A Rawkn Time With This Chime!

The guest conversations continue to roll. Now Rawkn Robyn comes out for a stroll. She even rips her pants. That could be a good view for more than ants.

The cat has to know,
Here at his show,
Do you dress that horse?
You really have no remorse.

I do dress that horse
With hand-me-downs, of course.
The rest I still wear
Let's do this, I dare.

Just do it you say?
Trying to advertise at my bay?
I'm sure Nike wouldn't mind,
But don't you have a book of some kind?

A book? Yes I do.
And I'm nowhere near thru
Plus tomorrow I teach class
Off I take this busy ass.

A rhyming ass and a busy ass,
Now that is some ass mass.
Are you like that rabbit,
Being so busy "I'm late, I'm late" is a habit?

Yes. That's me.
I'm busy now you see.
No time to say hello, goodbye. I'm in a crazed frenzy.
What shall I do
But eat more chocolate too?!
My tummy grows and then, God knows,
I split my pants in two.

Well that could be grand
If you are exploring the land.
Air conditioning just for you.
You could even get a date too!
Hey, his engine you may turn,
As you show off your new sunburn.

Yeah I guess that's true
I'd attract a man or two
But he might pass
At the sight of my white ass
Turned pink by sunburn
Do ya think I'll ever learn?
First things first, Sir Pat
Please pass the chocolate stat!

A glutton at your sea.
Like a cat in a tree.
Stuck on chocolate you seem to be.
How about we create a cure for thee?
Just picture Big Bird on a boat,
With each and every one of note.
Kutcher, Bieber and Bynes are there
Create a further visual if you dare.

"Dude what's that yeller Xmas tree
Doin on this boat, Biebs? Come an see!"
Biebs stops staring at his prepube chest
To follow Kutcher. (He likes him best)
Then eyes Big Bird who sings a song:
"Lil runt punk, you don't belong!"
“Kid overboard!” Big Bird gloats
As he kicks the Biebs clear off that boat.
“Dude you’re not a tree and that’s just wrong!
I didn’t get to use his bong!”
The Bird sings to Kutcher. He’s on attack.
“The 70s called. They want you back!”
He snaps Ashton up by his beak
Tosses him at Biebs, a bong to seek.
Bynes awakes and f*n whines,
“You’re f*n ugly! Let’s do some lines.”
Bird lifts Amanda by her thong
And tosses her in gleeful song
“You troubled girl, get a grip.
Sink or swim. Don’t give me lip!”
His work is done.
Bird rows to shore.
A brighter world, forever more. 

Wow, she got mouthy I'd say. I guess the cat just brought it out at his bay. Who knew big bird was such an attacker? I guess he's not a slacker. Any bad visuals for you? I am sorry if you got one or two. Yeah, I'm not really sorry class. It is enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "No time to say hello, goodbye. I'm in a crazed frenzy"
    Seems that's the norm for bloggers these days generally
    But a rocking time
    With all the whines
    Can make the going for the many just as a happy family


    1. Yeah seems to be the way
      With many on display
      But still quite a few
      That let things come due

  2. Unleash that bird on the real world!
    Now give Robyn some chocolate for her awesome rhyme.

    1. Robyn's bird would be dirty
      Probably be bit more than flirty

  3. It seems that Pat is very hungry for chocolate. This is a great post. Lots of tossing around going on. Have a great day.

    1. Back and forth we go
      Would never steal robyn's chocolate at my show

  4. Enjoyed the morning chant
    or was that really a rant
    sorry about your pants (haha)

    It's fall hope many come to call

  5. Haha. You got her going, did ya? I love that: Sir Pat. :D

  6. Pass the chocolate this way!
    Any Almond Joys at your bay?

  7. Good Lord. What's that?
    You have no standards Pat!
    A gal who boasts 'bout her white ass
    Ain't no real lass.
    I say, with fear,
    You've sunk to new lows over here.
    She's whacked, you know
    But Big Bird steals the show
    Encore to him
    For making that crew sink or swim.

