Jobs You Could Do For A Buck Or Two!

Want to earn a buck or two? Well the cat can easily help you. Although you may find it not what it is cracked up to be. Then again it could intrigue thee.

Plenty of jobs here and there,
At an online lair.
Odesk has a ton.
Let's give some a run.

Write 10,000 words.
Could be done by birds.
Easy to get some pay.
Hmm $5 pay out on display.

In need of site.
Want it done overnight.
I want it to be a hit.
$20 is all I offer for it.

Need an app made.
One that will never fade.
$10 is all for you,
To make it come due.

Comment on blogs.
Help people through fogs.
Bring them to our site.
$10 a week for helping with our plight.

A review blogger is needed.
Out the bad ones will be weeded.
Never fear though,
Winner gets $1 a review show.

Design our logo.
Beats jumping on a pogo.
You will get $3 too,
For the best you can do.

Change passport info.
I want things more in a row.
$5 for the best one.
Hmm fishy work to be done.

Add Facebook followers today!
I want ones that won't go away.
Give the fake ones to me.
$4 for a 10,000 fake spree.

Create and run a blog.
It is about a dog.
Or maybe a log.
$3 a week plus eggnog.

There you are. Now you can make some dough at your sand bar. Don't say the cat never helped you to buy a happy meal. That is quite the deal. Of course there are good ones that come to pass. If you can get them you could be richer, won't take much, than my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. 'Jobs You Could Do For A Buck Or Two'
    Jobs aplenty it's a matter of making do
    Do a good job
    Try not to flop
    Employers are happy to be having you


    1. Yeah they will keep you on
      But some jobs are just a con

  2. Odesk definitely has a lot of opportunities
    Could be of help to everyone in the online community
    Would take a lot of time for those $ amounts to add up though
    But I guess it could help someone kill time at their show

    1. True, if you had time to kill
      Otherwise better off creating an ant hill

  3. I'm in favour of making lots of dough
    From writing rhymes like this, you know
    A few bucks here, a few bucks there
    would be great appearing at my lair.
    I'll have to look at Odesk clearer
    To get those payments coming nearer

    . . . .lol

    1. lol some offers cause fear
      So look really clear
      A few bucks isn't worth the effort for most
      Better off digging for treasure at the coast

    2. Well, he does have a shovel in his hand today...

    3. Well then I will take Betsy's spade
      And dig for gold with ii's aid
      As for writing maybe a better look
      Is to write myself a funny book.


    4. That could very well be
      Write away at your sea

  4. Ten bucks a week to comment on blogs? That's highway robbery. Ten bucks a day. Maybe twenty. Oh wait, I do it for free... Crap.

    1. Alex
      So funny. You gave me a big chuckle this morning.

    2. lmao yeah the cat feels your pain
      On that commenting train

  5. ODesk sucks. Elance is the place. I was able to quit my job and write full time because of the work I started doing through Elance...built a client base and now I get referrals from that client base. I'm not joking. I do, however, only apply to certain jobs now. I started out at $.03 per word and worked my way up from there. I absolutely refuse to write for less than my fixed rate and that tends to attract only serious, professional clients rather than these jerks who treat you like you're working in a sweat shop.

    1. Elance is the place you say
      Have to look into that one at my bay
      Damn, that must be nice indeed
      To break free at your feed
      And writer away
      Although hopefully doesn't pile up too high at your bay

  6. I've gotten a few jobs that have paid several hundred dollars at ODesk, but they started at the site, and then took it e-mail once they trusted my work. One was writing Wikis and another was academic writing.

    That being said, I see PLENTY of those piddly offers you're talking about.I haven't been on that site in awhile because it's hard to find the quality paying work.

    1. Yeah I don't use it anymore
      Tried a time or two at my shore
      But they wanted me to reviews pills and the like
      Pffft told them to take a hike

  7. a little random but I used to work in a dairy department, and two weeks after Christmas people come up and say "You'll got any more eggnog left?" Yeah it's right next to the Easter baskets and Halloween Candy.

    1. lol they could come back next year
      Then there would be some, have no fear

  8. Not sure I'd be able to weather that for a few cents

  9. Who knew so many jobs were to be had
    the pay out would make one rather sad
    seems like a lot of work for dirt cheap
    tell me would they pay to count sheep
    while they try to sleep , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    and you make their blog thrive..

