It's A Battle To Make Your Brain Rattle!

So the cat decided to make the week easy on me and rip off thee. It's rip off week part three. Hey, I can be lazy at my sea. What? I had these posts done months ago at my hut? Shhhh don't tell. Why in the past should you dwell.

Farawayeyes, has a battle here and there.
About the only thing she shows at her lair.
Oh there are the results too.
But still fun at her zoo.

Battle of the bands,
Clap your hands.
But I'm gonna cheat,
And go to my own beat.

Had the idea last week,
So some I went to seek,
And with this rip off at my sea,
You will pick your favorite from the theme of me.

Good lovin we all need,
That is sure indeed.
Unless you are a monk,
Then you're in a funk.

Could it win?
Better than the rest at my bin?
Don't make your brain rattle,
As we continue the battle.

Are Cuban's your thing?
Maybe you like green at your wing?
Can you chic chicee boom?
Seeing that may bring doom.

Keep it inside.
Are you on the Cuban Pete ride?
Pick or he'll blow your brains out.
That will make you pout.

Or is the hillbilly look,
The love of your nook?
A little dirt,
Can make you flirt?

Constant sorrow must suck.
You'd really be out of luck.
But is it a win?
Put your votes in.

One, two or three,
Which is the pick from thee?
No need for lies,
Now I'm done kinda ripping off farawayeyes.

Instead of one song by two or three separate bands, I went to the movie/TV stands. There you got songs covered around. These three popped in and now are found. The first rip off has now come to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "It's A Battle To Make Your Brain Rattle"
    Small brain that is that is easy to scuttle
    Had better be good
    To be in the mood
    Or one looks pretty silly and all muddled


  2. Cast my vote for number three
    Movie was a fantastic spree
    Also watched Moonlighting what a gas
    The show always added a little class
    I'll pass on Jim Carey, looking for the sublime
    He gives me the creeps but Cuban beat's a fun time

    1. lol the creeps from Jim Carrey?
      I suppose he can be scary lol

  3. Didn't care for the third movie, so can't vote for the song. Going with the Willis on this one.
    The dude really did have have once...

    1. No longer does he have anything
      Everything he is in sucks at every movie wing

  4. Ha, abstaining an acceptable vote?

  5. I remember hearing about the mask sequel and avoided it without a 2nd thought

  6. I miss Moonlightning series and it was funny to see Bruce sing & dance away ~

    1. It was good when it was good
      Then went downhill at its hood

  7. I am going with video number one
    that one sure was a lot of fun
    rockin' away today in the mornin' sun

    Doctor Doctor Mister MD
    can you tell me what's ailing me
    he said, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    I said baby, now it's for sure
    I've got the fever, you got the cure

    This is now embedded in my brain
    as the rhythm flows through my veins

    ok, left the middle out
    so, you can give a shout..haha

    1. haha just need some good lovin and all will go away
      As one just has to sway through the day
      That one can get stuck in your head
      But its beats some brady bunch like dread

  8. Great post Pat I liked number three personally, Well done on an excellent job.

  9. Bruce gives me a smile
    and music time #1

  10. Have to pick #1 as well, that one is sure swell

    1. Bruce gets all the love
      As push comes to shove

  11. Well I happen to like #1 the best but they were all good in their own little way. Guess it depends on what entertains you. Have a great Sunday Pat.

    1. that is does depend on what will entertain
      Number one though seems to reign

  12. Oh, I just hate it when I have a soggy bottom!

  13. Replies
    1. First one for Pete
      Here at my street

    2. Better say it once more
      Pete's number one at my door

    3. Still counts as one
      Even with a second run

    4. Like that shoe but in a different way
      Cuban Pete is okay!

  14. Bruce gets my vote this time around
    The most favorite of the three
    I still am amazed at your writing ability
    to have posts written weeks in advance
    my hat is off to thee!


    1. Almost done to 2015 at my sea
      About 10 more and that's a wrap this year for me

  15. oh i can jam out to the soggy bottom boys
    though i def miss some moonlighting,
    now you are time warping back to my day,
    i wonder if bruce really sang that or had a body
    double, i guess that would be trouble,
    maybe just a voice over

    1. No he really did I think
      As he did in hudson hawk and the cd he put out at his rink

  16. It's the Soggy Bottom Boys for me
    from root music
    I'll never flee.

    That was an utterly brilliant film as well. Setting the greatest of Greek myths in the deep South of America with a cast of unlikely heroes was a stroke of genius. I liked the entire soundtrack of that film.

