Up Up And Away Today At My Bay!

So for U what can the cat do? I did united last year as the puppets had a hand up their rear. So why not just use that. No, no repeats at my mat. Up is the word of today here at my bay.

It was a toss up today,
What would end up on display.
I never get all worked up though.
I just bucked up at my show.

So you may be barking up the wrong tree,
If you think bringing up the rear is me.
Chalk that up to the rhymes.
I do not clam up like mimes.

But I can cheer you up.
No need to gas up a pup.
Don't gang up on me.
Hands up if you have to pee.

Sit up and take notice everyone.
Shape up or ship out and run.
If you take me up on that,
Then this can be wrapped up by the cat.

Guess I have to stay up to no good.
Don't turn your nose up at my hood.
Things are looking up now.
Tomorrow you may laugh it up or have a cow.

Could go shack up with someone.
Own up to it, it is fun.
Did he pick up the tab?
Hopefully you didn't get all dolled up in a cab.

You sure fouled that up.
Ease up on that coffee cup.
Everything is coming up roses.
Truedessa may now do bottoms up poses.

Live it up today.
Get all jacked up at your bay.
Sit up all night.
Strike up a conversation or fight.

The stars would then be lined up.
Hopefully before a well up in years hiccup.
So what have you been up to?
I take it you have no one to talk up at your zoo?

Are you up against it?
Work your way up past that fit.
Get laid not laid up at your bay.
Glad I could whip something up for you today.

Are you up to speed yet? Hopefully you are not up early like this pet. Don't get worked up over my post. Shape up and understand the rhyming host. Or just go watch Up in mass and forget about my uppity up little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Get laid not laid up. Sound advice. Think I'll go back to bed and do just that...

    1. haha and almost number one
      Some of the best advice given under my sun

  2. Up up and away things got cheered up
    Happily ganging up they sure are smart
    Things looking up
    And living it up
    Sure that all got off not looking like a dud


    1. A dud
      Brings them down in a thud
      Down not up
      That's a hiccup

  3. Just about everything is up, up and away
    Make it your theme of the day
    And if you can't strike up a pose
    Up your nose with a rubber hose
    Tiz better to just strike up the band
    And Cowboy UP in rodeo land

    1. Cowboy up with the boots
      Getting after all the brutes
      Do some line dancing thing?
      As the band begins to sing

  4. I've been wanting to see Up forever, but I can't today because alas!, I have to get up and go to work. This was so brilliant...young upstarts like you are always so quick on the uptake! :)

    1. haha you caught on too
      after getting all uppity up about your work zoo

  5. 'Up' makes me cry. Every single time. And my family laughs at me. Silly animated film. Or silly me. ;)

    1. Hmmmm I'll go with silly you
      I might laugh at err umm with you too

    2. Phft. Well, I'm going w/silly film. :)

  6. Up up and awaaayyyyyy
    Like Superman or a movie directed by Michael Bay
    Still need to see the movie "Up"
    Since it makes mail4rosey cry like a pup

    1. Anything by Bay
      Will blow up they say
      And it is sure true
      Up was a good view

  7. I cannot stand up to pee
    I'm a girl you see
    we pee while we squat
    and tend to pee a lot
    so we'll leave it up to you
    to do that thing you do

    1. That is not true
      You can stand up too
      Just need to get creative at your sea
      Or simply go out and buy a shewee

    2. Well, I can pee while I hover
      above a seat without a paper cover
      nothing worse than a public seat
      covered in germs, bugs and others feet (??)
      nasty people who don't know how to clean
      makes me want to scream
      so, yeah, I guess I can stand
      if I have to at my land

    3. haha yeah I never go in
      Unless I really really really have to at my bin
      Nasty as nasty can be
      Thankfully in a bush i can pee

  8. Coming here is never a downer,
    not even a turned down lips frowner
    and I am always down with that...
    but now it's time to nap on my cosy down-filled mat!

    1. Up to down you say
      In a positive way
      I guess that down is okay
      Up by what you say

  9. Yes, I was up early
    cream in my coffee all swirly!
    Sun is not up but the clouds are
    hiding him near and far.
    Didn't do D for down?
    That might make us frown.
    No, I don't remember what you did for D.
    I'm trying to forget all those words, you see.
    Most I couldn't even pronounce
    as you do your A to Z pounce!
    Almost done with the alphabet zoo!
    Now what will come on May 1st from you?

