A Numb Tongue Today Is At Play!

I guess the numb tongue came loose at her sea, as she sure goes on a rhyming spree. The one with the longest comment posting streak. Betsy is always seen at my creek. And away we go with another comment convo.

So how does it feel,
That just like eating every meal,
You have to rhyme at my bay.
Does being addicted pay?

It's an out-of-body experience
and kind of makes me delirious!
I've always said you've cast a spell
so I'll come. How you do it I cannot tell!

It's a mixture unlike any other.
You don't want to know what I smother.
Or what I use to send out the vapor.
Plus you may try and repo my capor.

So a vapor comes across my land
and gives to me a rhyme command?
At least I know that it's germ free
as you mix it with your OCD.

Germ free as can be.
No need to wipe anything down at your sea.
Just grab your spoon and dance around.
So tighty whitey man you can astound.

Just so it doesn't make my tongue numb.
Because then I'd just feel dumb!
But not as bad as Flappy.
I know she makes you sappy.

Thankfully she is long gone.
But just in case you should pull a numb tongue con.
Then she'd have no idea what to do.
Peace and quiet would ensue.

I'd like a trip to Nanny's house,
the one with lots of cats and no mouse,
To thank her for passing on her crown.
A bigger one can't be found.

Well you can go in my place,
As there two dogs race.
One I like, the other can take a hike.
So do any final words of wisdom strike?

A word of wisdom I would share
is not to breathe in the air
if a rhyming vapor does appear!
Yes, one should avoid it with fear!
For it only takes one little sniff
and away your will that cat will lift!
You'll forever crave the rhyme
and daily commit the crime!
But really it isn't all that bad
unless a zombie toe be had.
Or maybe a hairy cupid man.
Other than that it's a pretty nice land!

Wow, got a bit mouthy at the end. I think that may be a growing trend. A good shout for me though. So that works at my show. Are you addicted too or just conflicted and confused at my zoo? I like to confuse in mass, it works so well for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "A Numb Tongue Today Is At Play!"
    Held in high esteem but held at bay
    Few calm words
    Could be blurted
    Waited if these could erupt in the day


  2. So the secret is out
    With Numb Tongue's telling shout
    Cat sends a vapor in the air
    Makes one rhyme so all beware

    1. Got you all gassed each day
      So you keep coming back my way

  3. smiled at the nod to nanny,
    and how you have grown into the crown of your granny,
    caring for all the animals...the way you do
    says so much about you, bets

    1. Says a ton about your twin indeed
      With all the cat hair flying at her feed lol

    2. It's Pat's nanny of which we speak
      She had the crown before I swam the kitty creek.

    3. haha your twin wasn't in the know
      Even though many of them the cat did show

  4. My tongue would go numb trying to rhyme that...

    1. You proved it can be done
      With your future run

  5. the secret is out, putting us under a spell
    you watched as each follower came and fell
    into the cats rhyming land, here they dwell
    would that be magic vapor I sometimes smell
    Betsy has been here, a long time I can tell
    the cat's land is rather fun, and that is swell
    off to work for me so, I must bid you farewell

    A numb tongue on display, her rhymes made the day!

    1. Work is so not a perk
      So down with work
      Too bad my spell can't fix that
      Then I'd be a happy cat
      Betsy has been here a good long while
      Not missing a post in years at my dial

  6. Gosh, everyone is so good here! I'm just chuckling over grabbing a spoon and then what comes next.

    1. Spoon and dancing around like a loon
      In some bugs bunny cartoon? lol

  7. I too especially like the nod to Nanny. She is so important especially to the cats. Also, I stay confused all day every day so nothing to do with you.
    Have a great day Pat.

    1. haha a little confusion can be fun
      Also has many cats under her sun

  8. So now you're secret is out
    as you cast a spell and give a shout.
    We have no choice but to come each day
    and read what you have to say!
    Fun little exchange here with you!
    Can't wait to see who's next, maybe Blue?

    1. Blue guy never responded at my sea
      So no exchange from him and me
      The spell can't be broken
      So the secret is okay to be spoken
      But many are sure to come
      Until the end of the month and then some
      Interesting guests in November too
      Always much going on at my zoo

  9. Nice shout out to Betsy
    wonderful rhymes
    ring the chimes
    then throw nickels
    and then throw dimes
    the secrets out
    let's scream and shout!

