Blogvengers Part Five, Not Everyone Will Survive!

Chapter 5
The King Devours
Zombies With Powers

     An old throne chair, barely able to sit upright, held a thing that looked rather rare. Its hair was as white as a cloud and drool plopped from the things lip as it sat smug and proud. Its green scaly skin crawled like something was underneath it. The smell emanating from it was worse than a field of cow shit. It waved a stick with a dried potato on top, some slime, looking like snot, held it on top so it would not fall and go plop. It stood up and looked out a window from a tower high above the land, before extending its hand.
     "Creator, I thank you for this gift you have bestowed upon the Earth."
     "A curse I have brought, my curse to bear." Trucker hung his head to the floor, his clothes torn to shreds, his body beaten and his will gone to fight any more.
     "A curse and a gift can be one in the same, depending on who is on the receiving end. For I, Babylon, King of the Zombies, have rose to power." Babylon gloated and when he smiled his gross body became even more bloated.
     "At least most of the others shut the hell up. Finish it already." Trucker waited for the kill no longer wanting to smell Babylon and feel ill.
    "Thanks to you I can speak. My body may rot from the inside out, I may be infested with parasites under my skin, but my mind is clear, allowing me to become king of the zombies and soon the Earth. You will live long enough to witness your creation." Babylon waved his hand and a few zombies locked Trucker in some medieval jail stand.
     "You will rot like the rest of them until there is nothing left."
     "At least I'll do it being king or everything." Babylon went back to his throne and the zombies near him just continued to obey and groan.
     Theresa had a devilish grin on her face as Keith gave Beate some flowers after a warm embrace. Rosey seemed to be contemplating what they should do. She felt these two were not as crazy as the beer crew. Manzinita came back from picking some herbs muttering to herself about zombies invading her burbs. She noticed the pair standing right on the trap and smiled as she began to clap.
     "Two in love, even in this place. That is a wonderful sight to see. Too bad it won't last long." Manzinita snickered while Theresa and Rosey bickered.
     "No! We can't!" Rosey slapped Theresa's hand from the lever. Manzinita was just having fun watching this endeavor.
     "Keith, do you think we offended them somehow?"
     "Maybe I pissed them off with my confession post. It had to be the size of the period one."
     The pair stood in place, still hand and hand in their embrace. They tried to make sense of the cat fight going on, still unwise to the three's con. Theresa and Rosey fought on the ground and Manzinita just crept up without a sound. She waved to the loved birds and then threw the lever. She laughed as their love she sure did sever.
     "Rack up two more girls, we'll get to two thousand kills yet." Manzinita went back to her herb stash while Rosey and Theresa continued to clash.
     "I've had enough of your goodie goodie-ness. Here's my final giveaway and you win." Theresa pushed Rosey over the table top and into the hole she quickly did flop.
     "Do we count her as a kill?"
     "I think we count her as an unearned run."
     Manzinita and Theresa cackled as one and waited on more victims so they could have more fun.
     Betsy's house remained spick and span, even with the addition of Brian, Mary, Hank, Alex and the rest of the dVerse clan. They all had to restrain themselves when a zombie passed by as all they really wanted to do was stab something through its eye.
     Betsy left the group in the comfort of her lair and sneaked off someplace only known to a pair. Betsy and The Silver Fox. She had him stashed away behind a door with lots of locks. She walked downstairs and flipped on the light, grinning at a chained up Silver Fox's plight. He was hanging there with one leg chopped off and up blood he continued to cough.
     "Doll, how could you do this to me?" Silver Fox whispered out, barely able to speak as he really wanted to shout.
     "My house needs to stay clean. The zombies need to be fed. It is as simple as that, nothing personal."
     Betsy gagged Silver Fox with some old dirty socks, dressed in pink overalls she found in some lost and found box, and then hacked off his other leg with a dull axe. She whispered for Silver fox to relax, then cauterized his wound. She had to go feed the zombies because some of her bushes needed to be pruned.
     Betsy quietly went up stairs and fixed up a few hairs. She chucked Silver Fox's leg out the back door and quickly shut it to muffle the sound of the zombie roar. She turned to find Brian in her view and could tell with his gawk, he spotted some blood on her and had a clue.
     "Sis, did one of the zombies bite you?" Brian was ready to kill them all until Betsy pointed to a door down the hall.
     "Follow me. I will show you what happened."
     Betsy lead Brian to her locked door and she unlocked it once more. She motioned for him to go down and then she gave him a big crown, as in a bump on his head. She whacked him with a bat, pushed him down the stairs and hoped he was not dead. She knew he would make good zombie feed. Brian was unconscious at the bottom of the stairs as Silver Fox continued to bleed.
