came to pass!

    1. haha never get there
      Unless hot air balloon by air

  13. Maybe it is about time you moved to a warm place

    1. Could be about time
      Pick up and elsewhere rhyme

  14. I'd rather stay where its.'s nice and cool. 50F all year long would be perfect for me. lol

  15. Wouldn't that be grand??? Starting to really get sick of the snow. We got another inch or so over night. Not a lot, just enough to cover the car. :P I am so ready for spring!

    1. Spring needs to come soon
      Been snowing here since before noon

  16. The beach sounds good to me. Sand castles, ocean waves, and seashells.

    1. Sounds like a plan
      Swinging in a hammock and getting a tan

  17. I'll be first onboard to go along with this most excellent plan,
    Give me a free ticket and I'll be your biggest fan.

    1. The cat knows how to get fans now
      Easier then giving a meow

  18. Ha, looks like, from all the responses, we could rent a ship
    and sail somewhere into the Caribbean or somewhere hip!!

    1. That sounds like a plan
      One of which all are a fan

  19. Here in the UK it was really cold and frosty last night,

  20. orlin N cassie...we R in...but if de ship bee frum carn a vull......we think we will stay home N sit out de winter :) !!

    1. haha stay home and avoid the birds
      And their awful turds

  21. I love that law. Now, do I need to become a Canadian first? ;) A free ticket will be yours.... I've heard that before.

  22. {{sigh}} If only winter would leave and spring would come! We had snow Tuesday, has it made it's way up to you yet? Maybe you will be lucky and it won't travel so far.

    1. Oh we have it
      Still having a snow fit
      Got almost 4-50cm of the umm stuff
      Hate the white fluff

    2. Piled up all around
      Lots of white can be found

  23. It seems like a wonderful law
    for those that need to escape the cold
    but what about us that live in paradise
    and have the best weather ever told?


    1. Hmm you are crap outta luck
      To get a ticket you have to pay a buck lol

  24. I like this law, which is weird, because winter is my favorite. But winter has gone on too long and too snowy this year, I'm tired of it! Bring on the beach!
    But yeah, no hurricanes, please...

    1. Beach is where all should go
      Let the snow stay high while we go low

  25. We usually have 1 day of spring between winter and summer,
    I'd rather flee to south to dance and sing and be a drummer
    at the beach with right pitch or/and ripe peach...

    1. haha hopefully it is the right pitch
      Then people maybe throw money for such an itch

  26. There are way to many flaws with the law to get started.

  27. Rain, rain, come and stay
    Do your worst! Don't go away!!
    We are tired of the stinkin' drought--
    To this wet stuff, I'll give a shout out!

  28. I like this new law
    at your zoo!
    The cat should run
    for president, too!
    And rewrite the law,
    a pen in his claw :)

  29. I could definitely get into this
    Winter in spring doesn't always bring bliss
    I'd love warm air to ride my bike
    But winter returns again to crush my psyche

    1. Winter screws us all
      With its big snow wall

  30. That sounds so grand. I want to be put up in Cinderella's Castle so I can rule over all of Disney World land. Just for the cold months we could strike a deal. Oh, in my wildest dreams would that wish become real!

    1. Yeah it would never come to pass
      But would sure be nice to always see green grass

  31. I'll vote for anyone who supports this law!
    Catching up ~ after my run-in with too many mai taus!

  32. If my husband didn't have his knee done this winter, we would have been where it was warm... or warmer. This year even Florida was really cold.

    1. Yeah cold all over
      Need lots of hair like rover


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