A Little Work Out Shout!

So with Pat working out every day at our sea, a lot of them are, sadly, viewed by me. You humans are strange. But we already went there at my range. Ever look at the names off them though? What the umm duck you may say at your show.

There is Atlas Stones,
Some kind of backwards moans?
Is that like blue balls?
Beats me, can no longer give cat calls.

The Monster Walk.
That will make all talk.
Frankenstein or a vampire?
Maybe a namer they should hire?

Get ready for a Muscle Snatch.
Grab Arnold and steal a batch?
He may terminate.
Such a sad fate.

Hmmm Rack Pulls you say?
I don't know about that at my bay.
Isn't that sexual harassment of some sort?
I don't think it would hold up as a sport.

But if pulling is not your taste,
Rack Delivery will get there post haste.
Be careful when you dial the number.
I hear they come when you slumber.

Then you can do a Rocket Jump,
That will get you over the hump.
Or maybe into it.
I don't judge at my pit.

And if you can't say a word,
Do Good Morning and look absurd.
Maybe even quack like a duck.
Put a hat down and get a buck.

You can also get a good view,
Just let Windmills come due.
Flap with the breeze,
Get rid of those fleas.

The river may be rising soon.
Use the Sandbag Load to stop it by noon.
Where will you get the sandbag?
Maybe go to a farm and play tag?

When all is said and done,
When working out is no fun,
And you just want to be shot,
The Shotgun Row can do such a plot.

Who names these things? A rat with wings? Don't even go into the yoga names. They sound like they are from ancient Greek games. But at least you can add mass, even if the names make no sense to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. ' You humans are strange'
    The Cat could say that again
    Funny names
    Came off them
    But there were no one to blame


    1. Nope, none to blame
      For the name
      Just a claim
      Lit a flame

  2. Humans are strange but those names are stranger.

  3. Press ups here
    No more beer
    Lifting weights
    No bedtime lates
    Running fast
    To last and last
    Touching toes
    With your nose
    Doing squats
    Losing pots
    Losing pounds
    Good idea sounds
    Riding bike
    No more to hike
    Don't use a car
    Walk it and far
    Next year I might do it
    But this year I really blew it!! . . . . . .lol

    1. Hahaha
      Good one. Story of our lives.

    2. lol promises made
      In the shade
      But then comes the sweat
      And its a safe bet
      That the shade is calling
      Working out is just appalling
      So sit and be merry
      Growing as round as a berry
      Then at the end of the year
      Have lots of cheer
      Grow a beard
      Playing santa isn't weird lol

  4. Yes, some humans are strange.......haven't seen me.lol
    Loved the verse.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  5. And then there's the fun names like Zumba that get you excited to put on your athletic shoes, woot!

    1. haha I'll take your word for that
      Zumba has not been done by the cat

  6. haha...rack pulls might get you a sack pull
    which would really be painful, and def dont drop a kettle
    bell on your ankle...it will hurt, working out
    you def feel the burn

    1. Remember the bruise on top of my foot?
      Yep, it really hurt!

    2. Yeah, I almost dropped a weight on mine
      But jumped back like a feline
      Thankfully it missed
      A sack pull wouldn't leave you blissed lol

  7. Humans really do excel at the dumb naming thing!

  8. I exercise but hate it still
    Never brings me any thrill
    Results are slow and few between
    Think I'd rather change my scene

    1. haha yeah I hate the time it takes
      But stronger it makes
      So away I go
      As the cats look at me like I've got a sixth toe

  9. I always feel better after lifting weights
    And for your health they are great
    Especially for relieving stress
    And burning calories they are best.
    Gawking like Brian I see you've gained
    As you notice those funny names!

    1. I can gawk when need be
      But he holds that crown at his sea
      And yeah with p90x I lift a ton
      So the stress can go and let me have fun

  10. Well...Good Morning I do every day
    Don't thing I'm looking absurd
    when wearing my sleeping suit.

    1. See, still sleeping
      but do it again
      good morning
      from thing/think I am lol

    2. haha well a thing can look absurd or not
      Everyday is a way to follow a good plot

  11. At least they are names someone won't soon forget

  12. I guess they have to make them sound better to get people to actually try them

    1. I suppose that makes sense
      As people are lazy and want to keep their ten cents

  13. So, the cat is watching Pat work out
    he is getting stronger I have no doubt
    feeling better is what it is all about
    hmm..push ups galore at his sea
    one two, one two he pushes with glee
    I like to spin and Pilates is for me
    why do they call them dumb bells
    when lifting them helps your brain cells

    1. Yeah not sure on the dumb thing
      I guess lazy people gave them a ring
      Who really knows though
      Many have brain cells that are low
      And pushups I can do
      Quite a few

    2. Muscleman Pat.... I need to sit down.

    3. lol just need to be unbroken
      Maybe I need a magic token

  14. I don't do any of those fancy fad workouts. I just get on my treadmill every day and try to stay on there for 50 minutes! I play SongPop while on it and it takes me 50 minutes to get through 32 challenges, which is what I normally try to keep going. When someone quits playing, I go challenge more people until I get back to 32. It keeps my mind occupied. Otherwise, I'd be talking myself off the thing by 20 minutes!

    1. haha something to do does help a ton
      My ocd makes it so I get it done
      6 days a week
      7th I rest at my creek

  15. Yup, naming things especially cats is not one of our strong suits. But who cares, the animal is just glad to have a name and a place to be. Have a great day Pat.

    1. That is true about the cat
      Just glad for a place to be at their mat

  16. Strange names do get my attention
    especially those associated with blogs
    a blog called My Story would not interest me
    but one would if it was called Playing with Frogs

    so that's why I think those strange names are out there
    to draw attention to them, for those that might care :)


    1. That is true
      Attention grabbing they can do
      Makes it more interesting too
      With the weird ones coming due

  17. Im agree with the cat: Some humans are really strange really...

    1. That they surely are
      Like they are drunk at a bar

  18. Good for you for six times a week
    that is one terrific feat
    I do the treadmill or walk the track
    nothing more exciting than that!
    Every bit helps I think
    to keep your body in the pink!

    1. Yeah every bit helps indeed
      Keeps you staying above ground and not becoming seed lol

  19. like literally all summer?? well...okay!

    1. haha may be hard to do
      At least on the liver at ones zoo

  20. English bell ringers of yore
    Would train and exercise
    With silent bells galore
    To hone their enterprise

    Hence the name
    For dumbbells came
    As in mute
    Isn't that a hoot?

    1. Well learned something new
      Today at my zoo
      Seems a round about way
      To get a name on display

  21. Um, I don't recognize many of those names myself. Windmillls we did in gym, but the others I have no idea what they are. I can see why the cat is confused, as I am too!

    1. haha confused you too
      Score one for the cat's zoo

  22. I've got this Blue Rocket... so I don't have to do a Rocket Jump. It all makes perfect sense.

    1. Easy peasy for you
      Hopefully not all the rocket is blue


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