A Little Play With Words Again At My Den!

There are some sayings that are easy to poke fun of indeed. Then there are some that make no sense at ones feed. Then there are some that can be either or. Let's go with them at my shore.

The pen is mightier than the sword.
Sure, a pen can sign an award.
It can make you rich.
But stabbed with a sword leaves you dead in a ditch.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Well it would be easy to eat for thee.
No exercise for poor old you.
Of course a clunk may come due.

When Hell freezes over.
Might be liked by rover.
They jump through the snow.
Plus you could put on a Disney on ice show.

God gave us the nuts but he doesn't crack them.
The other day saw this gem.
Cracking them gives you some work to do.
But they may get a crack if you piss off someone at your zoo.

Keep your head about you.
Saves you from being headless at your zoo.
Then a head you won't have to find.
But sadly, you can still lose your mind.

Leave no stone unturned.
You may get sun burned.
But work those muscles out a ton.
Isn't lifting stones fun?

Stick to your guns.
Could always scare tons.
But if stuck on you,
You may spend a lot on super glue.

Slow and steady wins the race.
The sun and smells you get to embrace.
But you still lose to the bunny.
Hey, at least it was sunny.

A penny for your thoughts.
You could learn lots,
And be rich too.
Okay, one of the two.

Cross that bridge when we come to it.
Look, more exercise to keep you fit.
You may end up out of breath,
But it's better than jumping off to your death.

There you are once again here at my den. Do you stick to your guns and give people the runs? That may smell. Cracking nuts could be a hard sell. Thankfully I am snip snip at my grass. So no cracking needed for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. 'Cross that bridge when we come to it'
    Heard that before to stifle arguing skits
    Appropriate order
    Just not to bother
    Problems need to be resolved to exact fit


    1. Have to do things as they come
      Can't beat the same old drum

  2. What comes around goes around.
    And around and around and around...
    And then you barf because you're so dizzy.

    1. That is a great image to have now lol
      regurgitation is fine though if you are a cow

  3. Tons of cliches! I try to stay away from them, but they creep up in everyday conversation, whether you like it or not.

    1. Yeah they find a way
      I guess relevant they want to stay

  4. ' A cat in gloves catches no mice' ~
    move to fetch it- advice
    so, we need proverbs sometimes.

    1. That we do
      Claws can go through gloves old or new

  5. I agree with with Stephanie said
    try to avoid, but they are part of life
    they slip out whether we like them or not
    most of the time though they don't cause strife


    1. Yeah they can make for fun
      When you give them a run
      Or leave some thinking what the hell
      Finding they aren't swell

  6. Images are very pleasing
    Better than a day of sneezing
    The "keep your head" is very weird
    How can one now grow a beard?

    If a stitch in time saves nine
    Hang your clothes out on the line
    If before the horse you put your cart
    Your friends will say you're really smart

    1. haha yeah, where's your head gonna go
      Out the window?
      The horse may be the smart one
      If that were done

  7. And rolling moss gathers no stones! Love that header!!

  8. My MIL always says, 'penny for your thoughts,' and then she inevitably breaks out in song, ' a penny a kiss, a penny a hug...' lol.

    I get the whole pen/sword thing, but if we're in a war, I'm going for the sword too. ;) Have a great Sunday!!

    1. haha who knew they could make one break into song
      Yeah, a pen vs a sword, what could go wrong

  9. Where else can a head go unless it meets up with the sword

  10. It's a good thing there are lots of bridges

  11. I like the deal of 'a penny for your thoughts'. Wouldn't you like to know what in the world some people are thinking. Those are all great sayings. Have a great Sunday Pat.

    1. Yeah be nice sometimes to find out what they think
      Then again maybe turn ones all kinds of pink

  12. Oh, damn, mate, have I missing this cat!/Sesquipedalian feline with always something different out of its magic hat! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  13. Thanks for the laughs, Pat! I love old sayings, and sometimes it's fun to track down their origins. I worked with third graders who are literal to say the least. I remember early on in my teaching career saying in frustration to one little kiddo who had done something flat-out stupid: "Don't you have a head on your shoulders?" The little girl put her hands on her head and said very puzzled, "It's right here, Mrs. B." Sometimes I miss the literal munchkins! Have a good one!

    1. lmao you have to watch what you say
      As they can take it a whole other way
      And then you seem strange
      They look at you like you are out on the range

    2. LOL! I got a lot of those looks! But we had fun!

    3. Fun is all that matters indeed
      Unless fights break out and you bleed

  14. Well... If you cross the bridge BEFORE you come to it you're... you're... Hmmm... It's just not gonna work.


    1. lol you land in water, maybe?
      Sure beat the heck out of me

  15. The early bird gets the worm!
    I guess that would make Hank squirm.

    1. haha Hank sure squirms on in
      Going for the win

  16. They're like two peas in a pod,
    Ones name is Moe, the other Todd.

  17. Who says hell is hot
    Maybe it's not
    Maybe it's frozen stiff
    Jump off a cliff
    Money makes the world go round
    How much does it take... a pound
    Or a good ole buck
    Bringing you luck
    Turning stones
    Finding bones

    1. Maybe it's luke warm
      Or has a snow storm
      But a buck is a buck
      Rather have enough to fill a truck

    2. And I bet you don't mean a Dinky Toy
      Somewht less to enjoy

    3. My keys are so flat
      No room for an a in my hat

    4. Need to inflate
      And yeah, no dinky toy trait

  18. "The elevator doesn't go to the penthouse"
    "He's as poor as a church mouse"
    "A leopard can't change his spots"
    "Who is calling the shots"

    Fun to rhyme with idioms galore
    Could be here forever at your shore

    1. haha fun ones indeed
      And yeah so may take seed

  19. No pen is better than the master sword

    or even the Kokiri sword. And that thing is awful

  20. The apple might not fall far from the tree but the worn makes a hole.

    1. And maybe makes a few
      With such woes coming due

  21. Ha, I would want more than a penny for my thoughts! Smiles.

  22. This was nutty & funny!
    Here is a penny!
    Lol :)

    1. lol a golden penny for me?
      I'll take it at my sea

  23. 'What goes around comes around' - one I'd like to believe, but never ever in the timeline you wish for!

    1. Nope, it takes a long time
      And sometimes it's an untruthful chime

  24. Sadly, I know many who would not make a lot off their thoughts, especially at a penny each.

    1. haha yeah they wouldn't get far
      Better luck searching the cushions of the car

  25. Very clever post Pat, loved the read.

  26. I am always telling my Daughter that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    1. lol geez lying at your sea
      As they can go on a rollling spree


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