A Whoopdi Friggin Doo Tells Things That Are True!

Robbie Raisin is here today. I guess with this A to Z thing I will play. But wasn't the alphabet learned in primary? Okay, I won't be contrary. For W we go to Whoopdi Friggin Doo where we are going to get the truth on all of you.

So Truedessa, let's start with you. What really turns you on at your zoo?

Wow, where do I begin
heads in a jar with a grin
aliens in some funky skin

Now there is a fetish for the ages. I don't want to be near her as her fire rages. Optimistic long named guy, what is the best gift you ever gave under your sky?

The gift that keeps on giving
Dog poop makes life worth living  

I bet they thought it was the shit. Hank, can you top that hit?

Now it is #6
Gets one transfixed

Is that some kind of drug? Silver Fox who would you like to hug?

At my loop!
I'd really be in dutch

So thank you very much!

Errr ummm okay. I hope you don't pay. Alex who would you very much like to meet and greet?

a nine-breasted alien with six peckers

Damn, you really think big. Theresa do you hang from a tree or twig?

Only 1 giveaway in the works now, and sadly, not for you, you mean Canadian!

Can a raisin be Canadian or anything else for that matter? Brian, do you just gawk or chatter?

It seems another breast is just out of reach

I'll take that as just gawk. Manzanita it is your turn to talk.

don't leave in a bitter flitter
Or you'll be called a boobie quitter

Wise advice for Brian I guess. Beer Guys anything to add to this mess?

Because nine breasts are four and a half times better than two, and that's just basic math.

Okay, moving on now. Susan with a slash in her name, telling me something to wow.

Seeing such a multi-sexed beauty would take a lot of beer

Brian, look what you did? Rosey can you add something about a squid?

The Halloween Nazi has been known to retaliate

Well that was out of the blue.Humbird, please give some advice to the crew.

I realize the beer psychology
is counter- wise

A counter is wise? Tabbies of trout towne, any cat cries?

heer comez a dam burd  

You need to get over that. Terry, what do you have under your hat?

some turds... so maybe you won something after all

That has to stick in the hair, viewers beware.  Mary Kirkland can you tell us about all of this alien fuss?

a whole new idea to the thought of being probed

I guess all need their kicks. Claudia are you thankful for more than sticks?

i'm glad i don't have nine breast...just think about the fuzz when you want to buy a new bra then

Okay, be glad for that. Robyn care to share about more than scat?

Thanks for keeping balls in blue

Sure, any time. Sandra are you in love with a mime?

It pays to look down

Size does matter you say, okay! Sherry, with such things do you play?

I have plenty of those prizes at my bay

Hmmm this is getting dirty. Betsy, are you also flirty?

yeah, I'm confused

That happens in old age. Brian the cat, what's in your cage?

It pays to look down or you will step with a frown

Still hung up on being snipped? Mary has your gift been shipped?

don't want this burst

What burst? Remembering Grace, quench our knowledge thirst.

I didn't realize how annoying that word was until now, actually.
So I actually went to my blog and searched the front page...
Seven instances of the word 'actually'.
I actually must go now and edit my life.

Wow, you are rather mouthy I will say. Thanks to her our time has gone away. That is all truth you will learn. Until next time when Whoopdi Friggin Doo gives you your turn.


You guys exposed a ton with this Whoopdi Friggin Doo run. Hopefully no one sees it on the air. Who knew such fetishes were at every lair? Some need to go roll in the grass and be as calm as my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break # 42
      Whoopdi Friggin Doo
      Where are you!
      How about coming on in 2's


    2. Coming on in 2's you say
      A little earlier than that at my bay

  2. Replies
    1. But ACTUALLY I was #2
      Still good competition
      for Hank at your zoo haha :)

    2. Thanks ma'am, it's true
      And good morning to you!


    3. Hank, good morning!
      Thanks for the greeting!

    4. haha only 7 minutes late
      Such a sad fate

    5. And the Cat was almost an American. But US custom officials sensed his mum was pregnant when she was trying to cross the border. They sent her back.

    6. At least now polar bears I can order
      To slip across and murder those I dislike on the other side of the border

  3. 'can you top that hit?' What a tall order
    If you believe you can then go no further
    Sharing the truth
    Via Bluetooth
    Knock on the truth couldn't hit any better!


