The Roar Of The Snore!

So what do you do when your ear drums can take it no more at your zoo? The cat was at the other sea and they sure snore with glee. So much I perk up my ears and run away due to snoring fears.

Hide under the bed,
To avoid the dread.
But it can wake the dead.
Paws over ears on my head.

Nope, that don't work.
Damn, snoring jerk.
Keeping the cat awake.
Drown them in a lake.

Turn on the fan.
They still sound like a trash can.
This is an awful fate.
It is getting late.

Earplugs don't work too.
What can I do?
Try a different room,
And they still bring my ears doom.

The cat needs to pack.
Enough of this ear attack.
Let's go back to our sea,
Where we can sleep snore free.

Sounds like a race horse,
After finishing a course.
Or maybe a train horn.
Some coma induced porn?

Oh what a fetish that would be.
I'm sure it is to a few at their sea.
But we do not want to know.
So snore freak, keep it on the down low.

Maybe I could sell tickets to the attraction?
I could get plenty of action.
Takes bets on the loudest one.
The cat could make a ton.

Bet on length as well.
This could be swell.
Any takers?
Could be money makers.

Better yet I'll get a sock.
Use it as a snore lock.
And if that doesn't work as a buffer,
I'll grab a pillow, hopefully they won't suffer.

So much more peaceful at our sea with no snore spree. How can someone go so loud and not draw a crowd? Quite the freak show I say. Of course in a nice way. Now the cat will go sleep in mass as after that noise he is a tired little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I can hear my husband going at it like a freight train right this second and I'm three rooms away. :) It doesn't bother me at all, I don't even notice most times.

    1. I guess you get used to it maybe
      Still scary at the other sea

  2. Roar of the snore is 'music' to the ear
    Just plug up the ears and say no more
    Peaceful sleep
    What one needs
    Otherwise just pretend one does not hear


    1. Hard to pretend
      When the snore goes right around the bend

  3. you get used to things....when i lost weight i stopped snoring, just saying....
    its like the music of the night you know, shaking the walls of your show...

    1. So it is a weight thing
      I may get smacked if I mention that at the other wing haha

  4. It is hard to sleep in the presence of snoring, I think. Thankfully, my dogs don't snore. LOL.

    1. The cat snores light
      When he does it at our site
      So Pat can sleep
      Should he take such a leap

  5. Are you saying your nana snores and is a bother?
    Or maybe it was really just your brother?

    1. The cat no place to hide at the other shore
      when night falls to the sound of loud snores
      the noise creeps through the walls & door
      try to ignore the snore or go explore...

    2. haha posted in the wrong place but, wonder is it
      your nana or brother who is snoring as the shore?

    3. No, it is her
      And not anyone else or anything with fur

    4. Go explore sounds better indeed
      Run away at top speed

    5. Maybe you could drop a hint
      and give her Breathe-Right Strips for a gift?
      Someone snoring is the worst.
      At least if it's your spouse you can let out a burst
      and a little shove
      and say, "Roll over, love!"

    6. haha push them right off the bed
      Then they'll hear what you said

  6. Snoring sounds a lot like thunderstorms here!

    1. Must be used to thunder too
      There at your zoo

  7. I suppose as Rosie saysI, one can learn to live with it
    It may even become popular and be a real big hit
    It might become like the ticking of a clock
    One would barely notice and sleep just like a rock
    But if you live without a snorer
    I do admit there's nothing borer

    1. Used to it you say?
      Hmmmm is there a trick at ones bay

  8. My boyfriend snores so loud! I think all men do it, haha

    1. me neither, as I don't sleep on my back

      that causes snoring at anyone's shack.

    2. Sleep on my side
      So snoring goes for a ride

  9. My hubby sleeps on my left, and snores like a truck. My dog sleeps on my right and is louder still. I have one good ear, deaf in the other. So if I sleep on the good ear, I can usually muffle it! Otherwise I'm downstairs in the quiet!