     Drazin led the group with Pat and the cats following closely behind. They liked his glowing red eyes, whether or not he was a god of some kind. Night had fallen and they were lucky they could see. The last thing any of them wanted was to run into another super powered zombie.
     "So where are we heading anyway, Pat? The feet are tired of the cat."
     "I have no idea. The yellow brick road just seems to show itself any other time we get sucked into these worlds." Pat shrugged and could tell the cat was bugged.
     "Ask Truedessa where to go. Maybe she can show us with some sort of glow?"
     "It is worth a shot. We can't just keep following the godly mook." Cassie was tired as well and hoped they would soon find some place to dwell.
     "The fleabags have a point." Drazin scouted a nearby alleyway and led everyone in when he spotted no zombies on display.
     Pat cleaned the nastiness on the ground with his feet, kicking the garbage and stuff out onto the street. He then sat with his legs crossed and shut his eyes, then he felt some sort of weird cries. Seconds later he disappeared from view and Orlin and Cassie had too.
     "Drazin saves you and you just leave Drazin here? Fleabags!" Drazin yelled to the sky and at whoever else he could who he deemed lived upon high.
     Zombies began to moan and Drazin made his way out of the alley all alone. He let his eyes glow bright red, deciding it was best to avoid the undead. He headed for a nearby car and hoped that everything with it was on par. He yanked out the dead driver, and drove off, ever the survivor.
     Pat and the cats searched high and low, wondering where it was Pat's meditation made them go. Cassie was the least happy of the bunch as with all the rain coming down she would have to clean herself until well after lunch. Orlin did not seem to care, he just shook off and trotted around with his tail in the air.
     "Pat! Orlin! Cassie!"
     The group turned around and gasped at what was found. Truedessa was tied up in some sacrifice cross device and there was some phantom like zombie in front of her with dots over it in spots like that of dice.
     "Stay back!"
     "Don't listen to her. Come to me!" The zombie waved his hand and Pat started to move across the land.
     "Pat, she said don't do that!"
     "I'm wet, I'm tired and I'm sick of super powered zombies." Cassie muttered and leaped into the air. She then grabbed the zombie by what she deemed his phantom like hair.
     "Wait! How can a zombie speak? Aren't their brains supposed to leak?" Orlin ran around and tripped the zombie, trying to figure out this undead talking spree.
     Pat kept walking well Truedessa kept shaking her head, with wide eyes and gawking. She mustered up what little power she could and it turned the phantom zombie to a piece of wood. Pat stopped and shook his head, feeling as if he just had a bad dream in bed.
     "That won't hold him for long. The zombie has psychic powers, this realm is an out of body experience. You have to shove it back in it....."
     "Shut up!" The zombie turned back to its normal shape and made Truedessa's mouth be covered with a piece of duct tape.
     "Back to what?" Pat tried to ask before the zombie went back to its task.
     Orlin and Cassie tried to stop Pat but he kept getting walking all drone like while the zombie laid out the welcome mat. They then tried to break Truedessa free. But it was no use, the steal chains were even too tough for cat pee.
     "The cat is fed up too. I think I know what to do."
     Orlin ran up and kicked the zombie in the chest and then ran away, giving it his best. The number six lit up that he kicked. Cassie kicked his leg, hitting two, and hoped the zombie was licked. Instead the light coming from six disappeared from view and that is when the two got a clue. Truedessa nodded at the cats and they swooped through the night like bats.
     "Some felines will never stop me. I am a psychic zombie. Your human is mine."
     The zombie reached out for Pat's neck, ready to crush it and make him a wreck. Orlin kicked the six once more and Cassie kicked another six with her encore. Both lit up and they knew they were right. Both cats then jumped into the air and ended this fight. They simultaneously kicked the zombie in the forehead and another six lit up, causing him dread.
     "Felines aren't that smart." The zombie shrieked as he disappeared from view, sent to someplace not so new.
     "Six, six, six. That zombie took his licks. We sent him straight to Hell. I bet he won't find that swell."
     Orlin gloated while Pat came to. Truedessa's binds disappeared from view. She floated to the ground and nothing but stars seemed to surround. Orlin gloated and ran around with flair, while Cassie cleaned up her wet hair.
     "Does this mean she is back and Pat will go on the crazy attack?"
     "Thy, we shall join up with the demon and put an end to this place." Pat acted like King Arthur once again as Truedessa was free from her pen.
     "We better get through this zombieland before he thinks he is Elvis or something and hurts all of our ears."
     "I second that."
     "So does the cat."
     The group laughed while the reality around them fizzled to nothing at all and they soon found themselves back in the alleyway with zombie shadows dancing along the wall.
     "It's been fun but it's time we run."
     Orlin and Cassie used their nose, even if Drazin did not smell like a rose, and took off in the direction Drazin went, hoping he at least found a safe tent. Pat and Truedessa ran behind them while zombies staggered about, dripping phlegm.


