So Stalkers Are Shy Under The Blog Sky?

The cat heard something fun the other day as he hopped about each blog bay, that some commenters are shy. That is why they stalk read and then away they fly. Hmmm let's explore that as it intrigues the cat.

Read your post,
So good at your coast.
Wait! That's in my head,
It just can't be said.

I can't type those words.
I have to go watch the birds.
They tweet all day long.
I like how they sing their song.

Sidetracked a bit,
Publish I cannot hit.
I just can't do it.
My finger is having a fit.

What if they don't like it?
What if they send me a pet rock kit?
What if I lose an ear?
Wait! That's another fear.

They may see me.
I can't go on a comment spree.
I am just so shy.
They may poke me in the eye.

That pokey rock commenter just might.
She looks like she can bite.
Oh I have to get away,
This is ruining my day.

I can't handle a retort.
They may hold court.
May decide to send me packing,
I think my heart is attacking.

This just cannot be.
I need to jump in the sea.
I am just so shy.
Oh look at that cloudy sky.

Hail may fall on my head.
I may die in bed.
It could come right through the roof,
Then me, I go poof.

Don't make fun of my scoff?
I can't just turn the computer off.
The gremlins may get me.
Sorry, now I have to flee.

Well the good thing about this post is if I offend shy people at my coast, they will be too shy to say a thing at my bay. Win, win I say. So think people are too shy to say something? Or just don't know what to say when they give a ring? Could be both, could be one. That is what makes it fun. Now I will go pass some gas as I am not a shy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. 10 today
      No time to count at my bay

    2. Yes, now perfect 10
      Beg your pardon
      Was on an errand
      Just hit and run
      And off I went again!


    3. haha a hit and run
      Good way to put it under my sun

  2. Too shy to say anything if offended - funny.
    If I read, I comment. I know some don't feel they have anything to add, but they do. And I appreciate all comments and will return the favor.
    My only other thought is some people just don't have a Google account...

    1. lol well sure we offend someone once in a while
      A post coming up that turns that dial haha
      Yeah some may not have an account
      Or they are scared of the big amount

    2. Or for pretty pictures they look
      Scampering off for more with no reason to hook
      No blog of their own on which to brag
      Just treasures of others they wish to shag

    3. haha they is very true
      Stealing pictures at their zoo

  3. Replies
    1. and here is R with Great Post
      words of wisdom shall we toast

    2. Yippee
      For me

      Wise old R
      Beats Q by far

    3. or that other guy a few moons ago who would just post

      this is great

    4. and then there was that guy who would say "sick post bro"

      he actually used that line on a lady's post about her father dying. She was not happy.

    5. Yeah there have been a few like that
      I ignored them flat
      At least R seemed to have a mind
      Those other ones just talk out their behind

  4. It doesn't take long to make up a google account. Not sure why people are shy

    1. I guess they can't take the time
      To deal with that for a chime

  5. Too shy you say at your bay
    well here they may be scared
    as you might put them on display
    when visiting the cat be prepared

    I noticed I get many views
    but, the comments are few
    be like R say nice post
    he does it each day at his coast

    1. R likes his nice/great post
      From coast to coast
      Some may scare
      But they'd have to be aware
      Of whoopdi friggin doo
      Here at my zoo

    2. R is bored :)
      Always the same!

    3. That he is
      With his nice/great post biz

  6. Ah, some people just prefer to participate from the sidelines
    Nothing wrong with that really, we still enjoy their visits just fine
    I generally always try to comment most of the time
    Especially on your crazy-witty rhymes

    1. Yeah some like to hide away
      There at their bay
      I haven't missed a post
      At many a coast

  7. I read
    You heed
    Never to shy
    To note what you try
    Your words confuse
    For some who peruse
    That's what they choose
    Win or lose.......

  8. Well at least they gave a view
    To improve stats at your zoo :)

  9. ha. scary you know...someone might not like my comment,
    err...well to each their own you know, i probably swing
    a little far the other direction at times...

    1. haha swinging that far
      Can be fun at ones sand bar

  10. I think some people are shy and just don't know what to say. It is interesting on how many views one gets and about half of those comment. That is what is so great about blogging, it is so much easier to comment than to be a social butterfly at a huge party. Talk about being shy. Take care.

    1. Yeah way easier that way
      Then trying to yap at some party at ones bay

  11. Visit blogs what to say
    Can come back another day
    If I agree it's easy to write
    Just say it's a perfect site
    But if I don't then what to do
    Don't hurt people at their zoo
    Maybe that is time to lie
    Roll off the tongue as easy as pie

    1. A lie can be fun
      Unless you impress someone
      Then with each pass
      They are on your ass
      Like me like me
      When on them you'd rather pee

  12. Those shy folk must feel unique
    I say, without a trace of pique
    In feeling they have nothing to say.
    I just think 'what the hey'...
    If I can make you smile before departing
    Then I don't have to depend on my old ass farting. =)

    1. lol no need for an old ass fart
      Are they any more smelly at ones cart?

