Invader Alert, Blood May Squirt!

The cat was relaxing at our bay under a sunny ray and then I awoke to some thin bloke. This guy was really weird indeed. I ran away at super speed. But he did not move at all. So we decided to rid him from our hall.

 I awoke from sleep,
And up I had to leap.
This black eyed freak,
Was sitting there so sleek.

Cassie even gave it a try,
She was mad she couldn't give him a black eye.
He already had two.
His smell was also eww.

 I found him to have holes.
Maybe he sat on hot coals?
I could see all the way through.
He was snip snipped too.

Cassie tried the other side,
Could still see far and wide.
The dude couldn't even talk,
Of course without any voice box, that isn't a shock.

I tried to find an ear,
To see if he could hear.
But there wasn't even an ear spot.
It was time he hurt, a lot.

 We both decided the best course of attack.
We would rid this thing from our shack.
The invader would go back to space,
Or at least the closet without a trace.

Kitty ninja was my way,
To cause the thing dismay.
Take that ninja wannbe,
Shown up by a kitty.

 Cassie just bit his head.
That seemed to cause him dread.
He ran away at top speed.
We had done the deed.

 All in a day's work.
We beat the jerk.
Time for a snooze.
We can't lose.

She can have the couch,
As she is quite the grouch.
I'll just take the bed.
So if an invader comes, bite them on the head.

There you go, now you know how to get rid of invaders at your show. Just do kitty ninja and bite them high, not low. You could kick them down there if they are not snip snipped at their lair. Now I need to join Cass and rest my kitty ninja little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The invaders are just not talking
    They cannot go arm swinging
    Give it a kick
    That'll be slick
    They can very well go tumbling


    1. And roll in a ball
      All the way down the hall

  2. That is hilarious! The cats were really fascinated by that skeleton. Where on earth did you get it?
    And little kitty Ninja, there is still much you must learn...

    1. Yeah they didn't know what the hell
      As they finally decided to sniff it for a spell
      Found it at costco
      The cat needs to learn to kick at his show

  3. The pictures of your cat with the skeleton are sooo funny! I guess she is a hero! How do you think she would do with zombies?

    1. Hmmm zombies she may be able to take
      As long as they were fake

  4. The invader got spot
    on the couch
    so Cassie
    was in a grouch
    She bit his head
    It cause him dread
    He ran away

    P.S. But something tells me
    We'll meet him healthy...soon
    in your characters' zoo.

  5. Aww little sweet, pretty cats!!

    LOL at the face made for the head bite, I guess the stranger's not very tasty. We have a skeleton like that too, got it for hubs' haunted house he makes every year. ;)

    1. Nope, not tasty at all
      She'd rather he be sent back to the mall

  6. Oh, I would definitely rid such an invader from my shack!
    Yikes, one would hope that it wouldn't strike back!!

    1. Yeah good thing it can't fight
      Or they'd hide all night

  7. Oh oh, not only is the cat outta the bag
    The closet door stands open just like a rag
    The skeleton got out and he sits on the couch
    With his back so erect you don't see a slouch
    Be aware of that guy, all your secrets he'll tell
    What does he care, he already went to hell
    Cassie is checking, he may be a fraud
    Be careful of bones that you give a laud
    He may be snip snip, hope you're not wrong
    I think there's a panty line that came from a thong

    1. So that would make him a her
      Geez, the lines sure blur
      or it could be a he
      And thongs bring them glee
      To each their own
      Maybe i should throw a dog a bone

    2. Pat
      This is soooo funny. Do you ever watch South Park? I just saw the Halloween one where the little kids dug up Grandma, hid her and a dog came along and ate her. Sounds real funny, huh? But that show is so well done .... reminds me of your cartoons.

    3. Yep, seen an episode or ten
      Of it at my den
      They have some fun episodes indeed
      As you never know what can take seed

  8. Oh this was too funny thanks for the laugh
    but, I have to say I'm glad it wasn't gas
    that came out of your little rhyming ass

    I liked the way the cats did explore
    this invader at your distant shore
    always something new, never a bore

    why do you have a skeleton sitting on your couch
    sitting so straight, he doesn't even slouch
    if you sat on it in the dark you might say ouch..

    1. No need for gas
      To be given a pass
      As he can't smell
      So can't cause him hell
      The cats explored a ton
      Ready to make him run
      He wanted out of the closet for a spell
      I guess he wanted to raise a little hell

    2. haha outta the closet he did come
      he is looking a bit glum
      maybe he drank too much rum
      wonder if he knows how to hum
      or maybe even try to

    3. haha could have got into the rum
      Maybe he's waiting to beat a drum

  9. Thanks for the laugh Pat, made my day.


  10. What a darling post!
    Orlin and Cassie are the most
    brave kitty cats
    running interference at Pat's!
    What a scary closet dude!
    Hope nothing more freaky comes out to feud!
    But with Orlin and Cass on watch,
    Pat can kick back with beer or scotch.

    1. Pat can let the cats do all the work
      That is sure a perk
      We better get fed
      Or Cassie will bite his head

  11. Those pictures are hilarious!

    1. Was fun to watch too
      As they didn't have a clue

  12. Glad curiosity didn't kill the cat this time
    I would sure miss hearing his rhymes.
    The intruder must not taste yummy
    Cause poor kitty's face is looking wakeful funny!

    1. haha yeah he tasted bad
      She ran off rather mad

  13. I want a kitty ninja to help protect me, lol - cute - as always :)

    1. haha the cat is teaching all
      Here at his hall

  14. You constantly continue to amaze me
    what goes on at your pad
    if this is how you treat your guests
    a visit from me will not be had!


    1. The cat doesn't treat them nice
      Treats them more like mice

  15. Cassie was really intrigued by his little boney ass. lol

    1. lol she wanted a good look
      And one she took

  16. I really enjoyed the pictures ~ Now to follow your lead and catch a nap, smiles ~

    Happy weekend ~

  17. Replies
    1. The cat warmed him up for her
      Then she got him without ruffling her fur

  18. haha...probably that guy took the spring diet too serious.... cool pics with the cat

    1. Yeah wanted to lose weight
      Even before the official spring date

  19. May have to get a lock for that closet door so never again will he explore

    1. Hmmm may have to
      Or put a brick in front of its view

  20. haha too cute,
    um where did you get the guy in his birthday suit?
    think he might need to lose some weight eh?
    be he did adkins at his bay
    curiousity did not kill the cat
    but might have taken out boney

    1. He was found on a shelf
      At costco before there was an elf
      Boney got what was coming to him
      But at least he remained trim

  21. Great pics:) Your visitor will come in handy at Halloween.

    1. Will help out at our sea
      Being all kinda scary

  22. Oh my goodness, I'll bet my big green monster ate that dude!

    1. And left the bones behind
      How nice and kind

  23. It would have been really funny if you could have gotten that to move while the cats were checking it out. You may have had a good laugh Pat.

    1. haha yeah I was thinking on a way
      But they continued to play

  24. We are glad, you clever cat
    That this new buddy isn't PAT!

  25. Why is Cassie in a mood?
    Clearly he did not eat her food.
    He's an awfully boney dude.


    1. He took her spot
      She'd didn't like that a whole lot

  26. When I was a kid, my mother taught first responders and she had a real human skeleton. Dang thing gave me nightmares!!!

    1. hahaha that would be a bit creepy indeed
      To have hanging out at your feed

  27. This house guest looks so lifeless
    I'd also bet he's wifeless
    They say curiosity killed the cat
    But in this case that saying is a bunch of drat

    1. Yeah that never came due
      We turn the invader blue

  28. The kitty ninja looks like it had no affect


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