Come Tell The Cat If You Are This Or That!

So what do you do when this or that happens at your zoo? Be interesting to see and so away we go with my this or that spree. Or maybe that or this or that or this. Confusing you? Sorry, miss.

You make a mistake typing,
Whether blogging, novel or Skyping.
Do you backspace the whole line,
Or go back and change things to the right sign?

You cook all day,
Oops forget a tray.
Do you have a little burnt snack,
Or order out at your shack?

You get a nasty taste,
Worse than paste.
Do you swallow with haste,
Or run and spit in the waste?

You make a mess,
All over your dress.
Do you go with the flow,
Or change on the go?

You are so clever,
And to something you say never.
It happens and you stick to your way,
Or change things up at your bay?

You really have to go,
But are away from your show.
Do you hold it and drive home,
Or go where public restrooms roam?

You walk each sunny day,
There at your bay.
When it rains do you go,
Or call it a day at your show?

You find crap you never use,
Crap you would not care if you lose.
Do you chuck it in the trash can,
Or remain a crap hoarding fan?

You catch some germs,
Around your body a germ squirms.
Do you go to work and spread the love,
Or stay home and curse all above?

You come here and have no clue,
What they hell I am saying at my zoo.
Do you raise an eyebrow and run,
Or join in on the fun?

Did you answer yes or no to each one? Or pick one or the other under your sun? Each has their own way whether right or wrong or whatever at their bay. Did you say something crass? That is so enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. If you make a mess on your dress
    It's something that needs fast redress
    Questions will be asked
    Got to act fast
    Or it will all add up to lots of stress!


    1. Thankfully no need to worry here
      With my little rhyming rear

  2. I've spilled coffee on a dress, in the car, on the way to work. I phoned in and told them what happened and let them know I'd be late. No way I was going in like that all day long. :)

    1. lol no coffee stain day
      There at your work bay

  3. I always go at my 'show'
    when rain or snow
    I still go
    sometimes use Skype
    instead of drive.

    1. Skype comes in handy
      Can save gas which is dandy

  4. i do tend to back space over words when i mess up...ha...
    we each do have our own way, some are ocd...and others
    can get mucky, all our quirks build us....

    1. haha yep, I do that one too
      Each have their own way at their zoo

  5. If its not too messy, I still go on with the show or whatever ~

    If I really feel bad, best to stay home and not spread the germs ~

    1. On with the show is the way to be
      And yeah, no need to make others germy

  6. Hahaha, here I am, laughing my head off/thinking how the hell did the cat manage to get into my brain, quiet enough/to learn about how my grey matter works and toils/when I make a mistake, I get rid of the whole sentence, like a child pushing away his toys! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha the cat just slinks on in
      Then tells all at his bin

  7. lol. I could choose one between all, except the trash or hoard. I give my extras to charity.

    1. Well a 3rd option for one
      That works under your sun

  8. You probably know me well enough
    To fill in my answers at my shelf.
    We all have our quirks, that's for sure
    Some things we let go, and some we endure!

    1. Yeah many I could guess indeed
      We all have limits at our feed
      What we will take
      And what makes us shake

  9. I try my best to not use public restrooms at all
    They always look like something from the set of 'Saw'
    And as far as walking on a rainy day
    Yes indeed! That's the funnest time to play!

    1. Yeah I avoid those suckers best I can to
      They are just so ewww
      As long as it isn't cold
      Rainy day is fine to take hold

  10. A little mess never bothered me

  11. Haha this is fun!
    Love rain not problem with my show!
    When a tray is burnt I think in other meal of course and the burned stuff go to trash lol
    For this I try to look my oven always!
    And join the fun of course except the days Im breakfast and you....
    You know.
    Today was perfect breakfast and cat show:)

    1. haha no images to make you hurl
      Today was given a whirl
      Knew you'd have a back up at your sea
      Cooking away with glee

    2. And pictures of it too
      Always come due from you

  12. Yes or no and answer sometimes
    This or that or maybe funtimes
    Skies are blue but mostly gray
    If the chemtrails have their way
    Either way it's heads or tails
    Procrastination never fails

    1. Sit and wonder
      As they plunder
      Or just draw a blank
      And walk the plank

  13. Anyone can catch a germ in a bit

    don't even need a baseball mitt

    1. Yeah sadly they can indeed
      Wash hands a ton at ones feed

  14. You're so awesome at this! I once dated a guy who wouldn't use a public restroom. Odd. I took a three-hour trip with him and wondered how he was going to make it...but he didn't go until he was back home.

