Special For You At Your Zoo!

Ever go and see a special edition in front of thee? Of course you did. Unless you are a strictly indoor kid. But that would be a shame. Hey, could have called you an underwater squid with my claim.

You got something new.
So nice at your zoo.
New is relative too.
But been there, done that in view.

Then you see,
You aren't in the special tree.
Nope, not like the short bus.
Drazin is on that giving a fuss.

Instead you missed out.
The special edition they shout.
You missed out on that car,
With its own special liquor bar.

That movie was great.
But missing was your fate.
A whole 5 minutes of behind the scenes,
With a bunch of dancy prancy teens.

What about the house?
You may have got mighty mouse,
A statue that is.
But no special biz.

That is right.
You missed out that night.
No staircase for you,
It was taken to a new zoo.

Hmm Richard Pryor movie I think.
You didn't even get the kitchen sink.
You skipped out on the special edition.
Now you get the alleyway admission.

But you got a great game.
It is far from tame.
Shoot and maim,
What's his name.

Oopsy you missed out.
Gamer rage scream and shout.
That helmet would have been great.
A storm trooper could have been your fate.

Don't forget the special edition shoes.
Skip them and you may get the blues.
That logo is so grand.
You need it or else they'll look bland.

Are you up to the task? You may get a special edition Obama mask. Wouldn't that be so great? Come and take the special edition bait. More dough you have to spend and just a little more crap we send. No need to miss out and sass. Trust the special edition of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Loved the read, cheered me no end,
    Thanks for your supportive comment.

  2. Special edition movie are fine as long as they come out first. But when they don't... yes, I had two complete sets of LOTR.

    1. Yeah if they come out first or at the some time so you can pick
      Otherwise just another "give me more money" trick

    2. Tee hee, Alex! I had two sets of LOTR too! I tossed one when I gave up on VCRs! The other was the special extended DVD edition! And last weekend I went on a LOTR binge, watching all three within 30 hours.

    3. Damn look at you go
      There at your show

  3. I never buy a special edition DVD movie
    Not worth the extra dollar unless you're a newbie
    I do love a good blooper reel though
    That might be worth a little dough

    1. Yep, there are very very few
      That are worth the extra few bucks that come due

  4. 'Ever go and see a special edition movie?'
    Have something of a special treat matinee
    Just not to be hurried
    There are other treats
    And really they are just as enjoyable as any


    1. Yeah one and all
      Enjoyable at ones hall
      No need for extra crap
      To fill the gap

  5. Limited Edition cars are usually a lot nicer than the traditionals in the same line.

    Lays has the special edition chips right now (flavor contest) and I'm so tempted to pick up a bag and try them, but I can only find the big bags, and I don't wanna big bag.

    1. lol got a post ready on limited edition too
      Not so limited at ones zoo
      That is their trick as well
      Special but in a big bag so they make more $ when they sell

    2. They've got cushier seats... I like cushier seats. :D

    3. Cushier seats can hurt the back
      At least give mine an attack

  6. Always great to see a movie
    Special edition's always groovy
    I just love to see included Directors Cuts
    with all those buts, tuts and struts
    and how they came to make the picture
    Including the critics and every stricture.

    1. They are good when they come out first
      And not the 5th edition to burst
      First comes the dvd so plain
      Then 10th anniversary, special edition, and 20 anniversary join the train
      Then directors cut finally comes out
      After that it holds no clout

  7. Feel pampered with a special editon
    Brings joy with the blatant fruition
    Do you float on cloud number nine
    Reaching ten will be simply sublime
    You've got the world by the tail
    Minions at your footprints will pale

    1. Minions follow you say
      With special on display
      Well minions sure buy
      Fluoride heads, sigh

  8. Well, we do like most things that start with the word special!

    1. Many are good indeed
      Except for those using it for greed

  9. Special is relative!
    Everything is special in some way.
    Hope everyone has a special day.

  10. Special has extra scent
    when wrapped with added
    shots and bloopers...

  11. oh mighty mouse, rather unknown today

    1. Yeah surprised they haven't brought him back
      Already did smurfs and alvin at their shack

  12. Special editions can be nice
    as long as they don't double the price
    I've paid for music with extra songs
    enjoying them as I sing- a-long
    M&M launched limited edition candy
    many flavors made eating them dandy
    I guess it depends on the product
    collectors will pay for limited objects

    1. Limited is a whole other story though
      Special is different at ones show
      Splitting hairs I may be
      But still a different spree

    2. ok, I guess I missed the point
      no need to get out of joint

    3. In joint just fine
      Is the feline

  13. Hey Pat! I've been sitting by the fire rereading your recent posts while I drink my morning coffee. You always make me laugh.
    Loved all the cats and hotdogs. It's always fun to see pictures of your cats.

    They reminded me of the epic battles my mother's dachshund and cat had. I don't think poor hotdog Daxie ever beat demonic Mitsey. She would crouch on the coffee table while Daxie would run around looking for her, and then she'd dive bomb him. They would chase around and around a circle route through the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and Mitsey would do a sudden reverse and nail him. Daxie never learned, sweetest hotdog ever, but a mental midget compared to Ms Mitsey.
    Have a good one, under your sun!

    1. lol cats always seem to win
      They can do the hotdog in
      As cats are more trick and mean i think
      Not afraid to whck a pup and turn them pink

  14. Anything special is really special for sure . We so want to see the special edition. Have a great week end Pat.

    1. Special edition news at eleven
      Could send many to heaven

  15. This is true.
    Nothing is really special or new
    Except the headers and verse at your zoo.

    1. That they are
      Few new ones coming up at my bar

  16. Special edition, I don't know about that
    It depends on what is special about special
    Have a great weekend Pat ~

    1. Sometimes they just throw the name around
      To make it sound profound

  17. Special edition usually means you pay more money for something you could get for cheaper if you just wait until the normal one comes out later.

    1. Yep, try to suck you in while they get a chance
      With their 'it's special" stance

  18. Special editions usually do cost more, but in the long run depending on what it is, it may be worth more!

    1. Once in a while they may be worth more
      But most are just trying to get more money at their shore

  19. Might have done special editions when I was young
    but haven't in many a year
    I think that's one of the facts of getting older
    I do fear


  20. special edition....
    another rendition.

  21. like many words, it has lost its meaning

  22. Loved Mighty Mouse
    So little and tough
    I don't buy special editions
    Enough is enough

    1. Yeah not much there
      That they share
      So buyer beware
      Go special if you dare

  23. How about a special reboot?
    A special edition making you hoot
    Special ain't so special when their done
    Still the same not-so-special fun
    Or fun made worse
    Making you curse
    Star Wars 90's special not so great
    Not exactly worth the wait

    1. Yeah reboot load of crap
      Trying to go all special across the map
      Needs to go to its own special place
      Some corner of hell is where they should embrace

  24. Can't resist those "special" ploys
    Who can say no to those one-of-a kind toys?
    An excellent post on offer today.
    One special edition comment
    coming your way.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha a comment is free
      And much more special to me

  25. I saw the special edition Obama mask at the Halloween store today.
    It was definitely a scary one, I must say.
    One who wears it this year.
    Is probably bound to get a big kick in the rear.
    Cause what he is doing to this country is such a fright.
    We are all just ready to tell him good night!

    1. Maybe they will light the masks on fire
      His presidency will soon expire

  26. If I came home wearing an Obama mask, my hubs would put me 6ft under.


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