No Need To Scoff, Just A Little Off!

Ever have a word of three at your sea that looks right but it is spelled wrong? I have come to find a few as I sing my daily rhyming song.

I go all whalla at my sea.
I have done the whalla spree.
Oopsy, my french sucks.
Viola it is, aww shucks.

Then one from before,
Went all flare at my shore.
Fine if a signal I need to send,
But flair is the correct trend.

Another has to do with spit,
And my ocd did not let me spell it.
Yeah, we'll go with that,
Flem = phlegm at every mat.

Those three are mine,
That were caught by the feline.
I'm sure there are more.
I find some as I explore.

Libary I've seen a time or ten.
I guess they like berries at their den.
I wonder if they are tasty too?
I guess a library could tell you.

Harrass I came across.
Maybe they didn't floss?
Nope, R it wasn't you.
I won't harass and turn you blue.

One lit a fire,
Going firey to aspire.
I guess fiery is a liar.
Fire must be dire.

Gage was a fun one.
Looks right when done.
But I couldn't gauge it.
Maybe they both are a hit.

Believe me I have seen,
Many pop up on screen.
Beleve me I say,
They are on display.

But I don't care.
Just what I've seen at my or another lair.
I accommadate all.
Oh yeah, accommodate at my hall.

Any words you flip flop when away they drop? Seen any at any other sea that stick out to thee? Catch a few of mine yet? That is a safe bet. Many sure do come to pass. But oh well, says my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. "words you flip flop when away they drop"
    Pick a good one and you've done your job
    Let them be
    Not to worry!
    It is not going to show defiance like a mob


    1. Yeah not gong to show
      Unless far down you go
      Then there may be a mob
      Grammar Nazi's and poor old Bob

  2. Loved this Pat.
    Have a good week-end.

  3. Doughnuts/donuts. I always think it's the former, but others usually spell it the latter, so I dunno. ;)

    Ever see a word written in a book and think you know how to pronounce it, then you hear it pronounced and you weren't right at all?

    1. I've seen it both ways as well
      Sometimes spelling can be hell
      haha I have done that with words from a book
      Also people's names and then they give me a funny look

    2. Donuts is the American way of spelling it.

    3. that is how I spell it donuts..

    4. Americans changed a bunch at their sea
      No wankers allowed when they speak free lol

  4. I used to spell when I was young
    Was kind of like a song I'd sung
    The words were fresh, fun and new
    I don't mean like some words I knew
    As time goes by words often change
    Unlike a rocky mountain range

    1. Yeah with texting and the like
      Some words take a hike
      Shortened as can be
      To make them easy

  5. Oh those are good. Spell check doesn't always catch my misspellings when I spell a word right but use it wrong.

    1. Yeah spell check is only so good
      Many a time it will leave things wrong at one's hood

  6. I have to always be checkig my spelling. I always want to put an extra M in coming.

    1. haha should have checked there
      Missed an N at my lair

  7. I have to watch a few words as well. I think we all have them

  8. There are some that escape me but I watch out for them now

  9. I never quite figured out why these are spelled so close but are pronounced so differently: laughter daughter. Sigh.

    1. An eye rhyme that is
      Foot and Boot have the same biz

  10. Spelling is not a problem when we text a friend.
    We leave out letters from the beginning to the end.

  11. Hey, Pat,
    where you're at!
    I spot misspelled words all over the place, including on my own blog. That darn
    auto-predict and auto-correct in my computer drive me crazy.
    Have a good one!

    1. haha yeah it isn't always right
      No matter the site

  12. I guess I can write an essay
    about spelling/pronouncing
    at my bay... :)

    1. lol sure you'd make it fun
      When all is said and done

  13. English is phonetic
    or so they claim
    Ph pronounced as F
    puts that to the test.

    And spellings are different
    from land to land
    armor for armour
    humor for humour
    color for colour.

    In Eire so fair
    we hate the H
    and don't pronounce it
    when we speak in haste.

    Thirty is turdy
    third is turd
    really, we are
    quite absurd.

    1. haha absurd can be fun
      But yeah all have a different run
      Check and cheque is like okay?
      Where did the que come from at our Canadian bay?
      Then there is all that eh
      Which I wish would just go away

  14. In spite of my rep as being a Grammar Nazi, I rarely if ever correct mistakes I see on other people's blogs. Even I have a few words which vex me. "Exaggerate" and "embarrass" come to mind.