    1. I wake up at 6:00 AM every day
      I could beat Hank at your bay
      if I bring my phone to bed
      But that would be quite sad :)

    2. Yeah avoid the phone
      And its ring tone
      Maybe hank will throw you a bone
      And be late to his #1 throne

      The truth was heard
      Every word lol

  4. Whoopti Friggin Doo keeps tabs on all of you
    That phrase is the best, always right on cue
    I love the way it rolls off the tongue
    Sounds as if a bell has been rung
    Lingers and stays in the mind
    As if a gold mine you did find
    Plays tricks with the imagination
    Lives in complete awe and consternation
    When your clan speaks the veritible truth
    Conversation can go to a bit uncouth

    1. Comes right out
      Been using it for years to give a shout
      Before I even came on here
      With my little rhyming rear

  5. Dog poop IS a gift that keeps on giving
    Just don't make it a reason for living
    And poor Sara, in love with a mime
    But it could be the best love story of all-time

    1. haha unless your a dog I suppose
      Then they can sit and eat rows

  6. Breasts yes, peckers no!
    And can the alien look like Kate?

    1. Hmmm that would be nice
      Would add more spice

    2. I heard Canadians can't eat spices. Is that true?

    3. Yeah they cause gas
      They come like confetti right out our ass

  7. My world is full of puppy poo right now and I don't want to talk about. :)

    Great Rhyme!

    1. haha not a fan of puppy crap
      All over your map

  8. Would be pretty cool to have 9 boobs but it would also be annoying to find clothes

  9. Dangnabbit! I wrote a comment twice already. Let me try one more time.

    I don't know what the beer boys drink
    that makes them do the math they think
    but I'm glad I don't to math like they do
    or I'd be disappointed at my zoo

    1. The cat's trick worked
      Got you when you lurked
      Made you type three times
      Were they all the same chimes
      lol not a fan of their math
      2 would just bring you wrath

  10. Oh my, I had better check under my hat...just in case!

    1. Yes, be sure and look
      Or could write a book

    2. Ya, you should check under your hat as there could be a bunch of illegal Canadians hiding there.

    3. We'd freeze your head
      Oops dead

  11. Haha! Whoopdi Friggin Doo!
    I guess missed post or two
    where did I stand by counter
    so wisely gawked the beer amount...

  12. Someone has actually on the brain, actually

    1. Actually she just might
      Actually you may actually be right

  13. Whoopdi doo... oh, that was a popular phrase back in the seventies! Haven't heard it in years. Thanks! :-)
    Good writing, as always.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

    1. Say it all the time
      With my rhyme chime

    2. The word was first coined by a Canadian who found a spare loon in the pocket of his jeans.

    3. Loonie and toonie
      We are so cartoony

  14. ha - i would like to hear about the alien fuss as well... i prefer crisps to sticks - ha - and met mary just in paris :=))

    1. Mary in Paris at your sea
      Was it funnier than aliens on a spree

  15. Whoopdi friggin doo
    is one of my favourites at
    your zoo.

    The word makes me
    laugh and almost
    pass gas
    which I package
    and send
    to you.

    1. The cat mixes his in
      And then a bomb is born at his bin

    2. I heard Canada had nuclear missiles aimed at the US. Is that true?

    3. Yep, tipped with maple syrup too
      For all the fake canadian bacon they go through

  16. Haha! I loved this! I'm going to end up rhyming all day. :P

  17. yes, I'm old...
    don't scold!

    1. lol won't scold
      With age you are just more bold

    2. Is it true that most Canadians live to be 135?

    3. Nope,
      150 because we use soap

  18. Actually, I didn't say that
    But actually is the first thing in my mind-

    Have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. Actually comes to us all
      Actually with actually on the wall

  19. A great post as one would expect from you Pat.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  20. Funny, funny and thanks God Im on the sand lol

  21. As one that has picked up quite a lot of poop
    I don't think it makes life worth living
    but the amount the corgi pup does
    we say it is a gift that never stops giving :)


    1. haha and out it comes every day
      Blah, cause my ocd dismay

  22. Wow, cat made me first whoopdi friggin doo
    oh the crazy things that turn me on at my zoo
    heads in a jar, I remember that came in view
    aliens in funky skin, what a kinky crew
    another issue of the cats late breaking news
    where does he get all this I haven't a clue
    as the cat says Whoopdi Friggin Do..haha

    1. haha it comes out and about
      With a whoopdi friggin doo shout
      And your fetish had to be first
      Just such a weird burst lol

    2. well, weird and strange are friends to me
      they seem to follow me from sea to sea
      sailing vast waters, with the likes of thee
      as the wizard hangs dangling from a tree
      the cats goes on word rhyming spree

    3. The cat may first make all bitter
      As he squats and uses the litter haha

  23. 9 breasts are 4 and half times better than two. Love it. Favorite line of the week.

