Offense You Say? Just Another Day!

So the cat was minding his own business the other day and opened his email at his bay. There was some junk there and one who likes to blabber at our lair, but also a little more hate. This one was straight forward at our gate.

I take offense!
I got from the dense.
1200 posts or so,
And offense can show?

Well I never would have guessed.
Glad you confessed.
Offense to what?
The cat using ass instead of butt?

Oh no!
Gotta go!
Offense is had.
You are sad.

Not sorry I offended.
What? Expected things to be defended?
Never going to happen here.
For anything can offend anyone across the sphere.

No matter what you say,
It may give someone a bad day.
So the cat does not worry about that.
Offense can go splat.

What does it really do?
Doesn't bother me, just you.
Hold on it and let it fester,
Like a child wanting to pester.

In the end you're the only one,
Who gets hot in the bun,
Or under the collar,
Whether you are silent or hollar.

Is that too direct?
Is that offense I detect?
Uh oh!
Don't you have a lawn to mow?

You can only hurt you,
With most things at your zoo.
Like taking offense to stuff,
To which I say tough.

Get on with your day.
Let things be as they may.
And if something offends me or you,
Just give a whoopdi friggin doo.

Offended anyone lately at your sea? The nuts just seem to find me. Now obviously there are sicko things that offend all, those never go on any a decent blog wall, but as for the ordinary crap, the cat does not care if he offends anyone across the map. Send the hate all you like, it just shows a nerve I can strike. And as said, in the end, you are the only one letting such things fester in your head. It can be worse than a bad case of gas. That is all from my offensive little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. It may give someone a bad day.
    For comments one may just say
    Not to antagonize
    That is being wise
    Enjoy the posting, laugh if you may


    1. Antagonize I may do
      But sometimes I just have to lol

  2. To complain in an email is a bit muchy
    Of offense taken and exremely touchy
    I don't think you would ever with any upset
    Shame someone said words they may regret
    It is quite acceptable for us th say arse
    Even us folk who are good and first class
    So sorry it offended their neuroanatomy
    Arse is acceptable as part of their anatomy !!!

    Aren't some people touchy? LOL

    1. lol touchy they are
      At many a sand bar
      But you know you're doing something right
      When their arse clenches up tight
      And they have to send you some hate
      That stick up there has to be a sad fate lol

  3. If people are offended by a rhyming blog post
    Then they need to be sent to the farthest outpost
    Some people take offense to virtually anything
    There will always be complaints that they will bring

    1. Yeah they just have to whine
      But it gives blog fodder for the feline

  4. Some people have that stick some place ick

  5. Anyone who finds offense in rhyme
    needs to find somewhere else to spend time!

    1. haha but they keep coming back
      I guess they just loathe my shack

  6. oh well you know...i figure i offend others quite often...and if i do i would rather we talk about it, than hear them shout and rant about it...that is only for their benefit...look at me, look at me...

    1. Yep, that is all it is
      I offend them with my rhyming biz
      But what they heck
      It's them not me, that allows themselves to become a wreck

  7. honestly. - if someone is offended by my blog they don't have to read - it's different if you offend people that are close to you - that is might worth talking through and find a solution

    1. Exactly, just go the other way
      But they can't do that at their bay

  8. To take offense or sit on the fence
    Either could prove to be slightly tense
    Slivers abound the fence sitters have found
    So it's safer and sound to sit on the ground

    1. They like their fence
      Proves they are dense
      As dumb as wood
      Maybe just misunderstood?

  9. I'm sure you super enjoyed that and so did the cat.

    1. Yep, grand to piss people off
      Even if you have no idea why they decided to scoff

  10. Replies
    1. The cat will need to try more
      Here at his shore lol

  11. Methinks we must get the same viewers,
    Silly, no-life, hissers and boo'ers,
    It can be fun to kick sand in their face
    and send them back, whining, to their own little place.

