And Yet Another One To Put In A Bun!

So they can't beat the cat, I meow and swat and they all scat, which means they try and add more to their crew. They will never beat me even if they have a whole zoo.

The cat goes to the other sea,
And you can tell I'm not happy.
 Put there is room to run,
And swatting the other cats can be fun.

See, they know to stay away.
I rule even their bay.
That puffball has nothing on me.
It is one big hairball kitty.

They are everywhere.
Cassie is nicer at their lair.
I'd swat that one too.
Yep, even if sleeping, it is true.

Their army gets their tummy full,
But they still have no pull.
I jump out and they scatter.
Hey, saves them from getting fatter.

And you remember the hot dog.
He also travels through that bog.
But his tail is so fun to chew.
I can chase him away too.

And then there is the huge mutt.
She always wants to sniff my butt.
I don't like that one bit.
On her I should take a big umm spit.

See, can't even rest.
They are such a pest.
One tries, then the other.
Glad it isn't my brother.

They stampede my gate.
But out is still their fate.
They won't get into my room.
Cassie will surely cause them doom.

And here is the next hot dog.
Why don't they get a frog?
Technically it will be a cousin though.
So won't always be there when to the other sea I go.

But this is the end.
Their army can't buck my trend.
All dogs and cats there but Cass,
Can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Now the cat has to deal with ten cats and three dogs when there, at least sometimes at the other lair. Thankfully they will all run away, except the big mutt on display. But Cassie takes care of her, as she puffs up her fur. I take care of the other eleven when we trespass. Those are fine odds for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. I guess I am late
      Such is my fate
      Thought I would try
      To this I say good-bye

    2. Cute pics of dogs and cats
      All lined up eating at their sea
      Orlin rules even at their mat
      Wanting the others to leave him be

    3. Say goodbye to number one
      But at least number 2 was done
      2 as one
      Is more fun lol

      Orlin scares them all
      Except for the big mutt at that hall

  2. 'And Yet Another One To Put In A Bun'
    Pretty much an invitation for some fun
    And without a bore
    Each with a chore
    Without a doubt all going for a fun run


    1. Yeah many have fun
      As around they run
      He swats away
      Not nice at their bay

  3. Dear Lord, it's Wild Kingdom! I bet the cat was stressed.
    Although the wall-cave of DVDs at the end is impressive...

    1. haha yeah he is always on guard
      When we play in their backyard
      That was only a few
      Of the dvds at my zoo

  4. If cats and dogs can learn to coexist in peace
    Maybe someday world wars will cease

    1. Many sure do learn
      But some fires still burn
      Like the sniff of a butt
      From the mutt haha

  5. Visiting another sea is a curi-os-ci-tee. Cats puff their fur, dogs bark out loud, they even try to form a crowd. They have a habit Orlin hates the most, sniffing butts, what a host. Humans are seen as often weird and sometimes they are really feared. But there's one thing they rarely do, sniff butts of others at their zoo.
    Some great pics that tell the story, with Orlin things are never borey.

    1. Only those on meds
      Bow down their heads
      And give the butt a sniff
      Humans off meds may also take a whiff
      Orlin can tell the story
      Even if it gets gory

    2. Pat
      I'm in hysterics..... what an image.

    3. lol not one you'd really want to happen to you
      Imagine your butt getting a sniff or two

  6. With such a group-ers
    I think they are troopers
    and never let their human
    to get in stuper :)

    1. Never a bore
      Always something to do at the other shore

  7. Ha, my dogs would not enjoy life with cats
    anymore than they'd enjoy life with rats!

  8. Replies
    1. haha they all line up to chow down
      There at the other cat town

  9. What fun to see your sea of cats and dogs. Loved the pictures. And dogs and cats can get along. The cats here love the dog. That picture of them all eating together is terrific. Looks like my house. Take care.

    1. They like the small dog there
      But the big one not so much at the other lair

  10. That new little one is such a cutie!

    1. The cat will howl at him though
      As he is seen at the other show

  11. oh wow... that's quite the crowd... i'd love to have a dog...friends of mine got a little pup and i just fell in love with him... sigh

    1. haha could get one at your sea
      Fill you with glee

  12. I don't know why the stereotype is that dogs hate cats; my dogs like hanging out with my cat, and when she gets mad they are absolutely terrified of her. She rules the house with an iron fist (paw?).

