Not A One Dumb? I Will Dispute That Chum!

So they say there is no such thing as a dumb question near and far. I bet I could disprove that theory at my sand bar. Want to take that bet? What? Are you afraid of a little rhyming pet?

Can frogs hop?
Nope, they walk and bop.
Is dirty dirt dirty?
Redundant or weird and flirty?

Can a fly fly?
Give it a try.
Does a house house you?
Some may read that wrong in view.

Is what is good for the goose good for the gander?
Not if the goose has dander.
Can a car with no tires go?
Sure, if in the sea you want to row.

Is what's on TV real?
Let's play deal or no deal.
Does water taste water like?
Unless some dye takes a hike.

Can a ninja wannabe be a wannabe?
It's a wannabe of a ninja wannabe spree.
Can a Gawker gawk?
Nah, they just talk.

Does a pusher push?
Might even grope your tush.
Do you dodge at dodgeball?
Nope, just line up on the wall.

Does a workout work you out?
Nah, you just twist and shout.
Does music make noise?
Even when experiencing umm joys.

Is a wall flat?
Flat as a mat.
Do hats go on your head?
Nope, they cover things in bed.

Do you eat food?
Unless it is crude.
Are toys matter?
Even if served up on a platter.

Are numb tongues numb?
I'd say, chum.
How foolish is a light hearted fool?
Somewhere between normal and those who drool.

See, I win! Cough up the dough at my bin. What, you did not bet? Don't try and renege on the cat. I will send a bone breaker after you. Okay, maybe just fleas to your knees at your zoo. So now you know dumb questions can come to pass, all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. The cat proves there is an exception to every rule

  2. 'there is no such thing as a dumb question?'
    Just because dumbers take too many options
    Then a weird grin
    Thinking they win
    They are just left happy in a world of their own!


    1. Happy all to their self
      Like a happy Santa worker elf lol

    2. Hey Pat, you are unusually early this time around
      Just 13 mins into it and already making your rounds
      Bodes well for early risers' as such
      Attention given with the Midas touch
      Not normally accorded this option and not easily found


    3. Yeah usually going to work
      Or asleep, which is a perk
      But up and around
      As the cat woke me up with his meowing sound

  3. How foolish is a light hearted fool?
    depends if you like breaking the rules
    as you search the sea for rare jewels
    would it be foolish to talk to ghouls
    challenging them to a game of pool
    how foolish are two light hearted fools
    I don't know pondering this on a stool

    1. haha hopefully it was a comfy stool
      A hard one would not be cool
      Like those chairs at school
      Or things used to duel

  4. Excellent verse and food for thought. Great write.

  5. Many questions sound dumb or not so smart,
    Giving silly answers is the hard part.

    1. haha hmm that depends though
      Sometimes silly answers just flow

  6. That was good Pat, but is an Oxy really a Moron?

  7. You proved it to be true
    that there are some dumb questions being said
    but maybe there's a lot of people
    just shallow in their head


    1. That could very well be true
      Years of pot coming due

  8. Some questions are super dumb it's true,
    So keep your mouth shut and it won't be you. :(

    1. That I will
      I'll just curl up on the windowsill

  9. Did hatting drive the Mad Hatter mad? Okay, that's stretching it, I know. :)

    1. lol from one hatt to another
      The hatter come from his hatt eating mother

  10. Alright you lost me here "Do hats go on your head?
    Nope, they cover things in bed."

    What does that mean?

    1. hahaha so parts need a hat
      As humans aren't snip snip like the cat

  11. Why do our feet smell, and our noses run?
    Asking silly questions can be a lot of fun.

    (As my mother used to say, "Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.")

