When Do You Humans Have Time To Chime?

Humans sure say they need time. Over and over they give such a chime. Not enough time in their day is what they usually say. It is no wonder why though, just have a look below.

They print more monopoly money in a year,
Than money printed all over the Earth, I hear.
You move your ribs 5 million times a year.
Damn, that cage may be something to fear.

Their hearts beat over 100,000 times a day.
Who counts this stuff anyway?
From birth to death they will eat,
60,000 pounds of food as a treat.

They have 1460 dreams a year.
Too busy lost up in that sphere.
They put 10 million bricks,
In the Empire State Building like hicks.

They deliver about 1 billion pieces of mail,
Every single year without fail.
Although I bet that drops,
As more email plops.

They use 85 million tons of paper,
No wonder there is a global warming caper.
Each year they blink over 10 million times.
That has to annoy even mimes.

35 percent of them even make an online dating ad,
When they are already married at their pad.
Double the work there,
They make for themselves at their lair.

55 percent wash their hands,
After using public wash room stands.
Wasting all that time in a public loo,
Getting germs and getting sick at your zoo.

44 percent of them break a bone,
Then sit around and moan.
Such clutsy humans I say.
But still no fun what so ever at any bay.

33 percent don't speed up at a yellow light.
Instead they sit there like all is alright.
45 percent follow the speed limit too.
Is it any wonder time slips away from you?

25 percent don't order their bills.
So they have to dig through when paying for ills.
And worst of all at ones hall,
94% of people don't propose with a phone call.

See how you humans waste so much time? You could have more if you do the opposite of my rhyme. Never ever use a public loo. That much is very true. Hold it and run for a bush, just don't use poison ivy on your tush. Now I have saved, and wasted, your time with this pass, no need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Human’s wastage of precious time
    Even though it is not really a crime
    But loss of resources
    Though are precious
    Not quite felt during peace time


    1. Yeah resources just go go go
      Pretty soon none will flow

  2. all the numbers...interesting but i really wonder who counts some of these...while its nice to hear the heart, i could not sit there and hour and do my part....i broke my thumb at a baseball game, my dad didnt believe me, to shame, to shame..

    1. Ouch, that had to hurt indeed
      Has to be some math thing as they make the stats to read

  3. No wonder we don't have any time
    Too busy breathing after a climb
    And sitting at a yellow light
    Use that time to fly a kite
    Look at all those tons of paper
    Trees declare they are a raper

    1. Trees are screwed
      Must find us rude
      The more we build that we do not need
      The more they go to seed

  4. A $100 speeding ticket will make you willing go the speed limit for the rest of your life, time wasted or not. NOT that I would know. ;)

    1. lol and a $150 ticket for doing a rolling stop
      Will make sure on stopping again you never flop
      Not that I would know
      Either at my show

    2. Yep, I'd stop an extra second or two just to make sure everyone knew I'd stopped, lol

    3. has to be done
      As paying that much money is no fun

  5. We waste a lot of stuff on meaningless things, that is why
    we wonder at the end of the day or week or year, why time has flown so fast ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

  6. they also have digital monopoly money now

    it works until the battery runs out

    which would make someone shout.

  7. You nailed it Pat, lazy they are fur sure!

  8. Public washrooms should only be used in an emergency

    1. Like when you really really have to go
      And in your pants it may show

  9. With all that blinking no wonder I need a nap

    1. A nap is needed from that
      No wonder I'm such a sleeping cat

  10. No time count soon
    what you did in the past
    will stay, will last
    wash your hands once,
    say hi and bye
    one day as one life :)

  11. Humans are way too complicated. I'll take a cats life please and thank you. Naps and snubbing people. What a life.


  12. 45% don't wash their hands
    that makes me hope I don't have to shake their hand
    sometimes I spend a lot of time
    thinking of words to rhyme

    but I bet you don't :)


    1. Nope, they just flow
      At my show
      Or i just make them up with ease
      It's a breeze
      And yeah I wash my hands every time
      I have to shake anothers with their germy crime

  13. Do you mean 45% of humans don't use public bathrooms? Or 45% of those that do, don't wash their hands? Because, ewww!!!

    And only 44% of people break a bone? Why do I keep breaking mine then?
    Oh right...I keep falling down. :(

    1. 45% of those that do
      Don't wash their hands in the loo
      Nasty in every way
      Might want to stay upright at your bay lol

  14. Wow that is an appalling rate of people who don't wash their hands after they use the loo. Makes you think twice about shaking hands now ...

    1. yep, and touching the door
      Or anything they touched when they went to explore

  15. The hand washing thing go my attention.
    How can they not, is what I want to mention.
    Especially in a public place!
    That is really a big disgrace.
    Who knows what they ingest
    as they skip the soap and water test!

    1. Yeah and then they whine
      We they get sick down the line
      When it is usually their own fault
      But they open up the whine vault

  16. So we dream more than one dream each night. Speaking of washing your hands after using the public toilet... I see lots of women leave and not wash. No wonder I get worms.... they go out and touch everything they see.... then I touch it with my clean washed hands.

    1. Nasty as can be
      The non hand washing wormy spree

  17. Whew, 1460 dreams a year.....and during a year I remember about TWO of them.

    Yikes, only 55 percent of people wash their hands at public restrooms??? Awful. I just hope the employees of restaurants I go to wash their hands before making MY food.

    1. haha lets hope so
      And they don't let spittle grow

  18. With the cruise ships have such epidemics of Norvo Virus, I would think clean hands would be an obvious off or on land. Stupid people.

    1. Yeah you'd think so
      But instead away they go

  19. Some people don't seem to know that basins are in the toilets to wash out hands. with so many germs and virus's about it's a must.

    1. Yeah they just skip it
      Proves they don't have much wit

  20. Just a guess, but I think the 1 out of 3 not speeding up at yellow lights really just notice an attractive person in the lane next time, and are happy with some additional gawking time.

    1. haha well that would be a good guess
      I wonder how many will confess

  21. I read somewhere something on the lines of the time we kill keeps us alive, though I know here you are talking of time we don't want to kill. Just had to say that :-)

    1. Well that is a good way to think too
      Interesting concept at one zoo

  22. So many things out there to do
    And you suggest not taking time go a ...
    Several great ways to waste your time
    And most win't even cost one thin dime.

  23. So many numbers to think about.
    But 45% of non hand washers makes me want to shout.
    And puke a little too.
    I always wash my hands after using the loo!

    1. Yeah nasty as can be
      Never go on a hand shaking spree


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