How Long Do You Wait Before Closing The Gate?

So the other day as the cat was out and about at his bay, I was being lazy and gave an oopsy daisy. Yeah, I used the elevator at my sea and did not wait for another person to join me. But he was far far away. He never asked to stop it anyway.

How long do you wait,
Before you close the gate?
Do you sit and stare,
And fiddle with your hair?

Do you watch the slow,
Who obviously can go.
But instead choose to walk slow,
Then if you leave they blow.

Pffft to those.
They don't smell like a rose.
If they want on,
Get there before dawn.

Do you wait for the slacker,
Who is a lazy man packer?
Taking 50 things at once,
Dropping everything like a dunce.

If they are near,
Have no fear.
But if they drop non stop,
Waiting is a flop.

What if you wait,
And they do a better trait.
They take the stairs.
Wasted time for your cares.

What if they yell to you,
But then move slow like glue?
Do you still wait,
Or ignore them with the slow trait?

Or maybe they give a yell,
And you hold for a spell.
They flap their trap,
To some other chap.

Do you still wait?
Could be a new date,
By the time they are through.
What if you have to use the loo?

How long do you wait,
Before you close the gate?
Is there a golden rule,
Or do you just hit all the buttons like a fool?

So how long do you wait? Asked that five times at my gate. Okay, maybe four. Who knows with this rhyming tour. I hit the button and off I go. Pffft to them if they are too slow. It will come back down for another pass after it's done delivering my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. How Long Do You Wait Before Closing The Gate?
    One has lots of errands too and can't afford to wait
    It gets confusing
    One not giving in
    One ought to be fast and on top and not play dead


    1. Not play dead is the way to be
      Get there and then you can ride for free

  2. Don't worry about it, mate
    It's all to do with fate
    If your going up and they say down
    You feel like a clumsy clown
    If they say down and you go up
    You feel a silly pup.
    And if they don't use the lift
    After you've stopped you feel 'niffed'
    I would wait a while
    And for a lady smile.

    1. haha for a lady you say
      Elevator love at play? lol
      Yeah seems they never want it when you wait
      And then if you don't missing it is their fate
      But oh well
      Shouldn't be as slow as hell lol

  3. Push a button thar she blows
    Like a whale with harpooned toes
    Way up where the air is thin
    Where you work in your bin
    Wait for the crowd or they get miffed
    Squeeze in push on, it's just a lift

    1. Wait for a crowd
      Who yell rather loud
      No thank you
      I'll go before they have a clue

  4. Fifteen minutes is a long enough wait
    unless it is a very important date
    I'll walk right out and close the gate

    1. 15 minutes is a long time
      That right there is a crime

  5. A good question but I suppose it's up to the individual.
    Good verse.

  6. I hate elevators! I don't take them very often anymore now that I work from home, but when I worked downtown, I would always take the stairs if I could. I worked in a building for my last eight years with the state that wouldn't let us take the stairs up. They were locked on the first floor unless you were coming out. So I had to take the elevator (I worked on the second floor). I hated that whole 'hold the door or not' question. People would be coming through the main doors and you knew they saw you, so you'd have to hold the door to avoid being seen as rude! Then there were the people with walkers who moved really slowly and you knew it would be about five minutes before they got to the elevator--it always felt rude to not hold the doors for them.

    1. haha seems you sure experienced this one
      It does feel rude whether they are slow or can run
      But by the time the slow ones get there
      You could be settled in at your work lair
      And kinda dumb about the second floor
      I guess stair cleaning was a chore
      Only allowed one way to play
      So dirt wouldn't go every which way

  7. Dang, we end up waiting for humans all of the time. That's why we nap so much!

    1. Yeah they take their sweet time
      Even when they are in their so called prime

  8. If they can't catch it then they will have to wait

  9. If you hesitate, wait too long
    to close the gate.
    Here comes a dude in a thong....
    Oops. Too late.

    1. lol makes me never want to wait
      That would be an awful fate

  10. If someone is strolling and not making an effort, I might not wait. Give me a little hustle or a look of panic and I'll wait.Not so my wife - the first button she hits when she enters is 'close doors.'

