Around They Turn For A Return!

So it seems that now a days along with crummy remakes of this and that there seems to be a growing trend at the TV show mat. Nope, not crummy reality TV. Forget that crap at my sea. Shows that are long gone seem to be finding a new dawn. 24, Heroes, Veronica Mars to name a few that hummed a few bars. Now let's see, what will come next to your TV.

Lost, will get umm lost again.
I bet you anything at my den.
It will come back at some point,
Getting rid of the crappy ending ghost joint.

Bet Firefly will come back too,
Far far down the road to view.
At least something from it,
And it will be a hit.

Stargate and Star Trek,
Will hit the deck.
Either or,
Will get an encore.

Moonlighting will rise,
It will be an actor in disguise.
Or just some bald guy, no lie,
Pretending to be that Willis guy.

Monk will go all germ a phobe,
Once more across the globe.
A Burn Notice may join him,
Geez, this is getting grim.

The X-Files will be back,
Ready to go on the alien attack.
But more like 24,
With only a 12 episode season tour.

Full House will still have a full house.
They may even add a mouse.
Jessie and the Rippers?
Hmmm quite gas chippers?

Adventures of Brisco County Jr. with it's long name,
May up and make a claim.
Or just pretend to,
And have repeats in view.

Quantum Leap will once again leap,
But in the remake crap will creep.
So it will be trash,
Leaving you with a bad rash.

And Dexter will be back in spin off land.
Although spin off is out of hand.
Same character, new place?
A new season they embrace.

Bet you 10 of the above will show again. And when they do you will think of my den. Curse the cat for being right. Any that you believe will come back in sight? I bet they will be more crass, just seems the way things go to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A return of the crummy remakes
    They should go for the high stakes
    Then it is something
    For them to think
    Of creating high and better quality takes


    1. But all about the dough
      Names sell when they glow

  2. Me thinks the cat doth speak the truth
    Movies come back in a way most couth
    Sometimes it works without the rust
    But more often it's a bust

    1. Yep, one big bust
      But in them bringing them back you can trust

  3. They sure do like to remake shows! Sadly though not always for the better.

    1. Nope, most end up crap
      With their remake lap

  4. Ha, I don't watch many series for the first time
    so why would I want to watch a remake?
    I did like Star Trek though & Quantum Leap
    the rest would probably put me to sleep.

    1. You never know
      One or two may have their ducks in a row

  5. Ha, even I know some of these shows! :) Quantum Leap and Moonlighting were both shows I caught episodes of from time to time. Full House plays old reruns in the middle of the night. I know because I wake up and turn them off (no offense to the show, it's a cute one). ;)

    1. hahaha leave the tv on for full house
      Trying to entertain a mouse

  6. Firefly is never coming back

    upsetting fans especially Jack

  7. Wouldn't mind seeing a re-vamped Moonlighting. If only they can keep the new stars from getting full of themselves...

    1. Yeah that is tough to do
      Willis is probably one of the most pompous actors in view

  8. We always wondered where the X-Files were filed away at!

  9. I bet The X-files and Firefly will both be back.

    1. One day they will
      Who knows whether or not if they'll make one ill

  10. Quite a few of those will no doubt be back

    1. One way or another they will
      But probably won't fit the bill

  11. ha. quantum leap was a trip, i would not mind another rip
    and its only a matter of time before we boldly go again, that is
    for sure...most remakes suck though, i hate it when they jack
    up a good show

    1. Yep, they suck a ton
      And fail all as one
      Be interesting to see
      When they come back on TV

  12. Quantum Leap was one of my faves
    All I knew gave it raves
    But now Homeland and House of Cards rank high
    Reality TV I hope will die

    1. Homeland i gave up on last year
      But house of cards is enjoy by my rhyming rear
      And yep indeed
      Reality tv and death is in need

  13. lost needs to stay lost
    no matter the cost...
    X-files may make a return
    is this a cause of concern
    Full House should be an empty nest
    leave that one behind might be best..
    I don't know many remakes
    some may be big mistakes..
    hope you are enjoying your day
    doing the things you like at your bay

    1. haha yeah they should stay dead
      And be left in bed
      But they won't indeed
      As many will take seed

  14. More crass? Oh yes.
    And less clothes too.
    Will they sexify Stever Erkel too?
    Cuz there are no limits to
    What producers do.

  15. Oh, I liked the X-Files. Wish it would come back. I seldom watch TV, unless it's baseball or Wheel of Fortune. :)

    1. It will come back at some point
      I'm sure at that fox join

  16. Not shedding any tears about those leaving. WE like those great mysteries. Blue Bloods etc. We have to watch DVDs since we don't have cable or a dish.
    Have a great week end.

    1. Dvds do the trick
      Can pop them in some slick

  17. Replies
    1. Interesting it would be
      Bet it will be back at every sea

  18. Not going to get suckered in again
    if they bring back that LOST show
    terribly disappointed how it all played out
    so won't have another go.


    1. Yeah stupid ending of all stupid endings indeed
      Hopefully it never again, but it will, takes seed

  19. Always I like Dexter and sometimes I see 24!

    1. One came back
      The other will eventually at the tv remake shack

  20. I think the cat should run the shows!
    It would certainly cut down on the woes! ha.

    1. That would be grand
      The cat controlling all on tv across the land

  21. Gilligans Island won't be back it is said.
    Mostly because they're mostly all dead.

    1. A remake may come due
      At some point to view

  22. Always something new and similar to the good oldies.Although there is nothing like a well done original.

    1. Original is a strange word
      They seem to find it absurd

  23. But I've heard some news at my store
    That Jack Beauber's back with 24
    Series 9 Will be on line
    And this will be great and fine
    For 1-8 we far from drab
    I think they wery truly fab.

    1. Back it is indeed
      Watching at my feed
      8 episodes in
      4 left until over at one's bin

  24. I would be thrilled if Dexter came back.
    But only with the original surviving cast.
    I haven't found a show that I liked so much.
    Since that one went off air, and I caused such a fuss.

    1. haha it will be back one day
      May be years though before such a display

  25. SAY.... IT AIN'T SO
    Remakes to remake some dough
    Reboots rebooting remakes
    It's giving me the shakes
    One more Star Trek reboot and I'll go insane
    If he's Captain Kirk I'm a blue um... train

    1. haha oh there will be more
      Come and knock on our door


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