Parthenophobia Is A Real Thing? That Has To Sting!

Boy, parthenophobia must really suck. With it you would get no luck. Any idea what it is? If you have it I hope you seek help for such a biz. I wonder if a woman had it how would it go? I bet no mirrors would be able to show.

So parthenophobia is the word of today.
If you suffer from it, oh the dismay.
Even though the cat  is snip snip,
He still would never take such a trip.

If you suffer from it,
You are scared more than a bit,
Of a certain gender.
Those who are supposedly more tender.

Now I can see how the likes of old one eye,
Or the halloween nazi could make you cry.
Or those with a huge plastic face,
You may not want to embrace.

But a fear of the female,
So much so that when you see them you wail.
That is just rather umm odd.
Too attached to your hot rod?

When parthenophobia is at play,
The inflicted scream and run away.
Like they just saw the Boogey Man.
Old one eye flick you boogers in a trash can.

See, you are scaring males or maybe females,
Could be your scary tails.
Anyway, back on task.
Why you ask?

Beats the heck out of me.
They swing from a super crazy tree.
But women may be oh so scary,
Whether or not they are hairy,

Yet something more is even scarier to them.
You'd think it was a monster that spit flem.
Old one eye, I said stay away damn it.
Besides her, what causes this fit?

A women who is a big scary virgin.
Oh no! She must have some sort of fur fin.
That is oh so scary to one and all,
Run and hide in a nearby bathroom stall.

I can't take a virgin woman in front of me.
I'm so scared I may pee.
Pffft get a grip.
Parthenophobia is as dumb as boarding a sinking ship.

Sorry not really if I offended you and your parthenophobia when scary women come in view. Maybe you will get over it or just sit there and spit. Be afraid of something like germs, or maybe worms. But being afraid of a virgin, or not, lass makes you out to lunch in the eyes of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Without a break # 34
      What good luck once more!


    2. Would you believe it?
      No takers for 18 minutes!


    3. Got lots of luck today
      R must have been away

  2. Fear of young women, especially virgins. Very odd fear. Although when one tries to flirt with me at the gym, I do shy away because I don't look my age and those girls have no idea I'm old enough to be their father.

    1. lol don't want to be a dirty old man?
      That sounds like a good plan

  3. Something that gnaws at the conscience
    Trying very hard to look for some reasons
    Fear of them
    Or other way round
    What is it when a virgin is afraid of men?


    1. Hmmm the opposite maybe?
      Or wise at their sea

  4. That's a strange fear. Wonder how many people have this. I put up my fear on my blog today. I'll have to see if there's a name for it. Lol

    1. lol there is a name for them all
      Unless you fear maybe grass at your hall

  5. If all young men suffered from this affliction
    I'd like to make a far flung prediction
    Over population would be cut to the bone
    If young people only dated by use of the phone

    1. Yeah we'd be screwed
      If all thought such a thing was scary and rude

  6. Well there's a word for everything. I wonder if that means from a baby until marriage (which of course is the first time someone would not be a virgin anymore, ha!), people are scared to be around these young women. OR, if it starts developing at a certain age. Either way, that's just nutty.

    I'm w/Manzanita about the overpopulation. Let the kids date by phone only (says the mom of a teen girl). I'd vote for it. :)

    1. haha not sure the phone
      With a message at the tone
      Would go over the best
      Not sure how long until, if ever, they get over the scare test

  7. never heard of this before
    so strange at your shore
    maybe it's fear of dating
    for some it can be haunting

    1. It could translate to that
      And then it goes a step further at their mat

  8. First time to learn of such a word ~ Really, I don't no idea such people have such fears ~

    Have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. haha guess it goes to show
      Fear can be anything to some on the go

  9. Maybe they're onto something. I mean, have you seen a hymen? It's like a spiderweb of evil, just waiting to catch its penile prey...

    1. lol never thought of it as a spiderweb of evil before
      I'll never get that out of my head at my shore lol

  10. there are some women that it might be heatlhy
    to fear from, it would be a terrible fate, all that love
    gone to waste though, i think i'd rather have
    the ladies at my show....

    1. True, there are some crazies to run far far away from
      Or they could end up glum

  11. Long word Pat. but great to read as usual. I wonder what age Alex looks?any ideas?

  12. Dang, I thought it was a fear of really long words!

    1. Nope, that is a whole other fear run
      Under ones sun

  13. How do you find out that a woman is a virgin or not? Why exactly would anyone be afraid of a virgin?
    Fear of disappointing? It isn't even road less travelled but road never travelled.
    Breaking ice in bars is much more tougher than breaking hymen?

    Let me go back. Fear of virgin? Boy virgin or gal virgin?

    1. haha it is a girl one I guess
      And I guess they only way they know is if they confess

    2. Why would they confess it is not like you advertise for "experienced only apply"

      Unless they deflower they won't know and once it is done she isn't "virgin" anymore. This is fallacy I say.