    And those pictures of the dogs are great, because they're a lot like mine - they hardly ever sit still long enough to get a picture that doesn't contain motion blur.

    1. Yeah it is one big stereotype indeed
      They can get along at each others feed
      You just have to take the time to introduce them and such
      But yeah, the cats rule with one iron touch

  13. This is fun I think the cat wasn´t happy with all these buddies!
    But I love the little hot dog:))))
    aw and I see you have a lot o movies and videos look fun!!

    1. The cat isn't happy at all
      But he does enjoy swatting the cats as he runs down the hall
      Had a ton at my sea
      Many a movie

  14. I'm scared to tell you I'm not much of an animal person… *hides* But I respect people who are! *tries to dig myself out of a hole*

    1. lol don't have to be at your sea
      Wouldn't want them to be on a ledge anyway with thee haha

  15. I love when you share your felines
    On this day your blog really shines
    If you did this every day
    It'd be so hard to stay away!

    1. haha not sure that many pictures is had
      To do it every day at my pad

  16. Oh my goodness! You're movies are in such tidy order. You'd have a heart attack if you saw my shelves. Your pets look happy...they're lucky to have such a loving, orderly home.

    1. Orderly it is indeed at my feed
      Thanks to my ocd taking seed haha

  17. I'm definitely a dog person, so the pictures of dogs make me happy!

    1. The dogs are good for something at the other sea
      As they continue to bother the kitty haha

  18. orlin N cassie

    cranberreez guys if ewe hada familee ree union de pic a nix table wood stretch frum Canada ta Australia !!

    ~~~ de tuxie looks like sauce..♥♥

    oh, N we did knot see dark shadows in yur mewvie collectshunz....ther be 6 of
    "de beginning" and 26 for post barnabas collins.....over 1200 episodes in all...
    YAY !!!

    1. Never heard of that one at my sea
      Yeah, there will be many a kitty

  19. Dear Pat, in Stillwater, Minnesota, I lived with four cats: Jeremiah, Noah, Laz, and Eliza Doolittle. By the time I moved here to Independence, Missouri, three of them had died--within six months of each other. But Eliza, at age twenty came with me and saw me settled in before dying.

    Then I went to the animal shelter and brought four home. I've never lived with more than that and so 10 cats and 3 dogs sounds like a real menagerie to me! Peace.

    1. haha could bring chaos with that many around
      2 is my limit but may add a hound

  20. That new little pup sure is cute!
    Bet it's your sisters, to boot.
    Now, who belongs to that dvd collection?
    Nanny, I reckon?

    1. haha that it is indeed
      So the cat will avoid it when at the other feed
      Actually they were sold a while ago
      So no ones collection at our show

  21. Do you want any more cats? I have some to spare.

    1. haha two is enough for me
      But you can add some to the other sea

  22. I want the himmie. Lots of animals, lots of movies:)

    1. There are many breeds there
      And lots of movies indeed were at my lair

  23. No cats and dogs for me ~
    I enjoy looking at them,
    but that's all ha ~

    1. haha well at least you can look
      There at your nook

  24. A horde of cats to be sure! I hope the dogs can hold their own.

    1. The big one can indeed
      The weiner though not quite at their feed

  25. Too many cats in one place for me
    and Koda would never put up with a cat
    even though he's blind as a bat
    he can still smell them when he's outside and they are close by
    he continues to bark at them and make their fur fly


    1. haha make the cats run
      The cat likes that kid of fun

  26. so many cats in the hall

    having a ball?

  27. No cats or dogs under my roof..just three rats stealing my food.

  28. I want that big fuzzy white kitty in the first picture! I can't believe the cat doesn't like having so many friends to play with. He needs some schooling on how to be more social!

    1. haha he is not social at all
      Scare the other cats right up the wall

  29. An excellent post all round, verse, pictures and DVD,
    Have a good week-end.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. They're all cute, and none as cute as your sassy cat. But awwww to the fuzzy white cat and the big black dog!!

    1. the sassy cats wins you say
      He likes that at his bay

  32. Wow - kitties galore
    At your shore
    And such a wee pup
    Could eat him up!

  33. Poor Cassie... she is just out numbered. LOL I seen you gave the spammer the ole hammer.

    1. Spammer gets the hammer
      And yeah cassie may develop a stammer


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