The Only One Under The Sun?

Don't you find it grand when all across the land nuts think there is only one answer for something? I guess admitting they are wrong or there is another way must sting?

That is the way.
Join the fray.
It is 100% fact.
That is how you act.

That is how you speak.
That is how you take a leak.
Don't think another way.
Just do what I say.

PC is the way to be.
Don't disagree with me.
Go with the flow,
Then you'll be in the know.

That is the way you get ahead.
That is the way things should be read.
That is the way you live your life.
That is who you want for your wife.

Don't question a thing.
Stay oblivious at your wing.
Just do what is said.
Don't worry your pretty little head.

That is what is wrong.
That is the correct song.
That is how you march.
Don't add too much starch.

That is what you eat.
That is a fine treat.
That GMO is great.
There is no reason for hate.

That you can watch.
That is a clear botch.
Do it again,
Or I'll break out the red pen.

That is how you learn.
That is how you take your turn.
That is how you nod.
That is how you pray to God.

This is how it is done.
This is how you have fun.
This is the way it must be.
No other solution for thee.

Isn't it fun that with this or that is exactly how everything must be done? Always some sort of guideline on how things should run, even if there is another way or something else you want to say. But nope, fluoride heads hang onto the rope. That is the way that must come to pass. Pffffft is all that needs to be said by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "some sort of guideline on how things should run"
    That is being helpful while still retaining the fun
    You then get it all right
    Shows you are bright
    Your presence appreciated being in the forefront


    1. Appreciated it can be
      When done right at ones sea
      And of course done their way
      Come what may

  2. Like musketeers is how it's done
    One for all and all for one
    Every move you make is watched
    On totum pole a groove is notched
    Tow the line, don't give sass
    Or I'll be one sorry little lass,

    1. Tow the line
      Pffft says the feline
      He'll piss in the line
      And not bury it for the divine

  3. Great Sunday verse Pat.

  4. Some people think that their way is the only way.... :)

  5. I'd say there is more than one way to skin a cat, but that would be really wrong here...

    1. buwahahhahhaa It's more wrong to laugh (sorry to the cats, whom I do think are wonderful). :)

    2. lol the cat sure thinks it's sinning
      To be there skinning

    3. Haha that is a tad funny
      Hope the cats day is sunny

    4. Well it is sunny out
      So the sun has some clout

  6. I say throw away the guidebook
    unless you really need to take a look
    be creative discover beauty in your mind
    you might be surprised at what you find
    breaking the rules, often paves the way
    to new possibilities, opening gateways
    I prefer to think outside the box
    even if I wear mismatched socks
    I would gladly dance with a bear
    finding adventures from here to there
    be a divergent make your own way
    even if others don't like what you say

    1. Dancing with a bear?
      May not make it out alive at your lair
      But dance away
      With mismatched socks on display
      The guidebook can be buried in the litterbox
      Just go your own way and undo the locks

    2. Don't question a thing
      Mind control with a zing
      the cat doesn't like to dance
      maybe, try it give it a chance

    3. haha trip over my own four feet
      On the ground left in defeat

  7. This is the way
    get up early
    every day
    to write the post
    as a cat, your host.

    Even if he wrote months ahead
    he always finds the food for your head.

    1. haha yeah getting up early
      May leave the cat squirrely
      If he had to write in the am every day
      Months ahead is the better way

  8. Everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion! We got rid of our PC and use mostly an iPad MOL!

    1. lol took PC another way
      IPad's are fine at my bay

  9. I always hated "their special way" when people transfer it to work and their your boss

    1. Yep, they need to take a hike
      As their special way I usually don't like

  10. When you're expecting, no matter how many babies you've had before, 'the only way' and 'the right way' advice comes out in droves. I quickly learned to just smile nicely. Most of the time people mean no harm. :)

    1. Glad I don't have that to deal with at my sea
      I'd probably piss many people off with a back talk spree lol

  11. Those who think there is not another way are those who miss out

  12. So no my way or the highway allowed?

    1. the highway could be more fun
      Could go along it and run

  13. Reading this post made me feel like I was in a straight jacket and having trouble breathing. Don't try to pound this square peg into a round hole! Have a good one, Pat!

    1. lol don't want to send you to the loony bin
      That would just be a sin

  14. Just makes you want to cross the line when someone says you can't. ha.

    1. hahaha that is the way to be
      The cat agrees with thee

  15. There are lots of ways to get things done, just depends on who is doing the things and what works best for whoever.
    Have a great Day Pat.

    1. Yeah depends on who it is indeed
      As much from each person, good or bad, can take seed

  16. Kind of like my way or the highway
    which never sat good with me
    I just go with what I want to do
    makes me feel more free


    1. That is the way to be
      Plus good to be a rebel and live free

  17. But then one day, dear cat/a question appears out of the hat/you can see the frown, question mark and the crack/will it show, themselves they ask, if some knowledge they lack? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. The question won't show
      As they just won't know

  18. I could be wrong, but I'm not. So do it my way or hit the highway.

    1. Sure, you go with that
      Don't tramp in rat scat lol

  19. It is really annoying when someone thinks they have the only answer! I became impatient with people like that & they make me want to disagree!

    1. haha yeah I walk away or mouth off and then walk away
      Depends on the mood of the day

  20. Never liked toeing the line
    But if the ideas are all mine
    Then all should comply
    And never ask "Why?"

  21. Someone once told me that tolerance for other people's views is one of the hardest things we have to learn. I find if we open our minds and listen to others, we can actually learn things!

    1. That is true indeed
      But when one sided it can be quite the deed

  22. Nothing grates my nerves more than a know it all. Like that little jerk kid from The Polar Express. I know a few in real life and want to punch them in the mouth every time I see them.

    1. Damn violent at your sea
      Bet they'd shut up after getting punched by thee

  23. dogma will kill you
    almost as much as thinking you are always right
    cause you will find one willing to prove
    you wrong.

    1. Yep, they will prove you wrong
      And you'll have to sing a new song

  24. Hmmmm... Now I feel like I am a kid again with my big sister telling me how I have to do things.


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