    Oh, I like the new sidebar
    showing all your books
    you are a rhyming star
    I hope many will give a look
    and soon get hooked...

    It summer do you want to be a drummrt

    1. it's summer do you want to be a drummer..

      haha a blooper today is all I can say
      let's sail away to bora bora bay
      the ship is ready to sway.

    2. haha they may pay to count sheep
      But if you were to take that leap
      You'd get 10 cents a day
      If you are lucky at your bay
      That has always been there
      Here at my lair lol

      A blooper you say
      That is okay
      Drum away
      Own tune on display

  10. Replies
    1. Yep, pathetic as pathetic can be
      Ignored completely by me

  11. Replies
    1. haha you can get that
      Easy peasy at your mat

  12. ha - even if it's plus an eggnog - some jobs are just not worth to be done... cheers

    1. Nope, so just have to take a pass
      Otherwise they'd give one a lot of gas

  13. Off the computer I would never earn a dime
    Trying would be a total waste of time
    When I find my way from blog to blog
    I'm most certain in a fog
    Lucky those who know their way
    And can do it just for pay

    1. You could make a dime
      With a simple chime
      Better off finding a dime on the street though
      Must less work at your show

  14. buy one comment
    get second for free
    one-time offer only
    act now and
    will throw in
    a fake friend too

    1. that is more than likely there
      Can find it at many a lair

  15. Who would write my blog ......for a price? lol
    Great verse Pat.

  16. comments in the blog? By $ 10 ?? OMY iReally stupid!
    haha Maybe some people want this we never know! lol

    1. Oh there are many who do
      I've been given 5 bucks to post a few lmao
      I comment anyway
      So what the hell I thought at my bay

    2. lmao yep, an easy 5 bucks for me
      Done it a few times at my sea

  17. Pay someone to write your posts
    and then get comments for the host.
    I know you've done that work before
    but I think it would be a chore.
    If you can't write your own then stop the blog
    and don't try to be a comment hog.

    1. I've done it a time or two
      Technically still do it at my zoo
      But where I'll never tell lol
      It can be a chore and isn't swell
      But when you're broke can't complain
      Need some sort of money train
      Even if it is 5 bucks to post a comment or send out a tweet
      Although tends to piss a few off on the street lol

  18. I would like to meet the blogger that is making a good living. But maybe I am wrong. I guess people will pay you to sell their goodies.
    Have a great day.

    1. Oh there are quite a few
      But it is an elaborate scheme that they do

  19. Quick and easy they come
    Quick and easy they go
    Not much money to make from blogging & writing
    Until you are famous or rich already, ha

    1. haha yeah if you have the fame
      You can get rich by making any old claim

  20. Not a lot of cash, how about paid not to take nude selfies of oneself?

    1. lol you never know
      Of course some may pay for the show

  21. Think I will stay away from that place
    doesn't seem like one could make much money
    or the amount made is really just not too much
    and therefore not very funny


    1. You can if you find the right one
      Otherwise just turn and run

  22. Odesk didn't work for me...
    blogs comments and review - fun!
    I do it for free.

    1. Way to be
      The money there is pitiful anyway for thee

  23. Those people should be tossed on a heap
    For being so ridiculously CHEAP!
    They are scum for sure
    Exploiting the poor!

  24. Well dang, so much for minimum

    1. lol makes minimum wage look good
      There in any hood

  25. Speaking of passprorts, I need to make sure mine hasn't expired. We want to hop on over to your side when we are out visiting BJ.

    1. Hop over the border you say
      Have fun with those that say eh

  26. You could make more searching in the couch cushions

  27. Ha, I think I'll pass
    on the opportunity,
    not gas. LOL.

    1. lol Not one I'd take
      but a tiny amount one can make

  28. What about those hour long surveys that only pay cents?
    Filling them out all day would never help with rent.
    I'd rather try panhandling for real cash
    If desperation were to ever really hit my broke ass.

    1. That would be a better way
      Could find more in the trash bay

  29. A word here, a word there
    I guess could add up
    But would it pay in the long run?
    Better to panhandle with a cup

    1. Yep, a much better way
      There at your bay
      To get some pay
      With a tray


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