    1. lmao she has no patience for them at your sea
      If they hussle a wait is okay by me

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  12. i probably wait and inordinate amount
    probably to a fault but there comes a point,
    because if you wait for him
    the next will want in and you will be there all
    day til packed like sardines at your bay

    1. Yeah that is true
      Wait for one and it becomes two
      Then you are crammed in
      Better to hit the button then be chin to chin

  13. we hold the door
    not elevator though
    for our neighbors
    'cause busy hands and so
    won't try to open door with toe.

    1. A door is fine to hold
      When they are joining the fold
      But won't wait all day
      For that either at my bay

  14. I hate elevators, only I want stop! Yes is a trauma, long story!
    When we go to dentist with kids are number 11!!! I dont like:(
    I prefer the stairs!

    1. Elevator trauma at your sea
      Oh that is a bad thing to have for thee haha

    2. When I was a child we lived in a building many years and a lot of time the elevators had problems.

  15. I just hit the button at once, no waiting as there are other elevators to choose from ~ Have a good weekend pat ~

    1. With more than one
      Makes it easier to get done

  16. Elevator etiquette, oh boy! I most often wait,
    but I think the fun starts after the gate.
    Everyone standing carefully distributed in space.
    No one looking at another face.
    I like to shake things up a little ~
    crack those composed expressions brittle.
    It's fun to mess up personal body space
    while keeping a straight face,
    or give an enthusiastic greeting
    in our forced mass meeting!
    I have a feeling you'd be funny,
    in an elevator, sonny!
    Have a good day
    at your bay!

    1. haha I'd do a thing or two
      To tick off a few
      Or have some fun
      Maybe make them run

  17. haha I prefer not many at my gate
    so not sure how long I would wait
    keeping the germs down to a few
    going up or down some have no clue
    if you ask me to hold the door
    this I have done a few times before
    how about the one that squeezes in
    catching a ride with a big grin
    looking ahead, waiting to get off
    have a good day just don't cough

    1. haha yeah the squeeze play
      Sure doesn't make my day
      Keep all their germs away
      Rather scoop the litter tray

  18. To wait or not to wait
    you, the keeper
    of the gate.

    Destiny you hold
    in the palm of your paws
    only some shall pass
    whilst you wipe your ass.

    An unlucky few
    will get on with you
    to be trapped with your
    smell and descend
    into hell.

    I'd never get on a lift with you Cat. Your feted odour would cling like a miasma.

    1. lmao just let on rip
      Be a fun trip
      Basked in my smell
      Well they drop dead for a spell

  19. I wait until the door closes itself
    if I am traveling by a lift
    I really try to avoid them though
    been caught in them more than once, causing a big mift!


    1. Yeah caught in them can suck
      If people are far away they are outta luck

  20. usually i'm nice and wait for someone when they're not too far away....otherwise the elevator will be back until they made it all along the aisle...

    1. The best way to go
      Unless they are close and still walk slow

  21. I remember using a elevator near the beach at a hotel many years ago. Was on the first floor somewhat late at night and it was rather spooky. Heard a shadowy figure walking closer, and was pushing the close button like a paranoid goober.

    1. hahaha a scary ghost after you
      I'd hit the close button fast too

  22. I wait if they are moving
    But not if they are chatting and grooving
    As I sometimes walk with a cane
    I appreciate doors held to ease my pain

    1. Give and take
      With a hand shake
      Or a door hold
      Sometimes can be gold

  23. If you've gotta go to the loo, all bets are off... just go. They'll either be there when you get back, or not, but you won't be jumping around longing for the kitty litter. :)

    1. lol yeah if you got to take a crap
      I won't stop for any chap

  24. Or you can just take the stairs. Exercise.

    1. What if it is 50 floors up though?
      Be dead at the top I know

  25. When too many try to squeeze in,
    I try to deflate the largest with a pin.
    Once he starts sputtering about,
    I open the gate to let the flat tire out.


    1. lol give the flat tire a kick
      And they go out some slick

  26. If they are right there and they can get in before the door closes that's fine, I don't hold the door they can just wait.

  27. If waiting means I'll be alone in there with a creep
    I'll close the doors, pretending my manners are asleep! Ha.

    1. haha no creepies allowed
      They are worse than a crowd

  28. Unless someone clearly disabled, I don't wait. The older I get, the bigger the jerk I become. Most people are jerks anyway and forget to thank you for going out of your way to do something nice, so why bother?

  29. If I see someone walking towards it, I save
    No matter how far, I wanna be nice til I'm in the grave

    1. haha look at you all nice
      Bet you'd even save it for mice haha


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