    1. haha geez that is bad
      Two snorers at your pad

  10. One night son came home late
    and reported this news the following day
    he heard snoring from all that were asleep
    the mom, the dad, the corgi, which I guess all was okay.

    At least at that time all of us were snoring
    and no one kept awake
    because we've had nights like that
    which all of us hate.


    1. haha yeah that is okay
      As all at once you play
      Were the three of you in sync?
      Could rattle the kitchen sink

  11. My ears are free from snoring for now

  12. It'll be noticeable only
    if one stop snoring

    I can hear the building heater all night
    or rain flowing in the gutter
    but I guess it gives inspiration for dreams,
    though, no noise - better.

    1. I stick on the fan
      Then noises all around I ban

  13. Who could get used to that kind of racket
    They must exist in some strange bracket
    Sleeping alone gets kind of old
    Especially on nights when it's pretty cold
    But peace and quiet are a better place to be
    Here at my place or anyone's sea

    1. True peace and quiet is great
      Snoring is a bad trait
      Get a dog or cat and all is well
      Have someone to sleep with that may smell

  14. For sure
    Me neighbours snore
    What a bore
    Earthquake from the floor
    Four snore and seven years
    Brings me to tears.....

    1. Could send them a telegram
      Or get some nose plugs and jam

  15. Hello dear I love your blog I'm new follower,hope you can follow me too :)

    1. Hello dear spammer
      Care to get hit in the head with a hammer

  16. Replies
    1. I'm a snoring jerk... or so they say
      And I keep snoring at my bay
      Scaring off the missis making her rant
      But I'm asleep like a blue plant
      Dreaming of you know what
      All the thing I haven't got
      No need to use a dirty sock to stop the show
      Just show me the couch, I'll go.

    2. Haha. It is like the attraction tours I visit, we are world's 134th largest building and without antenna we are worlds 123th tallest building . Congrats on your 34th.

    3. Well at least you go away
      And snore up a storm at your bay
      Maybe sit a cat on you
      That may make less snoring come due

    4. Might be kinda smelly a cat butt or two
      Making nightmares about blogger come true
      Call me Captain Snore
      Still better than being a whore
      Except when you think about bills
      A cat butt really kills

    5. a cat butt kills
      Could be a hitman and pay the bills

  17. Snoring. That would be awful if you have to sleep next to them. But when you have neighbours like my previous ones, snoring would be nothing.
    Their moaning and midnight, midday breaking bed episodes would make you run to train station and sleep next to tracks.

    1. hahaha well at least they were having fun
      Humpity humping away in night and sun

    2. Fun for them and what rhymes with fun that means awful and horrible and awkward for others? I once had playdate for my kids and had kids parents as well and then this bed creaking noise - talk about awkward.........NO, I WASNT JEALOUS. :)

    3. hahahaha oh that would be awkward indeed
      As they humped away and did the deed

  18. Your last verse takes the prize! Hey cat, stick a paw under the snorer and make him move a little without waking out. I swear, this works! LOL!

    1. Can the cat use the claw?
      Or is that against the law

  19. Replies
    1. Stick it in their nose
      Or mouth and strike a pose

  20. Mica Moo snores but sometimes its more of a squeak!

    1. A squeak isn't bad
      Unless a mouse is in your pad

  21. I sure hate the snoring too! If it's not the husband, it's the dogs. I can't catch a break around here!

    1. haha snoring all around
      At least it is a familiar sound

  22. Haha. No, fans kill any noise. We have used them here for every kid trying to sleep here for years. They are magical...

  23. I admit that I have been told that I snore
    Makes the nighttime anything but a bore
    Thankfully it's only on occasion though
    So I don't put on a show
    My cat snores the cutest snore ever
    I could listen to that forever

    1. haha a cute snore is fine
      Plus snores usually aren't loud from a feline

  24. I have to wear ear plugs every night because my Hubs snores like a freight train.

    1. haha well at least ear plugs work
      And are a perk


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