It Does Not Like The Amount In Your Account!

The cat has figured out why no one can get money in their bank account that could pile to the sky in a high amount. At least not many people around. So why is it never found?

Your bank account is there,
That you are aware.
A little bit remains in it.
But more would be a hit.

Yet it never seems to fill,
As you pay another bill.
The money just goes scat.
Why is that?

Because money has OCD.
It does not play well with others at its sea.
It kicks the other bills out,
Doing a little twist and shout.

It does not like to share.
Not enough space in its lair.
It likes to live and be free,
No clones allowed hanging from the tree.

Would you want 50,000 clones of you,
Hanging about at your zoo?
Nope, not at all.
Unless you live at the ninja wannabe's hall.

So the original makes them take a hike.
Clones they just do not like.
So you get hit with bills,
Or the need to fix windowsills.

Or maybe in need of gas,
Or to take out a lass.
Maybe just get drunk,
Then it's a slamdunk.

Your money is playing against you.
It is worse than Vegas at your zoo.
It has you spending it here and there,
It has you spending it everywhere.

I mean who really needs bills?
Ship them off to the hills.
Who needs to pay rent?
Could go live in a tent.

See, your money is at fault.
It does not like a full vault.
It wants to be a hermit and all alone.
So it makes you spend at the tone.

Aren't you glad the cat solved that? What? Don't believe me on why your wallet is not fat? I guess your money has you blind. Yep, it made you spend it for your new behind. See! One big conspiracy. You need to have a talk with your money at your sea. Then you can become the 1% class, just remember to tip my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A Bank Manager I once knew
    Would lend money to very few
    He wore in a socket a glass eye
    And asked almost his customers, why
    They looked at that eye and not his
    When goining about banking buis'
    He thought it was a bit of a calamity
    When they said it had much more humanty!


    1. lol at least his fake eye
      Got a reply
      Nothing for him
      As he made things grim

  2. 'Your money is playing against you'
    Had never known that's what they do
    That's a sure big risk
    Even for the tight-fists
    One may have to sleep with it too!


    1. lol that would be interesting i suppose
      Although get plenty of paper cut woes

  3. haha I like the bit at the end about tipping you :p
    I like the ideas behind the rhyme this time
    about money being evil and worse than vegas at your zoo

    1. It is a mean old thing
      Running away at every wing

  4. The cat's right once again/in bank account there's been no gain/all outgoings, not much in/wonder if I can pass around a tin? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  5. I like my clones, but 50,000 would be a lot. How on earth would I feed all of them?
    The money starts to pile up and then along comes a need to smack it back down again...

    1. Just get plenty of those meals ready to eat
      And yep, always finds a way to hit the street

    2. haha the wannabee has a lot of clones
      to feed all of them he might need a loan
      they may fly it to him with a drone..haha
      but, can they cross different time zones...

    3. Time travel that could be
      If they went on a time zone hopping spree

  6. When bills come due
    And arrive at your zoo
    You do not recall what you bought
    But feel like a fish being caught
    It's time to say NO to all things that glitter
    And your bank account won't feel so bitter

    1. No glitter here
      But still bitter I fear
      And I remember all
      At my hall

  7. That explains it, now if I get some OCD medicine for my money, it should play well and multiply. I'm calling in to make that appt. w/the money dr. tomorrow. :)

    1. haha you may need some strong medication though
      To stop it from flying out the window

  8. it's almost like spinning your wheels

    always stay around the same no matter the appeals

    1. That it does indeed
      Can't go anywhere at high speed

  9. Our money comes and goes, mostly goes!

    1. Ours is gone the day before it comes
      Waving as away it hums

  10. There just isn't any way to keep the money under control. Out the window it goes. That money knows how to get away. Take care all of you.

  11. Replies
    1. The hate grows everywhere
      I think at every lair

  12. ha - money seems to have a will of their own sometimes... one way to tame it is to don't pay too much attention to it

    1. haha ignore money you say
      Those bills may be left in dismay

  13. So true! Of course, we're all to blame. Even IF money started piling up, we'd feel compelled to spend it. If only we could be happy in a small house with our old cars and tiny TVs!

    1. Yeah there would still be something that comes a calling
      It can get quite appalling


  14. Too many bills to pay
    A hermit you say
    Well that would explain it then
    Why it quickly disappears before i count to ten

    1. Yeah I can't even count
      Before mine goes down in amount lol

  15. that must be it my money is hiding away
    it wants to be a hermit at my bay
    the bank wants your money it is true
    no, interest might make you rather blue
    did you say run away to the hills
    ok, I'm packing leaving my bills
    It's spring I'm waiting for that fling
    but, first let me sell my blling hahha

    1. haha sell your bling
      Sell every other thing
      Find that hill
      And the fling may fulfill
      Interest can suck
      But what the um duck

  16. i am pretty sure that my account is a black hole,
    put some in and it asks for more, i am pretty sure murphy
    is working overtime as well, monitoring the levels
    so he can level the playing field again...ha

    1. Yeah I have to agree
      Mine is a black hole at my sea
      Murphy needs to take a hike
      Or get killed by a lightning strike

  17. Now I know why I never seem to have any money
    I just thought it was the way I spent it
    but your take on it, was really funny!


    1. haha yeah the hermit take
      Beats losing it to bills however fake

  18. Money always seems to be disappearing from my account. Must be all those bills.

    1. Yep, disappears every day
      Bills like to play

  19. Money comes but mainly money goes
    unfortunately that's the life we chose
    not quite as sweet as the average rose.

    1. Unless we go live in a tent
      It continues to vent

  20. If the money goes, it's because the cats cost too much ;-)

    1. haha that they do
      Huge vet bills come due too

  21. Good grief! Throw some Prozac in that account
    and demand a bigger amount!

    1. haha might take a ton
      As around the drain it seems to run

  22. Money needs a good stiff drink or a pill to help it think

  23. Replies
    1. Making little money offspring?
      That is my kind of fling

  24. And I was thinking that lack of money had something to do with fatherhood. :D Because we all know a father is the guy with pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.

    1. haha well that is a good one too
      But no pictures in my wallet at my zoo

  25. Pat in the Hatt
    You have a clever cat
    Why pay the bills
    Give them thrills
    They send you a warning note
    You just gloat
    For you created work
    For the warning note jerk
    Dog is getting a pup tent
    To which I get sent.....

    1. haha that is a good way to look at it
      At least you are providing jobs for them to pitch a fit

  26. Very interesting! You can rhyme just about anything. Have a great night!

  27. I go to have a talk
    with money
    your smart advice provokes
    to make them funny!

    1. Money can be funny
      Too bad it doesn't multiply like a bunny

  28. I like to spend my money all too much
    Buying up knick knacks, and chotchkies and such.
    It's not going with me when I kick the bucket.
    So I will spend it all now, and when the bills come, say f*ck it!

    1. haha that sounds like a plan
      Screw the bill man

  29. My wallet is not fat since i have cards in it instead of money!

    1. Well as long as the cards work
      That is a perk

  30. So why is there only pennies left when all the clones are kicked out?

  31. 50,000 clones of me?
    That would be the end of the world, you see
    Maybe two or three but no more
    It hard to split a dollar when there are four
    My bank account's joke
    Whenever I take a look and poke
    There's nothing there at my shore
    But now I knw why
    OCD will need to say goodbye
    Preferably before I die
    Or start to cry
    In a tent or a cave
    Money's for the brave

    1. In a tent you could vent
      Snore and repent
      Or maybe just snore
      Could pretend you're a boar
      And money sucks
      Runs away like waddling ducks


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