No Time? Isn't That A Crime!

We have seen it here, we have seen it there, we have seen it at every lair. Plus we have said it a time or ten ourselves at our den. But is it ever really true? I guess we shall see before the cat is through.

Where do you find the time?
My life is such a crime.
I have no time.
Shot down in my prime.

Did I use my saying quota up?
We'll consider that a little hiccup.
At least I saved some time.
That should impress even a mime.

Time you say?
None at your bay?
Really really you say?
Who are you trying to convince anyway?

I see you in front of the TV.
That sure makes time flee.
I see you napping.
Time sure is zapping.

I see you waiting until the last day,
To get things done that are due for pay.
What? Time before that too busy?
My, TV's must make you dizzy.

But I really have no time.
Fast forward that chime.
It comes out ten more times,
Another hour bell chimes.

I see you whining.
The stars aren't aligning?
My, your time is just out of hand,
How are you still standing on dry land?

You have it so rough.
All of this umm stuff.
It is so much to do.
Sit there without a clue.

Where do you find the time?
Another repeated chime.
Go suck on a lime,
Or maybe throw them a dime.

No time you say?
Pffft life is so grey.
Tell me something new,
Poor poor pitiful you.

Time to write, play with pets, kids, or just open bottle lids, can be found each and every day. Unless of course something drastic is at play. People just choose to play dumb games on Facebook or watch TV instead. So put the I have no time to bed. You have time indeed. You just choose to do something else with it at your feed. Now I am done today's rant and sass with my ever so timely little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. 'I see you whining' you can say that again
    Time flies on the sly never expect to win
    Just a little blink
    Not have to think
    Excuses and more excuses happy to sing!


  2. time is often what we make of it,
    need more at your shore, just check your prior-
    ities and cut away the rest, dump all the expected
    crap, and get on with living, much better than

    1. ooh, I like that last phrase very much. there is a difference!

    2. Even impressed your twin
      That is sure a win
      And yep, dump all the crap
      Don't fall into its trap

  3. I do agree that Facebook is a HUGE waster of time indeed
    To many people do it for hours at their feed
    And TV is something I watch less and less
    Giving it up frees it more time, which results in less stress

    1. Yeah less TV gives you plenty of time
      Facebook is well past its prime

  4. Haha this is so very true! We always say we dont have time but a truer statement would be we do not know how to manage time!

    1. Yeah that would be it
      But instead some just throw a fit

  5. Great chime about time
    Spend it wisely
    Enjoy the moment, nicely :)

  6. No television at my feed,
    It's something I just don't need;
    Facebook I enjoy in spurts,
    But just 'til the stupid hurts...
    Time? Of that I have a lot,
    But enough to do I haven't got.
    Well, unless you count the cat and four dogs,
    They're really quite the time hogs!

    1. Yeah the dogs will sure suck away the time
      Wanting more attention than a scary mime

  7. Time where does it go?
    Does anyone know?
    I try not to waste it,
    But it slips through the fingers,
    Once gone we can't catch it!

    1. Can't be caught
      And not a lot
      Have to spend it wisely at ones sea
      And do what one must do for thee

  8. Isn't that the truth!
    We all have the same number of hours at our booth!
    It's just in what we do with it
    that shows our accomplishments.
    And there sure are a lot of lazy butts
    laying around in their huts. lol...

    1. lol and they are the biggest whiners of hall
      You can see a few on your past post wall lol

  9. it's hard for stars to align

    too much space between them to make much sense as a sign.

    1. Get a big big string
      Then you can align the thing

  10. Often time can drag it's feet
    Can be boring, not too neat
    Other days it just flies by
    Like a rain drop from the sky

    Life is constant like the time
    A newborn babe cannot yet rhyme
    The babe is old before you blink
    And life gets later than you think

    1. And within another blink
      One is no longer in the pink
      Buried 6 feet below
      Or in the wind they blow

  11. Taking care of The Hubby, the house, the pets and the yard gobbles up most of my time. What time I have left I spend gardening, drumming or painting. Blogging is last on my list of things to do with my leisure time as it is spent sitting on my arse under a computer. Makes me feel like a lazy sod.

    1. Being so far ahead at my sea
      Easy enough for me

    2. I know it does help being ahead like you are. To be honest though I don't enjoy blogging enough to want to do it every day. When I go off for a while then come back, it's fresh and I'm excited about reading people again.

    3. True, that is a nice feeling I bet
      Some time away to get things set

  12. Some say time flies, mine drags his ass!

    1. Hopefully no squeals marks are left behind
      That would be nasty and not kind

  13. Some people just don't want to give up sitting on their butt

    1. They would rather whine
      Or sit and always dine

  14. Time does fly by, but one needs to use their time wisely. Nothing wrong with a little bit of time for fun things, like blogging.
    Have a great day.

