No Matter The Amount You Count!

So did you ever think about while sitting bored or playing out, the amount of times in the day when you count away? Haven't caught on to me yet? Just follow the flow of the pet.

Start your day,
To your dismay.
Early to rise,
Still not so wise.

Count the minutes to work,
With that boss jerk.
Unless the boss jerk is you,
Then you just count at your zoo.

Count the seconds to go,
Before food is ready to show.
You have to eat,
Before the walk down the street.

Count the miles you walk,
Or bike or just stalk.
Or more than likely drive,
Hopefully you survive.

Count the miles to go,
Before an oil change is to show.
Or the tires need be changed.
Maybe the car needs to be rearranged.

Count the seconds of the day,
Until you can be on your way.
Count the hours for your pay.
The government takes half anyway.

Count the stairs you climb.
Hey, it's done by a mime.
Or maybe one with OCD.
No, never done by me.

Count the reps you workout.
Sometimes you even shout.
You want all to see,
Big old muscle-y thee.

Count the birds in your yard.
Hopefully past ten isn't hard.
Count the days until you mow.
Don't mow over your toe.

Count the days of the week.
Count your age at your creek.
Count the squares on the wall.
You simply count it all.

Who said math would never be used. I know, you feel abused. All that counting you never thought about. But now the counting jig is out. Or would that be up? Go ask a pup. I will count the times I pass gas out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "No Matter The Amount You Count"
    It will hopefully not cause a frown
    Just tickle a little
    Where possible
    Numbers not likely to slow one down


    1. Nope, just go go go
      As they will continue to show
      Like 7 at my sea
      And #1 for thee

  2. I go cuckoo with my count
    As the number seem to mount
    Brazil nuts often make one fat
    Two a day is where it's at
    Walnuts are a friend of mine
    One a day to make you shine
    Pumpkin seeds will ex-pell worms
    One tablespoon to name your terms

    1. Brazil nuts I have one a day
      Don't need selenium poisoning at my bay
      Walnuts I switch with cashews
      Those surely can't lose
      Two hand full of pumpkin seeds a day
      To keep the worms away

  3. The only thing I count is the miles I rake up on my bike/or when I take a hike/how long from A to B?/or Z to C?/It's all confusing right now/words and numbers, why did this happen, adn how? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Numbers flow
      At my show
      Counting the reps too
      And posts at my zoo

  4. I watch the seconds tick down on the microwave several times a day while making tea.

  5. count away at your bay
    how many comments today
    how may views at your zoo
    look at the stats, it's grand
    here at your land :)

  6. Maybe I will try to Count Dracula!

  7. I guess we do count a lot. Never realized it until now. :)

    1. See, the cat keeps all in tune
      Now you'll always remember as you count at your sand dune

  8. I find myself counting my lunch time and
    how long the office elevators open & bring me down ~

    Happy weekend Pat ~

  9. We don't realize how much we do it. good thing the cat does.

  10. Counting this and counting that
    counting calories so you don't get fat
    counting steps across the room
    counting days to winter gloom
    counting money you spend each day
    counting seconds that tick away
    counting friends and counting foes
    counting times you blow your nose
    no wonder you have no time to play
    when counting steals your time away!

    1. haha look at you go
      With the counting flow
      thankfully no need to blow my nose
      So I avoid one counting woes
      Taking stock of all around
      Where counting can abound
      Time ticks on with each count
      One's time lessening as it does amount

    2. good that you don't need to count nose blows
      yes time times on, and on and on it goes
      we just must go with the flow
      which will prevent us from unneeded woe!

    3. Yeah can't sit and ponder time
      As we waste too much with such a chime

  11. Everything in life it seems we can count if we wanted to

    1. That we can indeed
      Just count away at your feed

  12. It seems we are always counting
    as numbers just keep mounting
    even counted those wooly sheep
    trying to drift off into peaceful sleep
    some numbers are just meant to be
    just look around and you will see
    a pattern of numbers will soon appear
    always surfacing within you sphere..

    1. Yeah we just have to count
      For a certain amount
      Like the 9-5
      To get out alive
      Some can surely be found
      All around
      But whether or not they are meant to be
      Is totally up to perception at ones sea

    2. That is true about perception
      or maybe it is preconception

    3. Yeah all judged by one
      About what is seen under the sun

  13. This is my ABSOLUTE favorite rhyme of all time. Love!

    1. Who knew counting would be such a hit
      As I rhymed about it a bit

  14. Oh, and this is gross, I count the seconds while my puppy is weeing. You see, I think sometimes she fakes the pee to get back inside quicker. My issue not hers.

    1. hahaha a fake pee you say
      Have fun counting that at your bay
      I count for the cat though
      To make sure he isn't blocked down there at our show

    2. And....this makes me feel better about myself.

  15. Interesting fact, that we do spend so much time counting everything thing in our lives. Counting is an important part of our lives. Maybe life would be better with no counting at all. Have a great Sunday Pat.

    1. Yeah throw the counting out the window
      And then away we will go

  16. I count while spinning my hula hoop
    and all others counts come in the loop
    time - number one
    to start, stop and run
    all activities during the day
    to keep negativity off my bay.

    1. Keeping negativity away
      Is a big plus at any bay
      Need to hula hoop away
      And have fun through the day

  17. That's funny! I never realized how much we count throughout the day, and how we waste time counting...

    1. Yep, we waste a ton counting away
      Each and every day

  18. I constantly count, the time until I pass away........

  19. I do admit I count
    the time for work to be done
    but that's only because I want to
    get out and enjoy some sun!


    1. Yeah out of that place
      I sure do count and wish for time to race

  20. You know that Pat?
    Well, we think that HE
    Might be just a little
    Well, OCD.

    1. lol the cat will agree
      He surely has a touch of OCD

  21. Count the seconds to go?
    It makes me depressingly sick.
    As I age, the flow goes slow.
    Pee in under a minute's a neat trick.

    1. Damn, I have that to look forward too?
      I hope #2 doesn't also take forever to come due

  22. I do work for myself--I'm SUCH a jerk of a boss. I'm making myself work on Sunday!

    1. lmao damn, that is just down right mean
      There at your scene

  23. I hate losing count in my head

    hard to keep numbers before bed

  24. I always count three heads
    to make sure they are still here and fed. haha.
    And I count workout reps, too
    when lifting weights at my zoo.

    1. Yep, have to count the reps at ones sea
      And I count two heads, each kitty

  25. I worked with numbers in my previous life.
    Writing causes a lot more strife.

    VR Barkowski

  26. I read a Stephen King short story about counting. Now, when I catch myself counting stuff, I think back on that story and tell myself if I don't stop, I am going to become a lunatic like the counters in his story.

    1. haha there was a Jim Carrey movie like that too
      And he became loony at his zoo

  27. Counting sheep
    Before I slumber
    But I seem to have reached
    An awfully high number

    1. Then morning shines through
      And what comes due?
      A grumpy you
      But the counting is through

  28. I never realized how much I count! In our ongoing canasta wars, I'm counting cards a lot. That's a mental workout! I don't miss counting kids. I was counting constantly, especially on field trips and fire drills. Wouldn't want to lose a kiddo! Have a good one!

    1. Yeah my ocd would have a fit
      Trying to keep track of each kid and where they sit


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