    1. A silly answer is fun to return
      Make the dumb feel the burn

  12. I think the food can us confused
    we never know/sure about use
    the water - to drink? the meat - is't fresh?
    these silly questions asked in rush
    for everyone cares to escape
    the heavy head or the stomachache

    1. Yeah what the stomach stuffed
      So their face may get a bit puffed

  13. If dumb questions from the lip
    Do the mighty zip zip zip
    When all is over, said and done
    Rhyming is a lot more fun
    But if dumb questions you pursue
    Duck when someone throws their shoe

    1. I think I could get away
      Before that occurred at my bay
      Especially if the shoe was tied tight
      They'd have to get it off before it took flight

  14. Way to go, Pat!
    Three years in a row with you at bat.
    I am in awe
    with how consistently daily you jaw.
    You are an inspiration
    with your rhyming notation.
    I know the answer to my dumb question:
    How do you keep up your rhyming obsession?
    Just do it, you say.
    Takes me forever at my bay!
    Keep up the progression,
    so we can laugh with heartily expression.

    1. Just do it is the way to be
      No other secret at my sea
      It must be done, so get it done
      And then have 3 years in a row of fun

  15. When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with finding the way into the world on the tv. My dad passed it off as funny until he decided I might get electrocuted or break his television in my attempts to find the secret passage way.

    1. lmao can't have you destroying the TV
      Or of course get electrocuted or bumping your knee

  16. Silly questions can be boring or fun
    Depends upon who's asking one
    An adult who should know better
    Can be a mood shredder
    But five-year-olds with curiosity
    Can really bring out the giggle in me

    1. haha yeah those who don't know
      Can just let it flow
      Fun to hear and see
      Adults just annoy me

  17. You know which one I hate the most? When you're at a grocery store and you have more than 2 products and they ask you if you want a bag for that. No, let me just juggle these things all the way out to my car. idiots.

    1. lmao yeah they are programmed to ask that I think
      But kind of obvious at one's rink

  18. I have a dumb question.
    It's easy as you please.
    Is there some connection?
    Is cottage cheese really cheese?

    1. I hear you need to make it in a cottage setting
      Then some cheese by product needs some petting

  19. Does a pusher push? That is one profound question!

    1. Yeah, so profound
      Leaves all with a gasping sound

  20. MOL! I think my head just exploded!

    1. haha leg woes and now head
      Damn, you better stay in bed

  21. 'Does a workout, work you out?' now there's a thought!

    1. Yeah, not sure the answer on that
      Lazy work outs still make one fat

  22. Wanna write a rhyme?
    Pat dares you anytime.
    Poem in trouble?
    He'll come running on the double.

    1. Easy as can be
      Here at my sea
      Just a little of this and that
      And out comes one, stat

  23. Who knows if a question is silly or if the answer is silly too. Only the people having the conversation know whether it is really funny. All depends. Have a good evening Pat.

  24. Replies
    1. lol can't answer that one
      To numb for an answer to be spun

  25. At least you get a chance to give dumb answers

  26. Yes, English is a crazy language.

  27. Is a wall flat?

    I sure hope so

    because if it aint you got problems

    1. Yeah may not hold
      And the house would never get sold

  28. Why is it called a drive-through if you have to stop?
    Why are softballs hard, not soft
    Why is a boxing ring square
    And there is no single, only double dare

    One could go 'round and 'round
    With no answers to be found
    But it's fun to ask just the same
    To see if others' answers are lame

    1. haha yeah fun indeed
      To see what takes seed
      Things are said and named
      Without first being tamed

  29. My teachers always said there is not such thing as a dumb question. I should have thrown some of these at them to see what they would say after that!

    1. lol yeah wish I would have too
      That would have been fun to do

  30. Numb tongues you say... I know a few people I would like to see their tongue get really numb.

    1. Yeah that would be nice to do
      Make numb more than a few

  31. Ha, I wish a fly would NOT fly! It would be easier to get rid of. And, ha, if a house doesn't house you, what does it do?

    Caught up now at your bay.
    For a few days I was away!

    1. Away at your sea
      Anything fun for thee?
      The cat can take the house fly down
      For that he gets the crown


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