Whoopdi Friggin Doo Sticks It To You!

Robbie Raisin is back and ready to show all at the Whoopdi Friggin Doo shack, how to stick it to all. Sort of like gum to a wall. So here we are today. What do you have to say? This is a stick up. Give your best retort and don't hiccup.

Hank, how would you stick it to all at your hall?

Without a break # 47
Gates of heaven!

Break 47 bones. That will get moans. R, what about you? More words than two?

Nice try!

I guess not. He must suffer from brain rot. So Grumpy Goo, turn them blue.

I was not amused at all
Almost ready to fall

You will fall on them you say? That would make them pay. Ninja wannabe, stick it to all from sea to sea.

I just featured you! It would look bad...

I checked, you lie. No whoopdi friggin doo cry.  Truedessa stick it to those who strike a snarky pose.

I think the cat likes to play trick, a bit of a brat

Ummm cat on the brain? Want a candy cane? Claudia are you ready to stick it, come on, just a bit!

oh dang it!!

Can't even say damn? Do you like spam? WorqueenDan, stick to each fan.

The cat needs skinned, that's for sure
Take away your ability to purr!

Sorry, no taxidermy here. What a weird cheer. Keith with the long name, make stick it fame.

You can never stop blogging
If you do, you'll receive a flogging  

Hmm a flogging you say, is that like drowning in a litter tray? Manzanita, it is your turn, bring the burn.

You scared your readers half to death
They thought you started taking meth

No druggies allowed. Bet your worms are proud. Betsy, can you speak and send all up the creek?

Rolled my eyes the whole way through
and thought, 'this is a bunch of doo-doo.'

You have crap on the brain? I hope it doesn't rain. Betty, stick it to the petty.

I would even have given you a dime!

Money for me? How nice of thee. Teresa Powell Coltrin, tell all today where to stick it at your bay.

Ooooooooooh, I WILL get you back!!!!! :) 

Hmmm say it scary and things may get hairy. Oui Oui, stick it to ever cat tree with glee.

Thanks for all the help trashing the house! 

Hmm okay, nod and agree I say.  Rosey, let all have it. Don't hold back a bit.

What a braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! Oh my gosh, you need your behind kicked a good swift kick or two. I totally fell for it and was thinking, 'no way, not the cat!!' grrr.. I wish I had a dog right now.

Someone has anger issues. Need some tissues?  Anne, can you top that at your mat?

A feckless bastard
you are for
treating us like retards.

Say what you really feel. What is her deal?  Mary Kirkland, time to play. Have your say.

Someone should spank your little rhyming ass

Frisky at your sea? Whatever gives you glee.  Tabbies o trout towne, who still can't spell, raise a little hell.

pay bax a bitch

I think that will come through. You and Anne should form a crew, Robyn, do you have a potty mouth as well? Come now, do tell.

That wasn't nice at your bay

So polite, no wonder celibacy is still in sight. Was that a low blow? Brian, take it away with your flow.

grrr...i was like wtf
then realized...you suck

Do you growl like a bear? That may make people stare. I think Brian scared all away. No longer do any want to play. What? It was his smell? I guess he can raise a little hell. Nose hair hell is the same. Bears aren't tame. That is all for today. Tune in next time to Whoopdi Friggin Doo to play.


You all sure stuck it to something. Not sure what at my wing. Maybe you should stick to sticking gum to the wall. Unless you are potty mouth Anne at your hall. But then she is full of gas, which is well known to all, including my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 


  1. "Hank, how would you stick it to all at your hall?"
    That's a searching question and no playing ball
    Had reached # 47 before
    Frustrated by an early riser
    Cat is encouraging to reach for it, that's a tall order


  2. i do growl on occassion instead of raising my voice
    if given a choice --- though i am not sure that removing
    the skin makes a cat purr....hmmm

    1. hmmm yeah I'd say not
      You would sure be fought lol

  3. I don't remember what the poem was about, but you raised some hackles that day! And I know I really did feature you...

    1. lol my fake I'm Done post
      And yeah you did indeed at your coast

  4. Thankfully I don't hear many people growling
    But I sometimes hear my neighbors howling
    Don't want to know what's going on over there
    Have a feeling that there's strangeness in the air

    1. haha hmmm could be good rum
      Or they could be groping each other's bum lol

  5. LOL ;) I still say we should spank your little rhyming ass. But then you might like it too much, eh?

  6. I remember this
    you said your blog was done, with a hiss.
    I didn't believe a word
    but you got some of them good!
    You made Brian growl
    which, I'm sure, made you howl.