    1. haha yeah the cat will make sure they are bitter
      As the sand will be filled with more than litter

  12. Im agree with Brian they only want look at me, look at me say pffft to them lol

  13. that's the problem with the internet more praise than hate

    negativity on everyone's plate

    1. They can hide away
      So they hate on every bay

  14. We thought we were the only ones who attracted all the nuts! Purrsonally we think if a blog is offensive (and there is one we put in that CATagory), don't visit it. No offensive, no problem, one less follower.

    And if the word "ass" is the problem, we say, "Oh, come on! Grow up!"

    1. haha yeah if the word ass makes you have a stick up your ass
      Go somewhere else and whine in mass

  15. Hey, a good offense can be darn funny sometimes!

    1. Yep, fun to do
      And maybe more than a time or two

  16. I wrote a post on pizza today. I'm sure someone could take offense even with that... fattening food, crazy picture, eating pork...or a million other things. I think it's silly for people to nitpick. If you don't like a post or blog, there's so many others you can read. Really. :)

    1. Yeah go the hell away
      But they'd rather stay and hate away at ones bay

  17. Since your posts are so far in advance
    I'm guessing it was long ago for this hissy fit and dance.
    I got one just the other day
    when I did the goat bag display.
    Right in the comments, someone I didn't know
    gave me a scolding and let it show
    How I could hurt the mister's feelings
    and leave his ego reeling,
    laughing at him. I don't kid!
    Left it up and replied, too.
    Delete and hide I will not do!

    1. haha yeah they were a chicken shit
      Had to go and email it
      Won't give me the hate here
      I guess they have fear
      It was a bout 2 months ago
      I've had a few more since then though lol
      Damn, that is pathetic as can be
      They act like they know him better than thee

  18. I so agree with the person that said that if someone is offended by my blog, just don't read it. There is always going to be someone offended. Anyway, have a super day.

    1. Yep, there will always be someone
      Away they should run

  19. If someone is offended by my post, then don't read my blog, simple as that ~

    I think some people though are more sensitive than others that's why
    I don't write about controversial topics (like politics or religion) ~


    1. Yeah some people can get their dander up
      And become more annoying than a pup
      But the cat isn't afraid
      I'll write whatever I want as all is fair trade

  20. I lost two followers these last days
    When I posted about my sleazy ways
    Or so they thought and took offense
    Some people are way too intense
    Loosen up, they really should
    Blogging's in good fun
    It's understood.

    1. haha geez
      Away they did breeze
      As you go sleaze
      Maybe they just need some febreeze lol

  21. Ha! Seriously!!! Is your blog supposed to be G-rated? You can't please everyone...consider it a good sign if you get complaints. It means you're making waves!

    1. haha yeah and the cat likes making waves
      that is just the path he paves

  22. Hmm maybe you should say
    derrière, be bilingual at your bay

    1. haha well supposed to be up here
      But I like ass for my rhyming rear

  23. I agree with those that said
    if someone is offended, don't read your blog
    it seems like people will take offense at anything
    maybe they don't lke you have a cat and not a dog


    1. haha that could be it
      Dog people don't think the cat is a hit

  24. Just say you offence?
    The best compliment
    Cat - the best!

  25. So some do not like the cat's ways
    and will leave hate mail at your bay
    I guess they had to get their say
    then they can go about their day

  26. Replies
    1. haha that is good
      Don't need more offense in my hood

  27. not sure I have offended anyone but I did use poop a lot in my last post...but if they get offended at least they read it I guess

    1. That is true
      Offend them with what they read in view

  28. Teenage girls are the worst when it comes to getting offended. I just had one chew me out because I said teens like to use yolo and swag. Yet, I put a humorous post on Facebook about how stupid those words are and had another teen call me a hater. Those teens are screwy little bastards! Complaining just to complain, I think!

    1. hahaha screwy little bastards they are
      Can offend them just by a look at your sand bar

  29. I don't think I have offended anyone... if I have,.. they will get over it... Or Not!

    1. Yeah screw them all
      Let them fester at their hall


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