    1. Just goes to prove we all have a few
      And yeah you have rarely ever fixed anything at any zoo

  15. Well, I have had a few spelling plunders at my bay
    sometimes, they cause me a bit of dismay
    auto correct is insane changing my words
    something different now looks absurd..haha
    and the fire one always burns me in the butt..

    1. oh and there and their will get you beware
      I think the mind just picks one and doesn't
      pay attention to is it there or theirs..haha

    2. The mind just does have a way
      Of wanting to spell at one's bay
      Take it as that or this
      Even if it is amiss
      To and too can be a pain too
      Here at my zoo

    3. Auto correct can take a dive
      Rather see it dead than alive

    4. It can be a pain
      Aboard the auto correct train

  16. Found the misspelled words I did indeed find
    But that is the nature of what I do
    My biggest confusion is let and yet for some reason
    although I'm sure there are more than those and quite a few


    1. let and yet you say
      First I heard that one at my bay
      Barely use yet here
      That could be why at my sphere

  17. As an editor it is my lot
    To find what others don't often spot
    But I tend to be silent on blogs I read
    As it's none of my business to intercede

    Once in a while I will speak out
    If I know the author won't growl and pout
    But largely I stay quiet and mute
    Lest someone kick me with his boot!

    (Great new header. I have also noticed two others that are relatively new - the stained glass one and a beautiful ocean/moon/ship one. Amazing artwork!)

    1. haha my comma use must drive you up the wall
      As I know it is wrong at my hall
      Just like capitalizing every word
      At the start of a new line is absurd
      Doesn't bother me when something is said
      Then it gets in my head
      And I can avoid the pitfall
      At least most days at my hall

      Yeah the boat and the stained glass are new
      As well as the one with all the characters in view

  18. Embarrassed always looks bad to me. I Googled recently to see if I was the only one and found that it's a commonly misspelled word because of "harass." Harass has one R while embarrass has two. No wonder English is such a hard language to learn for non-natives!

    1. Yeah embarrass is always a pain in the ass
      English language has way too many a class

  19. Ha, there are times that spell checking does not help. And after a while when you see a word used wrong often enough it begins to look correct. I try not to pay attention to other poets' spelling blunders. I read for enjoyment and figure they write for enjoyment too! Have a great weekend.

    1. Yeah if it is not me
      I just ignore at my sea
      Unless I know I can get a rise
      Then I may give a word to the wise lol

  20. Yeah I know ! I always try to learn to write ok!
    My problem is when I write in my phone! Always have some mistakes in my lair:)

    1. Those tiny buttons get in the way
      As your fingers try and write what you want to say

    2. Ha! Is true !the twins laugh of me when we talk by whatsapp!

    3. Cat! Did she say... LAIR?
      Didn't she say it with, you know, flair?

      Way to go, Gloria Dear!

    4. That she did indeed
      Getting laughed at at her feed

    5. It's so a word I didn't expect her to use
      It's a great choice for us to peruse

    6. Yeah fun indeed
      Never know what will take seed

  21. This is why I always reread my posts once I post them.

    Spellcheck can't catch everything.

    1. Yeah have to re-read
      Or could mess up at ones feed

  22. Voulez-vous is all I know
    Won't be speaking French at your show
    Don't turn R blue a your shoe
    Or write Scooby Doo with a p like poo
    It all makes sense when you're ill like me
    Coughing French poetry in the place to be whoopee!
    I can't spell being dislexic um dyslexic at my sea
    Teaching English... who? Me?
    Whoopee doo-eee

    1. French and dyslexic would be fun
      Could mess with everyone
      This means this
      That means that
      Who cares if it is amiss
      And full of scat

    2. I never spell in class
      For I'd be the number one ass
      Takes a lot of thinking, well, for me
      I'm no one's spelling bee
      Good thing I know how to spell my name
      But things like precede versus proceed ain't my game
      French, English or Chinese
      It's all the same hole-infested cheese

    3. Same hole infested cheese
      Bet it sticks with a breeze
      Better to never spell
      Then come up with that smell

    4. Stinks*
      Sticks could get a few winks

  23. Jewelery is one I see
    I wonder if they pronounce it silly.

    1. I've seen that a time or two
      But they pronounce it wrong, at least a few

  24. Even when rereading over and over before publishing the post
    I find that I am still terrible with misspelling the most.
    Though sometimes my thoughts on a page seem to look like rambling drip.
    Good God, I think I am just ready for a long vacation trip.

    1. haha well you got one coming
      So maybe after that spelling won't be numbing


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