Instead Of That Do This! You Can't Miss!

Would it not be interesting to do the opposite of what you usually do just to see what happens at your zoo? But what opposite would that be? There could be many opposites at ones sea. At least for some things while others just hide away in the wings.

Instead of sitting, stand.
Better for your back at your land.
Or so they say.
Another opposite is to lay.

Instead of going to work,
Call in sick with a smirk.
Jump a boat to Timbuktu.
We may never again see you.

Instead of no say yes.
Could leave you in a mess.
But instead of yes say no.
Then it evens out at your show.

Instead of being nice,
Tell all what you think with spice.
You may get a fist to the face,
Or maybe a nice embrace.

Instead of driving away,
Walk at your bay.
Get some exercise too.
I hear that's good for you.

Instead of a kiss give a lick.
Okay, that may be kinda sick.
But it is another affection way.
Dogs do it, ummm okay.

Instead of talking out your butt,
Listen at your hut.
That might be a better skill.
But talking out your butt could thrill.

Instead of whining, do.
Too bad many believe it to be untrue.
Whine, whine and whine some more.
Just get it over with at your shore.

Instead of looking down, look up.
A new view with face out of a cup.
Or cell phone and texting fluff.
I know, cause for a huff and puff.

Instead of sleeping in bed,
Dance the night away causing neighbors dread.
Hmmm okay, maybe not,
Sleep the cat needs a whole lot.

Nine out of ten is not bad here at my pad. Or maybe just eight, licking like a mutt might not be a good fate. Now that cat has made you think or just brought you to the brink. Either way I can still give sass with my ever so opposite little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. That's right
      But she can do it all night
      Spamming your beach
      Like her butt were a peach
      Oh how rude
      And crude
      Well, this is just an interlude
      Got the hammer
      Put her as in the slammer
      Mr. Blog Administrator
      AKA the Spammer Terminator


    2. She was terminated at my sea
      But left to show on her comment the cat did pee

  2. i dunno, i think i could do with licks
    just for kicks, though a bit of walking it would take
    to get to work, like 38 miles worth, i will get there
    next week some time, as long as my walk is on their dime
    but i guess that would be a crime...

    1. haha yeah don't think they'd pay
      But you'd get tons of exercise anyway

  3. There's no whining in blogging...
    Licks instead df kisses? I could do that! Wait, did I say that out loud...?

    1. So many whine
      Seen by the feline
      Hmmm that may get used
      In whoopdi friggin doo it could be abused

    2. haha - I know the cat will file that away
      and use it again at his bay
      to those words the ninja will pay

    3. Has to be done
      With a licking run

    4. Alex likes to lick?
      Well, it beats being a hick
      Or watching a chick flick
      Or eating a brick

    5. Yeah a hick and a lick
      Would bring a donkey some slick

  4. "to do the opposite of what you usually do"
    Is good strategy to present a different view
    Shouldn't be confusion
    in its due commission
    Save a hidden agenda in furtherance of a few


    1. Save the agenda away
      And have an opposite day
      Might work
      Or may not be a perk

  5. What a great post, thoroughly enjoyed the read and also the comments.

  6. Opposition doth surely surprise
    Sends a person up to the skies
    When you think you know someone, then turn it about
    Those on the sidelines will give it a shout

    1. A shout and cheer
      Or maybe bite of fan ear
      As they peer
      And leer

  7. "Instead of being nice,
    Tell all what you think with spice."

    That is definitely what I am known for!

  8. I agree with listening instead of talking
    Might result in less people leaving by walking
    Listening is a lost art is seems
    But when practiced, it strengthens two people as a team

    1. That it surely will
      Sadly it barely every fits the bill

  9. Now you having me thinking I might be stuck in a rut,
    I tend to like routine and everything the same at my hut.

    1. Well a good routine isn't bad
      If it is what one wants at their pad

  10. I'm going to give my kids a lick when they get home from school and see what they think. ;0)

    1. lmao there is a post right there
      At your lair

  11. instead of doing this do that
    it might be fun at your mat
    the art of listening is the key
    instead of talking to this I agree
    hmm.. a lick instead of a kiss
    would that cause some bliss
    dancing instead of sleeping
    laughing instead of weeping
    open the box of your mind
    a surprise you might find

    1. Not sure on the lick
      But it may do the trick
      And dance away
      Until dream say okay
      Time for a nap
      Let the mind fly across the map

    2. A lick when they just had lunch
      A bit of tuna on your cheek and a bunch
      Of germs too cap it all
      Don't say you, say y'all
      How can The Cat be quiet
      When all he wants to do is start a riot?
      Or rob a bank with Blue
      Join us... yes, I mean you
      Truedessa Dear without fear
      Let's make it big and count the money
      Not Du Monaiy! or a bunny
      It's good to be the king or queen
      At your scene

    3. Rob a bank and get away
      Bringing on a brighter day
      Unless you get caught
      Then things go to pot
      Or course the insanity defense could work
      A talking cat makes that a perk

  12. That is so true, listening is such a lost art. Don't think I want to try the licking instead of kissing. It would be fun to tell what I think but then all the friends would go away. You have a great day Pat.

