Where It Could Go With An Evolving Flow!

So the cat will tangle with old Darwin today. What else do I have to do at my bay? I could eat a little hay. But that might cause my digestion dismay. Maybe a past version of the cat needed the hay for this and that.

Humans were small,
Humans were wimpy.
Not even the size of a ball,
They were really shrimpy.

Then along comes this,
Along comes that.
Science is bliss,
Not to the cat.

They grow into an ape,
They even have a tail.
With a brain like a grape,
Could be an epic fail.

Isn't a fail a fail?
Epic is a strong word.
What is that you wail?
Okay, on with it, you turd.

They get a club,
They get some meat.
What's up bub,
They do the caveman beat.

Then they wear clothes,
Thankful for that.
Could cause eyes woes,
To this poor cat.

Now here we are,
Fighting from afar.
Which is still on par,
With every past sand bar.

Maybe backwards it will be,
Humans turn to paste.
Shrimpy from sea to sea,
What a waste.

At least the cockroaches will be happy,
They will dance a jig.
Maybe they'll eat Flappy,
Then they'd grow awful big.

Or maybe they won't terminate,
Instead add mechanical parts.
That would be an interesting fate,
A machine with a heart.

That is where the cat's thoughts roamed today. Well actually months ago at my bay. But what they heck, good to have another on deck. Now I will evolve my sass, right, not likely from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. 'So the cat will tangle with old Darwin'
    No arguments expected no monkeying
    Look up to apes
    as cousins or mate!
    No instance then of one so tempting


    1. The cat will give him a go
      Even if in the wind his ashes does blow

  2. Would love to see the cat tangle with Darwin. Great verse......so talented.

  3. A brain like a grape? Happy cockroaches? What would Darwin think?

    1. Might shun the cat
      But the cat is okay with that

  4. Well, it would be quite a change if evolution started working backward!
    Shrimpy from sea to see would be quite a sight to see
    and can you imagine the world if cockroaches ruled!

    1. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

      Take the very tiny animals Tardigrades, they can survive high heat, and cold temps. They can last years without food or water. Some have been taken out in space, and some have survived the harsh conditions with nothing to protect them.

      They have very little to evolve, they have mastered it since the Cambrian period. Which was ages before dinosaurs

    2. Yeah those who adapt with ease need not fear change
      For no matter a warm or cold breeze they are still out on the range

  5. This was a lot of fun ~
    enjoyed it under my sun.
    Cockroaches will probably inherit the Earth,
    while humans sadly go dearth.
    I thought your verse on cows yesterday
    was awesome ~ love your rhyme play!

    1. haha glad it was grand yesterday
      Here at my bay
      And yeah we will be toast
      And the cockroaches will boast

  6. a machine with a heart is better than one with a mind
    because it might get smart enough
    to realize the roaches may be better
    than our human encroaches...

    1. Yeah, skynet will do us in
      And I'd bet they'd win

  7. Going backwards might save the earth
    No poisons and slow down the birth
    No nukes to blow up a town
    No royalty to wear a crown

    1. One day things will come to a head
      And such things will be put to bed
      Not in a good way
      From bay to bay

  8. Aw....Flappy! I miss her in your posts!

  9. Maybe a new holiday
    "Happy Cave Day!"
    make people validate
    what they have today..

  10. Didn't know cockroaches could be happy but guess they will be happy to take over the world and they just might do that. They certainly know how to move in. Makes some fun for the cats.

    1. Yeah they know how to move in
      And then the cats get some on their chin

  11. ha - the roaches might have a mighty party then... gives me shudders... darwin had a lot of fantasy me thinks with his evolution theory... he should've started writing fiction

    1. Yeah would have sold a ton I bet
      Then he would have been set

  12. Like Benjamin Button. Going backwards would not be fun. I do believe the cockroaches will have the last laugh.

    1. Backwards would suck
      Cockroaches have all the luck

  13. A machine with a heart, no bad
    But no to cockroaches inheriting the heart
    This is backward walk into evolution Pat

    Have a good long weekend ~

    1. haha well it just may be
      As we blow things up from sea to sea

  14. My question of Darwin is a simple one
    If we did involve from ape
    why did it stop and doesn't continue
    we haven't see any apes become people of late


    1. Yeah I thought that too
      So called evolution just stops out of the blue

  15. Humans have nukes.
    Monkeys fling poo.
    Who's MORE evolved?
    I think we know who.

  16. Maybe we'll all slip back into the sea
    And be nothing but a vague memory

    1. That we very well could
      But it would be no good

  17. A human machine with a heart
    some day this could be true
    with new mechanical body parts

    1. Yeah could very well be true
      As more advanced things come due

  18. Monkeys will surely win with all of our sin

  19. Don't you wish sometimes we could go back
    To a simpler time with less stressful stack
    But then we wouldn't have the internet
    And that might be as bad as it could get

    1. Yeah be nice to go back in some cases
      But no internet would not put a smile on our faces

  20. Could go to the moon, wait, done that

  21. A machine w/a heart? nah. Maybe a mechanical heart that can keep the body running like a well-oiled machine. ;)

    1. lol nice switcheroo
      May a heart and lung times two

  22. I am watching this new show called Extant. It is kind of about a machine with a heart. Haley Berry stars in it.

    1. Yeah that isn't a bad one
      Also giving it a run

  23. Some folks still are shrimpy
    Maybe a tad pimpy
    Fighting from afar
    We may end up in a jar


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