    1. I'll take nickels and dimes
      Would be fun times
      They stack up
      Filling my cup

  10. The vapors always cause confusion here!

  11. Oh no. Not the rhyming vapors.
    I am holding my breath.

  12. Its fun to check out your place
    and try to leave a little rhyme
    stretches the brain a bit
    but in the long run that is fine


    1. Yeah keeping the brain working
      Sure beats something like twerking lol

  13. I enjoy when you do this
    Call out your readers with rhyming bliss
    I enjoy reading about others like me
    Who Try to rhyme at your sea

  14. Replies
    1. The cat wouldn't mind it
      Could have peace and quite with a little spit

  15. smiles...i like how you're honoring your commentators pat...that is pretty lovely...smiles

    1. Fun to do
      And lovely you say at my zoo
      I'll agree
      But let that word just be used by thee lol

  16. Betsy is a staple on your blog and the place wouldn't be the same without her. I remember your banter in early days along with your easy friendship. People like her don't come 'round often and are to be cherished.

    On an unrelated note. I've changed my eating habits. Whole foods only, no processed crap and absolutely no junk food. After only three weeks I've more energy and feel better than ever. You were right Cat, it's the only way to go.

    1. Yeah she was the second one here
      And has been around with a daily cheer
      A staple indeed
      Geez look at you being nice at my feed

      Good way to be
      No processed crap, junk food or GMO garbage at your feed
      Get rid of that and that fluoride garbage in your drink
      In much more energy will sink
      And it may be ewww
      But deworm too
      And the energy will really rise
      Be warned, they have come out people's eyes
      Many need to wake up
      But instead happy like a aroma filled butt sniffing pup

    2. Deworming? Is that for real or are you just taking the piss? If it's real how is it done?

    3. Not taking a piss
      it is real and causes no bliss
      The suckers are in you through and through
      To get the just, not saying buy there, give Humaworm a view

    4. I'll check it out, but I'm afraid to try it!

    5. Done and done at my sea
      And let's just say, nasty

  17. Throwing rhyme like a chime
    to inspire - I don't mind
    vapor 1, vapor 2, vapor time!

  18. The level of confusion varies with the amount of rhyme vapors in the air.

    1. It can sure be on the rise
      With my rhyming cries

  19. We have to ryhme?
    Is there time?
    So many words
    and they're not for the birds.
    Alas, mine makes no sense.
    I must get me hence.


    1. haha don't half to
      But fun one in view
      Nonsense is fine
      For this feline

  20. Confusion is just another state of happiness. Or so THEY say (because of course, I've never been confused). ;) <--do note the wink to indicate the previous statement being false :D

    1. lol so confusion can be bliss?
      I guess things like work you could miss

  21. A clever poetress with OCD
    Whose capor shall be repoed by thee
    You two could rhyme on for days
    You'd never bore, only amaze.

    1. Could go and go
      With the flow
      But then she'd have to clean
      So I'd win at my scene

  22. I forget Flappy yes I remember
    flappy doesnt make you happy!

    1. Flappy I HATE
      Glad not seeing her anymore is my fate

  23. Well written verse and an absolute joy to read.

  24. Well written verse and an absolute joy to read.

  25. Wow, a whole post devoted to Betsy! And more dedications to come?

    1. Many more at my shore
      As all month long people come to explore

  26. orlin N cassie

    uh....we iz confuzed....iz ther conflict heer we dont noe a bout..... coz we CAN blame it ona addictionz ta fish....

  27. I love this rhyming convo! Often I'm too tired to rhyme in my comments at your sea, and can't come up with a single thing.

    1. Bah, no need to rhyme
      But it is fun to give a chime

  28. If only blabber was still around

    nowhere to be found

    1. Blabber is off working 80 hours a week
      No time for much at her creek

  29. I'll forever watch out when Raid is around

    1. A good plan
      Of a numb tongue no one should be a fan

  30. What fun to read and to see you interact with your blogging buddies! I didn't quite get Rhyming Convo, but now I've caught on. Looking forward to the next one. Read your Zombie posts ~ Zombies with superpowers, yikes! I don't have a lot of Zombie knowledge, so I'm taking another look at it. It was fun to read!

    1. A long arse one there
      Don't worry, more to come at my lair
      Zombies with powers and convo's too
      And some other things like whoopdi friggin doo

  31. Quite the run she had at the end.
    I hope that isn't a blogger trend.
    They will make my rhyme look lame.
    And then I will have to hang my head in shame!

  32. It's through Miss Betsy
    That I found you
    And it's been fun to rhyme
    At your zoo

    She's a special friend
    That rhyming Bets
    Another wonderful thing
    Is all her pets!

    1. Yeah the pets are grand
      In her land
      Found from her
      Hopefully you got through the fur

  33. My tongue is numb thinking about rhyming. Lol

    1. lol who needs Raid when you have my lair
      Numb as can be and Raid to spare


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