    1. haha if I really really have to I will
      But otherwise I'll hold it or find some bushes near a hill

  15. Lots to think about. I like to wait to go until I get home. Have just started throwing stuff away. Anyway, you have a great day.

    1. Throw it all
      Except what you need at your hall

  16. We do kind of tend to hoard our toys!!!

    1. Hoard them in one spot
      So they don't get thrown to pot

  17. Sometimes I will walk in the rain
    if it is warm I will not complain
    well, off to work many will go
    spreading their germs you know
    why run, when you can have fun
    as the cat creates rhymes by the ton
    just say Whoopdi Friggin do
    if you haven't a clue..haha

    1. Whoopdi friggin doo
      Works at any zoo
      Unless someone is really bothering you
      Then something more strong comes due
      You have to go for the gold
      As bleep off takes hold lol

  18. Ha, I always curse myself when I notice a typing mistake and erase the whole like instead of just fixing the one tiny thing. And I do pretend not to notice a spill on my shirt sometimes. Am I ever a hoarder!! Sometimes I don't understand the rhyming poetry and just say "hello" instead, but I'll leave some kind of comment on every post I read - not that I read them all...

    1. haha yeah the rhymes can confuse
      The cats likes to abuse
      I guess more erase the whole line
      Than just the feline

  19. I want to stay and have some fun:)
    Deciding whether to stay home or go to work when sick, that one usually takes some thought.

    1. Save your sick days for when you aren't sick
      That will do the trick

  20. I'm not a germ spreader. Personally, I find that behavior revolting.

    1. Yeah people need to wise up
      And stopping spreading germs like an over eager pup

  21. Regarding the typing and the mistake made
    I got back and just change what was wrong
    not the whole line
    because that would take way too long

    and I'm paid on production with the work I do
    so every little time I can save
    brings more money in my bank
    and helps me to behave :)


    1. The faster you go
      There more dough
      I like that
      Would work for the cat

  22. Generally if I have made a mistake I go back and correct. I am all about perfect as possible. :D

  23. When typing I tend to delete the whole line and start again. Probably would be easier to just change the one word but naw..

    1. Yeah no need to take the easy way
      If you can type fast it is okay

  24. Ha, I have a lot of crap I never use.
    I am not a hoarder, but I believe
    some things I will probably use sometime.

    1. haha that is how it begins
      Hoarding in bins

  25. That's perfect on things affecting our lives in some way or another. Glad to be here:)

  26. No changing for me and little messes as I know that I am due for multiple during the course of a day. With walking, dog here never lets me off the hook for rain, sleet, snow or wind. The only no walk day is a lightning day, and that is usually just a walk delay.

    1. haha wow each and every day
      Sure dedicated at your bay

  27. I used to avoid public restrooms at all cost. Then I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and well, one with that can't afford to be choosy where restrooms are concerned.

    I don't hoard. If I find something that I don't use, it goes into my yard sale pile. If it doesn't sell, it gets donated to Goodwill. I hate clutter.

    1. Yeah can't be choosy then indeed
      No clutter works for my feed

  28. You allege by your post
    that I err more than most.
    But that's simply not true
    my mistakes are few.
    I suppose the real question
    is this grounds to sue?

    VR Barkowski

    1. lol you just never know
      Anything can be sued high and low

  29. I wouldn't mind the Roswell thing, minus the probe:)

    1. haha yeah no probe
      And might get all across the globe

  30. I have been cleaning out a lot of crap lately. In my home as well as my body. I am just full of crap.

    1. haha crap by the heap
      Good to rid that from your keep


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