    1. hahaha yeah knew I would fool you
      Especially sense you know I'm 100 ahead at my zoo
      But got many indeed
      Was so much fun at my feed
      I'll be doing it until I'm dead
      Maybe not every day but will as long as things need to be said

  7. Ha ha - I can just see Truedessa sticking it to those with snarky poses!
    Perhaps she would stick them with thorns from roses!

    1. haha go on a violent rose spree
      Stabbing all to a tree

  8. Well that brought everyone's true feelings which is good. Hope all of you have a better day.

  9. Anne's got a potty mouth?
    And Robyn does, too?
    See? I do, too.

  10. "I was not amused at all
    Almost ready to fall"

    someone not having a ball

    just a bawl

  11. That Robbie Raisen's a card
    He thinks he's a bard
    Sticking it to one and all
    Making everyone's worms crawl
    Can't be a sensitive flower
    Be a big mouth meower
    You can scratch at the moon
    And make all others swoon

    1. Can do all
      And get the call
      Appearing in view
      On Whoopdi friggin doo

  12. Sorry I missed out on all the fun, but I'm glad to see you were only fooling because we all need your friendly puns!

    1. Just fooling around
      A little less than a hound

  13. Well, I sure am glad done was only in fun!

  14. Really how do you keep track of all of this
    And still manage to post every single day
    I don't think you sleep, you don't have time
    Or maybe you don't do any play?


    1. haha when you are far ahead
      You can rest all day in bed
      2015 now at my sea
      Half way through January

  15. I'm Southern. We don't growl! We're too polite for that. We whisper behind people's backs!

    1. lol well that is better than growl I suppose
      Drool comes with growling that could cause woes

  16. I remember when
    You said you were done with blogging zen
    April Fool, wasn't it?
    Glad it was just an unpopped zit
    Glad you didn't go away
    Glad you're still rhyming at your bay

    1. Still around forever
      With this blogging endeavor

  17. I will stick to my hall
    with cat's help
    at the door
    clawing &

  18. Now you tell me! I've been sober all summer long! I guess it's my own fault...I never read the fine print.

    1. haha have to dig down deep
      In order to take the drunk leap

  19. Robbie Raisin sure has a mouth on him. haha

  20. ha - after my post today, people probably think i took meth as well... i didn't though... ha

  21. orlin N cassie

    ba jezuz waddya meen we canna spell...look up de werd ....uh, lets see....look up de werd....


    just look up any thing we

    1. Well that last bit works
      Faaaaaa has its perks

  22. N


    heer we iz tryin ta be smarts azzez with R commint
    .....N we hit publish commint by miss take....

    thanx for de shout out guys !! ♥

    1. lol alright to go times two
      Being a smart ass is fun to do

  23. Breaking 47 bones, growling like a bear, oh my.

  24. No growling from me but hoping Hank passed that mark ~

    His timezone sure makes him no. 1 at your park ~

    1. That it does indeed
      Can get here easy at my feed

  25. Being a bit under the weather, I enjoyed this very much.

    1. Hope you are better soon
      Tomorrow say by noon

  26. This has been an exhausting hard summer for me. I think the 47 bones thing got to me.

  27. Did someone say "flogging" at their bay?
    Join my bootcamp... I give you a cramp today

  28. LOL at Stephanie's response and so true:)

  29. Robbie Raisin is quite the snarky fellow

  30. The cat sure likes to use our words against us

  31. A feckless bastard
    you are for
    treating us like retards.

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much ~ Shakespeare . . . :)

    1. lmao Anne has a potty mouth
      Maybe it was the stunt to her growth

  32. haha - I do remember the day
    you gave a fright at your bay
    telling all you were going away
    the cat sure does like to play

    the cat was being a bit of brat
    all at the hands of his pal Pat
    who is always ahead at his mat
    pulling a rhyme or two from his hat

    Now, our words come into view
    for all to say whoopdi friggin do
    all is fun here at this crazy zoo
    the cat is a brat it is true...haha

    1. The cat enjoys being a brat
      No better way to be a cat
      Pat can be one too
      And just say it is me at our zoo
      A win win all around
      Anything else, blame a hound lol

  33. Not meth for me at my bay; valium maybe, sleeping the month away.

    Uh huh, I suck at rhyming. Just saying Hullo, and hopping away.

    1. haha well it rhyme still
      Even if you pop a different pill

  34. Guess you got them
    Things were bedlam
    Threatening to leave
    Who would believe

  35. Flogging and Spankings all in one posts. Can't wait to see what Google search has for you soon lol.

    1. haha yeah might be scary
      And include searches that are hairy

  36. Theresa's right, your readers probably don't help much with the weirdo terms that get put into your search engine sometimes, lolol

    And I remember that post where you said faked a quit. Pffft

    1. haha was a fun fake
      Got you, piece of cake lol


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