      Maybe they could find some pee in stick kinda thing to find that out. "virgin" "not virgin" "inconclusive"

    3. haha well they just fear women at the start
      So if they hear she is a virgin they run away faster in their go cart

  14. That is quite a word, with such a strange phobia. There are so many men to fix the problem for a man suffering with this fear.

    1. haha that I suppose is true
      They can have them until they turn blue

  15. Why in the world would anyone be afraid of a virgin? How bizarrre!

    1. "bizarrre" looks bizarre. ;)

    2. I can give you five reasons. I'm sure Pat can do too ;)

    3. haha well I'm sure there are some
      I'll let blue give that a hum

  16. You're certainly extending my vocabulary this month, Pat;)
    Have a happy Easter.

  17. I'm with the silver fox – that the definitely a new one. :-)

  18. A weird fear indeed.
    Happy Easter to you :)

  19. Such a strange thing
    I've never known
    not even from a King
    sitting on a grand throne.

    To be afraid of girls
    and not give them a whorl
    would be dull indeed
    and leave a man in need.

    So run away
    I say
    to keep fear at bay
    live like a Monk
    in a Monastary
    every single day.

    1. Live like a monk
      To get rid of the funk
      Sit in a robe all day
      And let the breeze have its say

  20. Well, this was a new one to me!
    Who knew they could be so scary! ha.

  21. This one perplexes me.
    How can you spot a virgin from afar and then flee?
    Women don't advertise how many men we have done
    So that those with parthenophobia can peek out and then run
    Except for hussies like Kim K.
    Parthenophobes can find her and have their way
    Then again, anyone can have her and make a vid.
    It'll sell on EBay to the pathenophobe with the highest bid.


    1. haha beats the heck out of me
      They must ask around at their sea
      Then find out and run
      Of course they are afraid of women to begin with under their sun
      So who they ask
      About the task
      Beats me
      As they flee

  22. I thought a virgin was every mans dream
    What rises to the top is usually the cream
    I suppose some prefer the tried and the true
    But running and hiding should only make you blue

    1. Blue literal i suppose
      As some may get woes lol

  23. Oh my gosh and I have seven of em over at my place! all up in your face!!! xox jean

  24. Well your P was different than I thought it might be
    and I learned a new word from your zoo
    Parthenophobia I do not think I have or suffer from
    but now I am curious, do you?


    1. haha nope, not at all
      Just germs at my hall

  25. Well, at least that's one phobia I don't have. :o)

    1. Can't have that one
      Unless you go strange under your sun

  26. Never heard of this word, but the only phobias I have are claustrophobia and mmm, whatever the phobia for heights is called.

    1. Well at least you won't fall from some place high
      Or get stuck in a small place and sigh

  27. I used to have the opposite
    Just not the virgin bit
    A fear of men of all kinds
    Until the shyness unwinds

    1. haha hmm wonder what they'd call that
      A reverse one at your mat

  28. Hairy women make me scream
    When they want me on their team
    "Come hither and play"
    "Not even at some kitty cat bay"
    Does that means a virgin's fun?
    Nope they too make a blue man run
    Kitty claws aplenty, no need for a brand new bore
    Go read a manual before you hit my shore
    Or so Patman says I know he did
    Hairy virgins… heaven forbid!

    1. haha you better run
      Should a hairy virgin come undone
      You could go blind
      Or get lost in that hairy behind
      Could put beware
      I snore at my lair
      Or send them to the humper
      Tell them he is thumper

  29. Replies
    1. That it is indeed
      As they run away at top speed

  30. Now that is a fear you don't see every day

  31. That is a new one! I had to look that one up even though I got the gist by what you wrote. Learn something new everyday so thank you for that...Mr. Cat! LOL

    1. The cat likes to teach
      And umm use the sand at the beach

  32. I fear
    It's clear
    Your theme
    A scream
    Like a nun on a clown
    Might make you frown
    VIRGIN on the ridiculous
    I give this a miss.

    Pawstive wishes,

    Penny the cordial host of the Alphabark Challenge! :)

  33. Did you make this up as it is so very strange?
    Men run away when a virgin is in range?

    1. haha they run away from women big and small
      But run super fast if a virgin is at the ball
      And nope, found it out and about
      Never made up my shout

  34. The Halloween Nazi has lost her virginity a long time ago
    No need to go running and screaming from her show.

    1. Well you are still female
      So away they would wail

  35. All the fears out there

    lots of things that cause a scare

  36. Never heard this word before
    But I really don't need to know any more
    Fact is stranger than fiction
    Boy...what a strange affliction

    Hi Pat!

    1. Yeah stranger indeed
      Far far out there at ones feed

  37. Parthenophobia? Maybe of efurryone would read Lysistrat they would understand? The Human teaches that play to her seniors, but they are all girls so no one gets too scared! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. All girls you say
      Well then that will never come to play
      Never read it at my bay
      You saying it's scary and will make me run away

  38. Replies
    1. Was done by greek
      Yup, must be really up crazy creek

  39. What a peculiar phobia
    Glad it doesn't bring me dystopia

  40. Where do people come up with things like this.. Me thinks they are crazy.


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