    You're right, Bruce hasn't made a decent movie in a long time. Am I the only person in the world who hated that show Moonlighting?

    1. Yeah that movie was very well done
      Always enjoy giving it a run
      Moonlighting I enjoyed the few repeats I've scene
      But as it goes on it gets rather crappy as it empties the canteen

  17. I vote for the first one; I loved Moonlighting cat:)

  18. I was fortunate in my 20s to attend the Planet Hollywood opening here in Nashville. (It closed a few years later!) We were stuck out there for hours waiting for the stars to arrive and for about an hour of that, Bruce Willis entertained us with music. He seemed like such a nice guy--yelling out for someone to start handing out water to all of us (it was hot) and keeping our energy up when we were all trapped. It was awesome!

    1. Seems like he was a good guy then
      Now his ego has taken over at his den haha

  19. I have to go with number 1 like the rest

  20. I'm a chickee chickee boom kind of duck, so I'll go with number two.

    1. You agree with blue
      He'll like that coming due

    2. You bet I do! The woman's got style!
      Playing the violin, going chickee chickee boom for a while

    3. She can sure play
      As they all sway

  21. Pulling out my wooden spoon
    to join Bruce in a tune!

    1. haha dance about
      With a little twist and shout

  22. You know I'm unconscious most any given day
    It's rare anymore that I get to come out and play
    So, I thank you for the tip off
    I wouldn't have wanted to miss this little rip off.

    Moonlighting was probably my favorite TV show ever
    This episode was one I would want to miss never
    The song was so great and really fit
    Even if in times past they were playing the bit.

    That Cary guy in the horrid green mask
    For me to watch was quite a task
    But that song with the Cuban beat
    Got me to tapping my wee little feet.

    'O Brother', now your a talkin'
    I loved this movie and all of it's squakin'
    The best thing that Clooney ever did
    Most of his other stuff should be hid.

    It's hard for me to chose one for my vote
    Even if this is a different type BATTLE that I usually note
    I think I'll go with Willis and his clan
    I really am honored with your little plan.

    1. haha biggest comment from you ever
      You sure rhymed up quite the endeavor
      Willis sure seems to be the winner
      Then he sure was thinner

      Was fun to do
      Here at my zoo
      Glad it was grand
      There in your land

      The cat gave it is own spin
      Which can sometimes be a sin
      Glad it was not
      As he breaks the rules a lot lol

  23. Call me contrarian and mark me for #2!

  24. Ooooo… switching it up, are we?

    Definitely dirt and flirt. For sure. :)

    (But as I'm looking through the comments, am I the only one who voted for the third song? Heh.)

    1. haha a few of those for that one
      Gave a little rip off a run

  25. Cast my vote for the wet bottom crew.
    I bought the soundtrack when the movie was new.
    I still listen to the bros now and again
    What a bad ass group of hillbilly men.

    VR Barkowski

  26. Wow, I don't know if I can pick one but it would be #1.

  27. I cast my vote for Willis, Bruce
    Though to call him a singer is to use the word loose!
    As a dancer, he's got some juice
    And he's got a cute caboose!*

    *Says the HUMAN, not me!

    1. lol the human can keep looking there
      Just be sure and after a while break her stare

  28. I will go with #1.
    The other two movies were pretty dumb.
    Bruce Willis used to be the man.
    But as of late, his movies aren't so grand.

    1. His movies are utter crap
      Every one he makes now across the map

  29. Did you see the new reality Hillbilly TV show out? It is so disgusting. I think it is a take on the Beverly Hillbillies.

  30. All three are fun
    Prefer number one
    Gets my toes a-tappin'
    My hands a-clappin'
    And my fingers snappin'

    1. haha quite the band
      Got going on with body parts at your land

  31. That Moonlighting clip was funny. I forgot all about that show. And Bruce Willis w/hair...hahah, a pony tail nonetheless.

    1. Yeah he no longer has that
      Hair flew away stat


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