Not Rhyming Is A Crime Every Time!

Can you see the cat hanging his head below? That is because Pat is going all non rhyme again at our show. I thought he was over that. I guess not at our mat.

You can see I'm appalled over this.
It does not bring the cat bliss.
But I guess one or two,
Can't hurt at our zoo.

It does not mean I like it though.
Either way, had to give this a show.
Will you hang your head in shame too?
I guess we shall see when in view.

You will just have to wait.
Or scroll down at a fast rate.
That is cheating though.
But the image will still show.

Yeah, I put my image on top,
So you wouldn't see it when you stop.
Cheating to see it in the blogroll.
Now you get to see me with such a stroll.

What am I talking about though?
What? You still don't know?
I guess the cat will get to it.
I still don't like non-rhyming one bit.

But I think that you knew.
Then again I don't always rhyme in view.
I've left a comment or two without rhyme.
I guess I commit my own crime.

So I will let it go.
Now away we go.
A question or two,
For those who view.

Does it catch the eye,
When you spy?
No, not the above one of me,
I know the answer to that is yes at my sea.

Where should the words go?
Debating that at our show.
Any suggestion on that?
It doesn't rhyme so this one will be by "Patrick" Hatt.

And now you can see,
What is being yapped about by me.
Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot will (as in a few months) come due,
At 50,000 words in 6 days at my zoo.

So does it catch the eye and make you wonder why? The illustrator was sure grand, captured what I told him at my land. Where do you think the title and name should go? Thinking name at the bottom but title is a hmmmm at my show. Typed 50,000 in 6 days with one arm too. I just have to brag at my zoo. Suck that nano thing, not really, as I write in mass. You can't stop my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. 'Gem of Camelot will (in a few months) come due'
    The prolific writer as expected coming on so true
    Others just sweat it out
    Pat comes with a clout
    Yes, coming on at regular intervals is nothing new


    1. Another to add to the pile
      As I once more turn the novel dial

  2. Novels again are coming your way
    You type away at what you say
    That one hand is genius as you type
    Maybe it also wants to skype
    Another book sounds so bold
    Beautiful artwork for a story told

    1. One arm does the trick
      Can type some slick
      But feels like jelly too
      After about 10k words come due lol

  3. You are #1 at our Zoo this morning. Wow 50,000 words with one hand. How could that be. Doesn't look like that Cat has stopped rhyming. Hope you all have a fantastic week end.

    1. #1 indeed
      Up early at my feed
      One hand is all I can use at my sea
      So away I went with glee

  4. Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot looks stunning
    The book buyers will come running
    A think a title at the bottom would be best
    Reading this book will be a fun test
    And yes I've seen you leave comments on blogs that didn't rhyme
    Made me wonder: "Was he drinking during those times?"

    1. Bottom you say
      I'll try that at my bay
      lol the cat as a drunk
      Might put him in a funk

    2. We shall see
      What comes to be

  5. dude. nice.....and this one is by patrick...ah i see the difference
    much more mature and grown up sounding....does your voice get
    deeper when you and not on the rhyme bender? ha

    1. A deep movie trailer voice
      So all will buy with no choice

  6. Dang, we those all different words or did you repeat some of them?

    1. Well some were a repeat
      Had to us is as and such at my street lol

  7. Oops, paw slip...were those all different...

  8. You wrote another novel!! That is epic.Really dig the cover, Pat.

    1. Glad it is grand
      About half written at my land

  9. I would say the top but most of the castle would be blocked

    1. Yeah I thought about the top
      Maybe some kind of crop

  10. Looks like a winner
    as you give us a teaser!
    Cover looks grand, too,
    If it didn't, you would sue!

    1. Sue you say
      haha one way to get rich at my bay

  11. 50,000 words without a single rhyme..? you should check the temperature.... smiles
    congrats on the book - and hey - the castle looks almost exactly like the one i was staying in for my last workshop... even with a ghost room and a secret door... just saying

    1. haha the cat has it down
      And yeah not a single rhyme would make any frown

  12. Wow...novel,
    no rhyme
    and the cover
    as deep in color
    as probably a voice
    when pronounce
    the title by Patrick..
    sure, plenty of spot-
    fill it up!

    1. Will fill it up indeed
      As another novel takes seed

  13. Wow, that book cover looks grand
    adventures abound in a magical land
    50,000 words with just one hand

    You have been busy at your nook
    Congrats on the upcoming book
    I hope many will give it a look

    A new novel by Patrick Hatt
    the cover is pure enchantment
    I am spellbound...

    Now where should the words go??
    I'll let you decide it is your show..

    1. Busy as can be
      Here at my sea
      Or i just make it look that way
      With all the stuff at my bay lol
      Spellbound too
      It has to be the blue

  14. No need to grovel
    I adore this new novel!
    No rhyme this time?
    Can it be true?
    And 50,000 words you say,
    are they all new?

    VR Barkowski

    1. Each and everyone new
      As away I go at my zoo

  15. I didn't realize you wrote a novel before
    and now another one soon to come about
    wow, your talents do continue to amaze me
    even typing the one hand route!


    1. Wrote 5 before at my sea
      Glad I can amaze thee

  16. Wonderful artwork, that one will really catch a readers eye

  17. The Human says sometimes all the rhyme is 'zawsting!
    She'd like to see the cake without the frosting! ;-)

    1. haha well it can be done
      Easily under my sun

  18. Awesome! Title at the bottom, I think? Are you limited in space to what we see? If not, the title at the top and your name at the bottom could work.

    1. Hmmm that is a good way to go
      Will try the added space at my show

  19. 50,000 in six days is an exemplary feat!!

  20. My neighbor has been writing a book for months and is only up to 21,000 words, so your $50,000 in 6 days AND with one hand is stellar!

    1. That would drive me nuts indeed
      Taking that long at my feed

  21. Omg that is a lot of writing! Love the cover.

    1. Just flew out
      Didn't even know what it would be about

  22. You cease to amaze me how you come up with all theses excellent post.
    Thanks Pat great to read.

  23. That kind of time/speed is amazing. Sounds like you were def. in the groove. And the cover is spectacular. Congrats on the up and coming!

    1. Glad it is grand
      And yeah I just go at it at my land with one hand lol

  24. Doesn't look like much room at all for a title. Congrats on your word slaying; even more with one arm.

    1. Yeah not sure where I will stick it
      Hopefully it will be a hit

  25. Congrats Pat! Im really impressed:)

  26. Can't wait to get my hands on this one
    Love rhymes, but love to read regular under my sun
    I am so impressed by your typing skill
    There is a way for you found the will
    Hope both hands can type again now
    Then you could really knock out... POW!

    1. haha nope, just one hand for the last year and a half at my sea
      Hopefully it will be liked by thee

  27. Well you are just busier than a one armed paper hanger. Congratulations! Again.

  28. Love the illustration
    Understand your frustration
    With correct title formation
    May require indentation

    But whatever you decide
    I'm sure you take pride
    All those words in your stride
    Success you will ride

    1. Yeah got it down
      Won't make me frown
      Fit right in
      I consider it a win


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