    1. As long as one finds it fun
      No issue with giving it a run

  15. Everyone usually has the time to say they haven't the time!

  16. Replies
    1. The cat speaks the truth
      At least sometimes at his booth

  17. I hear you. People complain they don't have enough time, but they sure find lots of ways to waste it!

  18. Hahaha! Have you been peeping in our window? MOL!

    1. lol the cat will never tell
      If he peeps for a spell

  19. This post really made me grin
    I hear everywhere I've been
    "How do you make time to make
    Every day a new snowflake?"
    "How can you quilt so much
    And with others keep in touch?"
    "How can you ride so many miles
    And still keep up with all your files?"
    Like you say, easy with no TV
    And easy with no Facebook for me
    I do spend too much time, I confess,
    On a computer; my life's a mess
    But I wouldn't trade the photography
    And blogs that make me so happy

    1. haha yeah it is easy if you cut things out
      But all the time they still shout
      Wondering how it could be
      They need their tv
      And too much time on here I may spend as well
      But what the hell

  20. Really I think sometimes time gets away from a person. They have goals & at the end of the day they realize what they did not accomplish. I know this is what happens to me sometime. It is too easy to waste time online sometime. Smiles.

    1. haha yeah too easy indeed
      With so much one can look at at their feed

  21. I dropped Facebook because it was such a giant time-suck. There are several things I'd rather do... whether I end up getting them done or not.

    1. Yeah Facebook i deleted it all
      Much better things to do at my hall

  22. Fame and fortune, of them I've not,
    But time's the one thing we all have got.
    How we use it is up to us,
    So use it well... no need to cuss!

    1. But if I want to cuss
      I can cuss and use my time to make a fuss lol

  23. It's my party and I'll whine if I want to...especially about my lack of time!

  24. With all the whining people do they'd have everything done

  25. Time to go and have a good time

  26. orlin & we haz de Pink Floyd song 'Time" in R heads.... good thing itz in R heads tho coz we bee crap at singin !!! heerz two a flounder fries & fun week oh end !!

    1. haha don't want to make cat calls
      As you sing and it echoes off the walls

  27. Spring? What spring. It's 90 degrees here and has been for a couple of weeks. I keep thinking I'm going to write outside on our patio overlooking the pond...every time I sit down out there, this wasp comes and buzzes around me. I need a wasp-repelling hat!

    1. haha i guess spring went to summer
      That could be a bummer

  28. Go suck on a lime! HAHA!

    My husband and I were just talking about this. So many people complain about "not enough time" and yet every time you see them, they're on the phone or in front of the TV...or computer. Crap! Gotta go!! Time's a' wastin'!

    Happy weekend,

    1. Yeah they whine and whine
      But aren't able too see past the finish line

  29. You are so right! Things are indeed stressful, so many things to deal with at the same time, but we're still ruling over how we use our time, wisely or wasting it - so rather than complain about it we should use the time we take to complain to figure out how to improve our time management :) (No TV and no Facebook are highly recommend from my point of view, otherwise I don't think I'd be able to study and work full time ;)

    1. Yeah taking that time is what one should do
      Ditching the facebook and whatever tv is in view

  30. Time is a wasted allotment on most people. I blame technology and McDonalds.

    1. McDonalds you say
      I suppose they do so at their bay

  31. All winter - no crime
    we were hibernating
    by the computer mine.
    Now, Summer time
    I go outside!
    Traveling on my mind...

  32. I did take a nap today, but that's only because I got about four hours of sleep last night. Facebook can definitely suck up a lot of time. I haven't played a game on there in years, and won't because I have no time to play them! :P

    1. Yeah those games just suck time away
      A nap is fine when needed at any bay

  33. Its true, we always have time for things
    we truly want to do
    even if that is on Facebook
    or playing a game or two

    (something I'm guilty of
    the games, not the Facebook
    I would avoid it and
    not give it another look)


    1. haha well the games are there
      If you have the time may as well play them at your lair

  34. Times a wastin', get crack'in
    enjoy the moments of life
    cut out all the unwanted strife
    it's spring, so have a fling..

  35. My daughter has a shirt on her birthday wishlist that says "I spend my time wasting it". I think that's something most of us do lol

  36. I often complain I don't have enough time.
    If I waste time, however, the fault is all mine.

  37. I'm late here today, and haven't visited hardly anyone. The day was hectic, and I ran out of time, you know! :)

  38. Time!! What is that? I have no time anymore and it is driving me nuts.

    1. Well you have time to go nuts
      Just don't sniff any butts


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