  13. They read they don't stay and then away they fly.
    They are not stopping on account of being shy
    They may be scared
    A possibility perhaps
    But they can't go on running they need to try


    1. Need to try indeed
      Have to let things take seed
      Or no change
      Will ever come to ones range

  14. According to the stats at my bay, I get 10 times more stalking, perhaps balking, than I get their say.

    I love my stalkers, whomever they may be.

    1. Stalkers and search engine nuts
      Really get around to many huts

  15. Could be both, or maybe they have a busy day and no time to have their say. My posts always have a lot more readers than commentors. At least they read it. :)

    1. Well if they can read the whole thing
      Sure the time aspect is kinda not relevant at their wing

  16. Ha, a shy person doesn't have much of a chance
    when involved in the blogosphere dance.
    If s(he)'s afraid of what others might say
    the blogosphere is no place to play.

    1. haha scream and run away
      Go out and enjoy their day

  17. Im agree with Mary!
    And is your blog you can fun or play how you like lol

    1. lol yeah can play away
      And confuse many at play

  18. Too shy, must fly?
    Go on be brave, give me a wave!

  19. We're never too shy to comment and shy is the last word we would use to describe Pat and his cat!

    1. haha yeah the last thing at our sea
      We will ever be

  20. I don't always leave comments, but that's because I don't always have something to say. Shyness? No.

    1. haha yeah not have something to say?
      Geez maybe you need some new 2014 ranting at your bay

  21. I sure am not shy, but I do get in a hurry sometimes and read and run!

    1. Well a read and dash
      Beats a read and flash

  22. I think shy people have to get a chance
    to be involved, to break the 'fence'
    so maybe 'Great Post' from R
    will probe for more and go far...

    1. Probe R you say?
      My aren't you frisky today

  23. I definitely don't bite...often! Sometimes, I just don't know if I can add something constructive but always trying to leave a comment as I love to get comments.

    1. The cat bites back
      Just so you know if you ever attack

  24. I'm a shy person in real life but blogging lets me open up. When I read a blog post, I always find something to say. Always. Even if there isn't a question I can answer, or I can't think of something to add, I'll find some way to let them know I read their post.

    1. Yeah the cat always has something to say too
      Even if he has to resort to mentioning the loo

  25. I'm introverted...but not online! I do have hesitation from time to time, especially on Facebook. I'll often delete something I was about to post out of fear it might come off the wrong way.

    1. Yeah sometimes things can come off the wrong way
      But I'll let them go anyway at my bay

  26. orlin N cassie...speekin oh pet rocks...did ya ever wunder why de good Lord said two de pet rock eye dea guy

    " dood....if ya wanna make a millionz bazillion $$$, go get sum rockz N stix em ina box"

    ya noe how manee timez we wuz wunderin if we could be million bazillionaires with like....

    oh...we dunno....soil....???

    we dunno either...we just be a ramblin !!!

    1. haha pet soil could be the next big thing
      And yeah sickening that pet rocks mad him a millionaire at his wing

  27. smiles.. ya know...i'm shy as well... but i'm commenting anyway..

  28. They don't know what they're missing
    To leave without mere hissing
    When connection's
    What it's all about
    So why not read and give a shout?
    Are they shy or is it snooty clout?

    1. Could be stuck up too
      I've had a few of those at my zoo
      Stick up their bum
      So can't give a hum

  29. Sometimes I'm at a loss for words because a post may not really intrigue me. I guess I could just leave a smiley face. lol

    1. lol a smiley face I've had a time or two
      I guess they are fun to view

  30. I must admit, there are a few
    that I just read and not leave any trace I was there
    not sure why I do that,
    but those are very few and very rare


    1. Some just can bore
      Like when they say "I have nothing to say" at their shore

  31. Maybe they can't type and can just read?

  32. You are a say what you think kind of guy,
    No one will ever label you as shy.

    1. I will let it fly
      Even if some go oh me oh my

  33. The stalkers don't comment on my blog, but they do love to send me Facebook messages. There is one who sends me a Hi Hi every day. Except he broke form last week. It was Hi Hi! I miss you. LOL. Nutcase.

    1. lol damn another reason to avoid facebook
      Here at my nook

  34. Those people are over here spying on the cats. They just don't want the cats to know. ;)

    1. Cat spies you say
      I'll have to drown them in the bay

  35. I like to comment
    And see what others say
    But if time is running low
    I will visit the next day

    1. Fun to see
      And fun to write
      Let comments fly free
      Day or night

  36. I often wonder if there is anyone who reads my blog but never comments. I could have a blog stalker and not even know!

  37. Sometimes I just can't find where to comment


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