    1. Hahaha! You make me laugh Betsy!
      I tryinh to forgrt too lol

    2. haha look at you go
      Must have coffee in you at your show
      A whole friggin pot
      And yeah forgetful at your lot
      I can easily excuse
      And even abuse
      As at your age
      You can forget the last page hahaha

    3. And tomorrow even you won't forget at your sea
      It will be burned in the brain of thee

    4. Oh, but maybe my old age will help
      and I can forget after giving a yelp.

    5. haha you better hope so
      As you know what may show

    6. ha! You are bothered
      with I said, o come on cat
      we have to answer too
      here in this your show:)

    7. Bothered? Since when
      Nothing bothers me at my den

  10. Thanks for the cheer up Pat much appreciated.

  11. Yeah I get up early want or not lol
    I love the movie UP :)

  12. everyone is finding that wrong tree

    making barks of plea

  13. What's up with this post? It went tits up in a hurry. No, actually, I'm just up to no good. It's up there with the best of them, so I'll stop jumping up your ass. Keep up the good work!

    1. Tits up are better than tits down
      All saggy makes one frown lol

  14. In the mornings I never know what's up or down. I just float along until I've poured enough Java down my throat.

    1. Oh where i could go with that
      But I'll be a good cat lol

  15. Congrats of releasing three books. This post may get you some weird looks. I'm raising my hand because I have to pee. That's how weird I am at my sea.

    1. A weird look or ten
      Has already come to my den
      So that is nothing new
      Bring them on at my zoo

  16. Yeah, big difference between getting laid and being laid up...

    1. haha yep, one is fun
      The other causes cursing by the ton

  17. It was up to you
    and only you were up
    to such a up challenge
    even up in a cup!


  18. well up adds to everything
    as silver explained, it would suck to be down all the time
    though going down has its priveledges as well
    all in the frame of reference...smiles.

    1. haha yeah that has it's place
      with a certain embrace

  19. Keep it up
    and moving
    the stars lined up
    so alluring!

  20. I'm soaring high after reading this uppity post!

  21. What about Up Yours? The classic way of telling someone off without the use of profanity?

    1. The cat would rather swear
      Much more fun at his lair

  22. I'm always bringing up the rear
    The slowest cyclist of all I fear
    But up in the mornings I can get
    And up a hill with much sweat
    Up go the photos and the quilts
    And up go the snowflakes as the whole house tilts

  23. orlin N cassie...de food serviss gurl likes ta use de UP werd two....spesh a lee round her place o employ....

    stick it UP yur a$$
    shut ...the... #!^... UP
    UP $#!t creek

    frank lee we due knot get it coz werk all ways brings her DOWN


    happee thurzday !

    1. Yeah that is said here too
      When we have to go to the work zoo

  24. We should always look up to enjoy the celestial beauty. We also need to look down to avoid tripping. I didn't, and fell like a tree, knocked out. Lesson learned.

    1. haha good tip indeed
      Watch where we go at our feed

  25. I only worry if the rear is too near!

  26. Are you saying we use that word way too much?
    Can't stop it without getting panties in a bunch.

    1. We use every word too much I think
      Except maybe supercalafragilisticexpaladious at ones rink

  27. You know, it's just as much fun to come to your blog to see the neat pictures on the top as it is to see what you've written.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  28. This post makes you look in only one direction
    As you try and try and try to reach perfection
    Some data life us not that easy
    You thought I was going to say some thy sleazt

    1. haha well it is easy to go there
      As direction can rhyme with it at my lair

  29. Up your arse I say
    each and every day
    as you yowl and whine
    not so divine
    by the light of the moon
    you glow.

    Looking up at the sky
    you beg and you cry
    "Please probe me tonight
    lest I die."

    1. And you come through
      I hear your finger is now rather ewwww

  30. Anne O'Leary is up there, making me feel really square!
    You two are quite the pair!
    Keep it up, Pat Hatt!!!

    jean :)

    1. haha she can rant and rave
      The cat just send her make to her mini cave

  31. Working on the stars lined up thing....

  32. Replies
    1. Always at my sea
      That's where you can find me

  33. You have so much new rhyming to share, but aren't you at least tempted to dig through your historical posts and offer a repost or two?

    Your originality inspires me Pat.

    1. When I am 120 posts ahead
      No repost need to go through my head

  34. everything is coming up roses... i will have an earworm now all day...ha...smiles

    1. haha hopefully it doesn't wiggle a ton
      That might not be fun

  35. Great post! Thanks a bunch for sharing:-))

  36. Forgive me, I say
    For such a delay
    Congratulations to you
    For three Tarsier books too.
    Look awesome, they do
    Much success to you.

    Part 2:

    If he can't get it up
    Then I can't get laid
    And he'll be laid up alone
    With nobody to bone


    1. Well that would suck
      Both be outta luck
      And thanks for the cheer
      For the bug eyed creep who is near

  37. I am late for this one at your show
    Truedessa striking a bottom up pose?
    let me ponder in a bed of roses..haha
    perhaps, when the full moon glows...


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