    1. haha was a good line
      Worked for the feline

    2. He loves all these mutant and disformed women I guess, if alien spaceship lands on Earth he would be the first to greet them and board their ship to bid goodbye.

    3. That is right
      We'd beam out of sight

  24. gosh! Everyone has been exposed by Private Investigator Pat! I know what to THINK NOW! thanks, Pat!!! jean :)

  25. "Can a raisin be Canadian"

    As long as the grapes aren't American

    1. They could be Chinese
      Then that wouldn't please

    2. Grapes won't grow in Canada as Maple Trees are toxic to them.

    3. That isn't true
      Had grapes at my old zoo

  26. I keep forgetting I have to watch what I say around here! You would put me last and blame ME for sucking all the air out of the room...HAHAHAHA!
    Well, I ACTUALLY have to go now, BYE! LOL

    1. Yeah what you say
      Can be put on display
      Actually you will be back
      Actually I know that at my shack

  27. Always nice to see the familiar cast.

  28. Loving Whoopdi Friggin Doo!! HA HA HA I am visualizing some groovy partying cousin of Scooby. This was great!

    1. Scooby doo at my sea
      No mutts allowed near me

    2. Dogs are considered a delicacy in Canada. Much like Spam is in Hawaii.

    3. And spotted dick
      You find so slick

  29. Dare I say only a man would dream of a lady with nine breasts on her poor chest,
    The anatomical placement puts even creative and sick minds to the test.

    1. haha yeah creative and sick
      Either or, have your pick

  30. Gotta watch out for those commentors. They end up being whoopdi friggin doo fomenters. Telling it like it is makes me have to take a whizz. "I bet they thought it was the shit." Yeah, that is totally it!

    1. haha number one and two
      At least cleaned out are you

  31. Very clever! Nice to meet and follow through atoz http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/

  32. Nine breasts...bras would be a real challenge. Have to be specially made.

  33. Replies
    1. Except the french
      Hit them with a wrench

    2. Hahahaha. 'Twas fun matching wits with you, you fetid feline :)

    3. Fun indeed
      As much banter can take seed

  34. "Actually" basically plays a big part in Indian English vocabulary. Till day I haven't seen a single Indian who doesn't use more than two sentences with "Actually" or "basically".

    1. Damn, they must like that word indeed
      Actually they love it at their feed

    2. Actually it should have been *without instead of with. Basically what I had typed there is wrong. ;-)

    3. Actually you were actually wrong
      Sure sing that basically song

  35. The tone used when speaking the word actually can make all the difference in the world. :)

    Squids rule. :) I guess. The bigger kids like to order it for their appetizer plate, so I guess it must. I don't touch the stuff, ew . No meat or fish for me, vitamins to make up for any vitamin deficiency.

    1. Yuck to squid at my sea
      Never ever eat that with glee
      Chicken is my only meat
      Also suck the vitamins back at my creek

  36. We gots no idea what this was about
    Dog poop and peckers and raisins and -- trout
    (We just made that up so our rhymes would work out).
    But tell me O Robbie this W. Friggin Doo
    Is it a what or a where or a who?

    1. Maybe it is all three
      Slapped together to confuse thee

  37. That was awesome. Like an old fashioned roast. Love it!

  38. Nice play of words here! 'ACTUALLY'
    Thanks for popping by my blog earlier :) http://vinodinii.blogspot.in/2014/04/yearning-to-heard-monologues-with-mrm.html

    1. Actually I don't believe you
      Actually it may not be true

  39. You sure gave all a fun whoopdi friggin doo run

  40. In love with a mime....Hmm, Pat, going to have to give that one some thought:)

    1. haha think away
      Just watch for mimes at your bay

  41. Rolling in the grass should get us all in touch with nature.

  42. And you wonder where your porn came from today? Just look at all these freaks on display. There is only one innocent from your list. Yep, it's me you mean Canadian!

    1. Pffft you are the worst of the bunch
      Completely out to lunch lol


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