    1. haha yeah saying exactly what is thought
      Could turn people off a lot

  13. walking instead of a drive?

    you wont' see many Americans take the healthy dive

    1. lmao nope, maybe two or three
      As the other millions drive 2 minutes away at their sea

  14. I think those are some wise alternatives!

    1. The cat likes to be wise
      Then he'll eat some flies

  15. Instead of paying the bills, have the bills pay me. I like it... this could catch on. ;)

    1. Be the best around
      All kinds of money be found

    2. She's so right... that would be grand
      In the land where money's in demand
      Catland and maybe in some Blue Cave too
      I check it twice: there's no dough in my shoe....
      Boo hoo hoo

    3. Need a new shoe
      That just won't do

  16. Doing opposite of normal can be quite fun
    Especially that sitting/standing one
    My back is very happy with me
    Now that I mostly stand at my sea
    I also like snowflakes in the opposite of white
    But not always black because that hurts my sight

    1. Yeah standing helps the back
      Until the SI joints attack
      Then time to sit
      Or they have a fit

  17. We need to treat ourselves more
    Criticize ourselves less
    Not always have a plan
    And simply de-stress

  18. Instead of havin' a nap,
    Gonna sit on the peep's lap.
    Then I'll enjoy a light snack
    Before givin' my sister a whack.

    How's that?


    1. That works fine
      You caught on like a smart feline

  19. It definitely would make for an interesting world if people ended up doing the opposite. Really it would be good if people would stand rather than sit so much....a healthier option! And ha, I don't mind the licks of dogs, but I draw the line at doing it myself. LOL.

    1. lol no licking yourself or anyone
      Well that is no fun
      And yeah be interesting indeed
      But some bad may sure take seed

  20. In Girlscouts, we had Opposite Day
    The leader's actions did dismay
    She put an orange and apple in her brassiere
    Turned it around and, oh dear,
    Her breasts were on her back I fear.
    The image has been a haunting one
    Opposite days aren't any fun.

    1. hahaha haunting from boob back
      Now that is an image that won't lack

  21. Do the opposite of what I normally do?
    Let me see if I understand...
    When having a go at myself in the loo
    Use the left (instead of right) hand?

  22. My problem is I say yes too often. Perhaps I can try no's for a while?

  23. With such normality disbanded
    I must start to write this poem, left handed.
    When usually I use the right
    But look - it is a dreadful sight.
    The left hand scrawl is uncontrolled
    When before it looked both cool and bold
    It looks as thought a silly spider
    Has been drinking lots of cider . . . . . lol

    1. lol drunk as a skunk
      In a left handed funk
      At least you can switch
      When you get the itch
      Oh that could go a whole other way
      I'll just end with ...okay

    2. Driunk as a skunk
      You mean the Bora Funk
      Let's have some more
      At my Bora door

    3. Such a liar
      Blue pants on fire

  24. orlin N cassie

    we will poop out side de box
    we will knot smell hoomanz sox
    we will jump N run N play
    we will knot sleep all day
    we will comb & brush R self
    we will knot sit on that shelf
    we will wish ta eat sum burd

    screw that; oh hell noe...werd

    1. lol no burd for you?
      The human better watch where she steps at your zoo

  25. confused the world, I think you are saying
    that would indeed cause some fun
    I think I will try to do some of this
    and then see if I will have to run


    1. haha confuse one and all
      But yeah, you may have to run down the hall

  26. Dancing instead of sleeping, hmmm, used to do that. grin.

    1. lol no more at your shore
      Is it now something of lore

  27. A little something different is nice once in a while

  28. Not sure I want to go around licking anyone

  29. Instead of talking, listen
    Instead of asking, give
    Instead of whining, do
    Such wisdom from you!

    1. First time for everything I suppose
      The cat can come out smelling like a rose

    2. Did he say smelling like a rose?
      Check out his growing nose

    3. It is large
      Showing the cat is in charge

  30. There's an old saying: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." That seems to apply here. (Although it doesn't rhyme!)

    1. haha yeah without rhyme it does apply
      Have to reach for the sky

  31. I would be thoroughly disgusted with a lick.
    I would retaliate with a swift kick.
    To where I won't say.
    Just use your imagination today.

  32. Bahaha! Ditch the kiss for a lick,
    Now that may earn me a kick.
    Well I'll make sure to let my husband know,
    when a fit he begins to throw,
    that your rhyme is to blame for the wet tongue across the cheek,
    instead of the sweet peck he usually gets each day of the week :)

    1. haha the cat will take cover at his sea
      Don't want anyone stalking out me

  33. I have to learn to say no!
    Really the cat is wissom today lol

  34. Psst! But Im not agree with the lick lol

  35. Instead of working 50, try ten
    Call yourself Uncle Ben
    Jump of a roof in a Spiderman outfit
    Rob a bank and call it legit
    Flip the bird maybe twice
    Don't eat cheese, just the mice
    Meow when you're a dirty dog
    Pet a hog, buy a bog
    Instead of a couch, try a bed
    Try blue when you really love red
    Buy a cat on the mat
    Or a ticket to Bora Beach
    Instead of working 9 to 9 as a Teach
    Nothing's out of reach when you rich
    But money may turn you into an incompetent um.. witch?

    1. haha yeah money can do that
      Everything done for you, stat
      So you sit around and become dumb
      With an ever growing bum
      No thanks to that
      I'll take the money and still be a rhyming cat

  36. It seems every time I look up, a bird is flying over. Birdy birdy in the sky. Do not poopy in my eye.


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