Synchronicity You Say At Your Bay?

So the cat was arguing the other day, just for fun at his bay. The cat knows he is always right. What? At least I can bite. When you can do that. You can always be a right cat.

Synchronicity is everywhere.
It is in every lair.
It just has to be.
Look at this number spree.

Pfffft go away.
Go in the road and play.
Count the cars that hit you.
I have to use the loo.

But just look around.
Synchronicity can be found.
This number leads to that.
Admit it, cat!

You're still here?
Go jog around the sphere.
A full 360 degrees.
I bet it will be a breeze.

Synchronicity should not be overlooked.
It comes when things are booked.
It comes all year around.
Damn it! It is found.

Right! Go fly a kite.
Tie it around your neck tight.
Then go in a hurricane.
You'll only feel a little pain.

The digits are here.
They have no fear.
They show the way.
Just follow their display.

Yep, digits I'm dialing,
As your crap keeps piling.
Take you to the loony bin.
That would be a true win.

Just draw them out.
Then you can shout.
Tell the world over.
It will even impress rover.

I wish rover was near.
Could sniff your rear.
Hump your leg too.
Then maybe you'd get a clue.

Follow that at my sea? Some people are so out to lunch with synchronicity. If numbers line up in such a way, it is surely synchronicity at play. Nope, it's not because you are looking for it. Nope, not one bit. You look at the clock and it's 11:11. Oh that must be a sign from heaven. Not because in your life you will look at a clock a bazillion times and eventually you will see many 11:11 chimes. Nope, it is synchronicity that comes to pass. Some have clearly been sniffing more than what comes out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Synchronicity should not be overlooked
    It's something not to be left on the hook
    Should be organized
    Then that will be wise
    It would not be a case of too many cooks


  2. Never been a numbers or superstitious guy, at least not when it comes to synchronicity.

    1. Yeah numbers can be manipulated a ton
      Making one see what they want to under their sun

  3. If the numbers line up like clothes on a line
    Don't run out of clothes pins or nine after nine
    Do you see a sign or a whistle or bell
    Where does it come from, heaven or hell?
    Does the clock stop its ticking right after a storm
    Oh yes, dummy bummy tiz quite true to form
    Some look at numbers as a definite sign
    Take a hike up the mountain I do opine

    1. lol or maybe off a short pier
      That would work for my rhyming rear
      The only number definite sign I want to see
      Is a huge amount in the bank account of me

  4. If you're in that much need of a sign,
    For 50 bucks I'll give you mine;
    It'll save you a visit to the synchronicity store,
    And keep you from being a crashing bore.
    (That was not intended for Pat or his cat,
    but for those who believe in such splat.)

    1. haha maybe I should charge away
      And make some dough at my bay
      Signs for $50 a pop
      May not be a flop

  5. I might be lost a bit here! Most of these sounded like events from a Final Destination movie!

    1. haha yeah maybe a real life version they wanted
      And all I did was taunted

  6. Today I'm up to number 8.
    Getting there is my fate.
    When I beat Hank
    The stars I'll thank
    I'll have good luck
    And I'll get laid
    If Mercury's in retrograde.

    1. Good luck with that
      Hopefully Mercury is up to bat lol

    2. You go Robyn. You can do it if you want to. You got to get up pretty early to beat Hank though. I did it once just to prove I can.

    3. She may one day
      If hank goes away

  7. You, arguing? Well, I believe it!
    You just love causing people fits!

  8. Just noting that you made Rover sound so crass at the end of this... such a cat's perspective. ;)

    1. lmao, well it is true
      They bend down or look up for a good sniff to come due

  9. So funny to watch some people go crazy over numbers

    1. That it is
      With their this that and the other thing biz

  10. Replies
    1. That could play a role
      As the numbers stroll

  11. Sometimes people dig too far and see what they want to see.

    1. That they do
      Wanting to see what they want in view

  12. Not that our daughter believes in the deep dark "meaning" of numbers, but she and her hubby got married at 4:56 on 7/8/2009. Just because it amused her. (And me!)

    1. lol that would be quite amusing to do
      4:56 right on the dot too

  13. Many look for a sign from the unknown now and then,
    It gives them leave to do what they wanted to do to begin.

    1. That is very very true
      They just need a reason to do what they already wanted to do

  14. Hmm...synchronicity.
    Pardon me if I'm wrong.
    Sounds familiar to me.
    Maybe...a Police song?

    1. Not sure, you'll have to check
      Go pop in that old tape deck lol

  15. I prefer being in the sink instead of in sync!

  16. Are the stars aligned yet? Is there a sign to show me?

    1. Take a look
      Will find a stop sign at your nook lol

  17. Synchronicity is fascinating. I wonder if there's any logic to it - like part of the mastermind of the Universe, or if it's all a bunch of made-up stupidity in our heads.

    1. haha who knows with the human mind
      Can make up things that are one of a kind

  18. Dear Pat, yesterday I felt that synchronicity you write about with such wit. The day just threaded together and one realization led to another so that I came to the end of the day and felt such peace.

    Thanks so much, Pat, for visiting my blog last week and yesterday. I've been away several weeks and I'm grateful that friends like you have returned to my blog now that I've begun again. Peace.

    1. One thing after the other bringing peace to thee
      That sure works at any sea

  19. orlin N cassie

    N heer we were thinkin of de police......knot coz we wuz busted for grazz consumption ore sumthin...

    but coz we bee singin de song ... number 2 tho....knot one

    heerz two a grate week oh end with de hopes plentee of smelt & salmon iz on yur plate ♥

    1. lol so they did have a song
      Guess I'll have to find it to sing along

  20. Not a numbers person, but I find movies and books based around them fascinating.

    1. Yeah it is interesting to look
      But let them stay in the book

  21. Does it show my age that when I hear the word "Synchronicity," I instantly think of The Police? That was the name of their most popular album.

    1. That I never knew
      Guess it may show the age of you lol

  22. one two three or maybe five

    go ask Clive

  23. I kind of like the numbers lined up
    when I see them one, two, three, four
    it always brings a little smile to my face
    and lightens up the chore


    1. haha that is fun to see
      But it is all random at least to me

  24. But cats have synchronicity
    and lots of great agility
    always landing on all fours
    they can open doors
    probably can read time too
    when it's 11:11 at your zoo
    lol :)

    1. lol could be a safe bet
      As they are a super pet
      Bu don't always land on their feet
      When beating each other up at ones street

  25. Forget 11:11. 7:11 is where it's at. The Slurpees that is ;)

    1. lol at least there is something to do
      There at the 7:11 zoo

  26. My husband is one of those people who think that 11:11 or 3:33 means something. Usually he'll say it's going to be a bad day or long day or he won't get any sleep. he puts too much stock into it.

    1. haha and then it comes true
      Because he believes it at his zoo

  27. tie a kite around you neck and let it fly
    well not that could be interesting
    choking & uplifting
    all at once
    i have never really given much
    to numerology
    though it is intersting when
    things come together like that
    we often see what we want to see
    at our sea
    and beyond

    1. Yep, we see what we want to
      And then make what we want true
      Choking ad uplifting at once though
      That be quite the show lol

  28. Oh, but the loony bin can't be much fun!
    I will resist, thank you.

    1. haha can bounce around
      Some fun could be found

  29. I think numbers are cool
    But they don't entirely rule
    If I could guess winners for the lotto
    I could purchase a mighty fine grotto

    1. That you sure could
      Could share with every hood lol


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