    1. haha standards out the window
      When it comes to the flow
      Big birds and a white ass on display
      Where that could go at my bay

  8. Split your pants in two
    Really means two pair for you
    One for each cheek is true
    When chocolate gets the best of you

    1. Throw in a little duct tape
      And you can set yourself apart from an ape

  9. All singing I'll take under my wing
    The Chocolate is good thing!

  10. Chocolate does make the tummy grow
    tight pants will make it show and show
    unless one buckles the belt real low!

    1. One can use deception
      To avoid such a detection

  11. Why fans like those three, I cannot see.
    Hooray for Big Bird.

  12. When I remember that I could have been born Justin Bieber or Amanda Bynes, splitting your pants over some chocolate indulgence is really just a drop in the bucket.

    1. I'd like 10% of their money
      But yeah life not being them is 100% more sunny

  13. I hope that isn't why chocolate is popular at our place!

    1. haha yeah watch out for that stuff
      Some can't get enough

  14. She rips her pants?
    Now don't think me a churl
    if I look askance
    at a pantless girl.

    1. Even if there is no bulk
      Like the incredible hulk?

  15. Those muppets are all a little creepy and strange freaks,
    No thank you to torn pants giving away free peeks.

  16. LOL! I can relate to Rawkn Robyn: business and chocolate! You really got her on a rhyming roll! Have a good one!

  17. Now I want some chocolate at my place
    but I'll be careful to keep it off my face


  18. Torn pants,? Oh I've been there, backing out of a room, hoping I remembered my underwear.

    1. lol a little a/c is fine
      Although caught with no undies may not be divine

  19. If this story were to come true
    I would sing until I'm blue
    To see Biebs drown would be a thing to see
    The whole world would cheer with glee!

    1. I'd be right there watching along
      Singing as he drowned 50 times over for each horrible song

  20. I never did trust Big Bird...Imagine how many eye balls he can peck out at once with that big beak. Bleh gag barf!

    1. You don't want a little peck from big bird
      Slap it on youtube and it won't be a turd

  21. Yep. Too much chocolate can make you split your pants.

  22. who knew there was horse fashion

    at least old clothes with little compassion

  23. Robyn hobnobbing with Pat and the cat
    So much to think of after all she spat

    1. Not all good thoughts
      Big bird can scare lots

  24. orlin N cassie

    we saw de B werd in thiz post......a lot.......what IZ yur blog comin two ???



    1. haha must have sent you into shock
      Seeing that bird squawk

  25. If you could actually find a cure for chocolate addiction, sign me up. I have a bad case of it!

    1. Could make some dough
      If I did that at my show

  26. Great to read, hope you have plenty of chocolate in store.

    1. None at my sea
      Have to get some from someone other than me

  27. Lots of ass talk in this one. Ass, thongs and chocolate...three things that should not be in the same paragraph. lol

    1. lol yeah that is a nasty thought
      That chocolate would have rot

  28. I always see a few weird visions in your place, Pat.

  29. hahaha, a writer talking to a writer, it was bound to get long (and be a fun read too). :) I like Robyn. :)

    1. Can blab on for a while
      With the writing style

  30. Big Bird rocks
    In long orange socks
    Hire him to do the deed
    A cure for society in need
    Then pass the chocolate on to me
    And I'll not give a peep show for the world to see

    1. That would be the way
      toss all in the bay
      Have a clean slate
      Be a nice fate

  31. I haven't visited Robyns blog in a long time. I need to get over there and check it out.

  32. i think she wins today
    she went off rhyming at your bay
    but i guess there is a lot
    a busy ass has to say...
    divide that mass
    by volume
    and you got density

    1. The sum total i will win
      And do just about anyone in

  33. Robyn's blog is so much fun. I love reading about her disaster dating runs!
    Her love of chocolate even beats mine! Which is saying something because my sweet tooth is mighty fine!

    1. She sure tries chocolate anything
      And has a disaster or two a fling lol

  34. Quite cute!
    Congrats you two!
    A rhyming mass for all fat asses!

  35. Did someone say chocolate?
    Put it on a rocket
    Fly it over here
    So I can make it disappear


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