Betsy, Manzi and Theresa are very mean. Poor Keith ended up very obscene. The grammar nazi is pretty much dead. Who knows how this will end as it is put to bed. But another one will come to pass, that you can count on from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Orlin didn't drop a bomb he...
    Just dropkicked that zombie!

  2. "Brian, Mary, Hank, Alex and the rest of the dVerse clan'
    And they were all there and forever willing to give a hand
    The zombie danger
    Was not quite over
    Better be prepared and not to be complacent at wit's end


    1. Have to be on your guard
      Especially when near Betsy's yard

  3. The Elvis mention was just rotten. ;) The untimely death suffered by Rosey was very unfortunate. May the zombies eat Manzi's herbs and step on Theresa's pumpkins (only in the story, of course). :)

    1. lol showing your age with that little tidbit?
      Manzi and Theresa will pay for it

  4. Ha I knew my confession post would piss some people off
    And make others sorta scoff
    This story is all kinds of groovy
    Can Channing Tatum play me in the movie??

    1. lol had to throw that in
      Channing Tatum might just win

  5. Pat and Truedessa make in through another day
    even if they are lost in some far away zombie bay
    cats to the rescue saving Truedessa from foul play
    Betsy has it all under control at her little hideaway
    Poor Keith and Beate, I will send them a bouquet
    Who's know what evil will surface next their way
    following the stars above or a burst of golden ray
    I am sure Pat and the cats will get the final say..

    Stay away from a dark mysterious hall
    you never know what hides in the wall
    jump in some colored leaves it is fall

    1. Down the hole they go
      Rosey following below
      Not so rosey anymore
      Thanks to their roar
      All crazy in zombie land
      Until those left alive make a final stand

    2. hey cat you didn't catch my mistakes..haha
      it was early in the morning so I am allowed.

    3. I noticed the who's
      But a mistake or two isn't news lol

    4. lol..yeah you know how I get when I am typing
      away at my bay...

    5. That I do
      Mistakes add up from you lol

  6. ow, my head hurts...
    what just happened
    and why is this guy chewing on my leg?

    unearned runs!!!!!!!!!

    1. That was the grammar nazi's leg though
      You aren't an unearned run yet from a zombie blow

  7. A great write away from your usual verses,
    Orlin certainly dropped a bomb didn't he?
    This was an hour of good reading which got me behind with my

    1. All over the place
      With today's embrace
      Glad it was grand
      Hopefully the chores get done in your land lol

  8. Oh my goodness a killing spree
    Betsy, Theresa and Manzi all make three
    They kill for sport, they kill for fun
    But they got some zombies on the run

    I'm sure they'll get their's before it's finished
    Deeds like that can't be diminished
    Silver Fox's leg was zombie feed
    No one there to hear his plead

    Dangling this cliffhanger for another day
    Pat, cats, Trudessa are on their way
    Oh boy, am I scared for the guys in white hats
    I hope they don't encounter the slimy zombie bats

    1. lol we shall see
      What happens to the three
      Some may go boom
      Some may get other doom
      Poor Fox is screwed
      Betsy is just rude
      A cliffhanger shall show
      Halfway to the end we go

  9. yes that is really man. but a killing spree, sounds like something provoked the. Not an excuse but I guess people might have seen it comming.

    1. Been there done that
      Everyone has been killed one time or another by the cat

  10. I think the movie is gonna be a winner!

    1. That would be grand
      Make lots of dough in my land

  11. Who knew Betsy and Manzanita were so violent

  12. That is one way to keep your house clean. Might smell a bit though

    1. Yeah might be rather foul smelling
      That could be another re-telling

  13. That is one scary story. I didn't know Betsy could be so mean. Remind me not to have her clean my house. Ever!

    1. haha yeah run away
      If her cleaning comes to your bay

  14. Another great adventure! It seems super-powered zombies wait until Halloween to appear! Good for Truedessa for changing the zombie to a piece of wood!

    1. haha made him fry
      Even super powered zombies can die

  15. King of Zombies is here

    bringing undead to a cheer

  16. The hell with pruning bushes, I say! This is such fun to read, Pat! I love all the cat action! And, of course, it's fun to see familiar faces featured! Have fun under your sun!

    1. haha no need to prune
      When you got the cat action at my sand dune

  17. Sad that someone crawling with parasites and all bloated up can have clear thinking and I do not. :(

    1. Yeah that is pretty sad
      Need more sleep at your pad lol

  18. Wow, Betsy's really turning against her friends! I won't last long with no legs, I fear!

  19. Now that is a pretty scary story. Glad we are not a part of that life. But good writing.

  20. Clearly I am a little behind. I will have to go to the beginning and catch up!

    1. A bit behind indeed
      No Blabber in this one at my feed

  21. Is it safe to sit and read a bit here
    With all this zombie and Betsy fear?
    I feel as though I stepped into Halloween
    Grab the treats and getaway clean!

    1. haha grab and run
      For hanging out with zombies isn't fun

  22. Orlin and Cassie to the rescue!
    Shame about Brian. Glad I wasn't zombie food.

  23. Zombies *shudders* stick them in the eye and suck out their brains so they can't do anymore damage.

    1. That is the way to be
      Unless they go on a super powered spree

  24. Feeding the zombies always comes first
    Or else the universe will burst
    But for Keith to be mean or obscene?
    That's a sight that won't be seen.

    1. Now he's in a hole
      Shouldn't have went for that stroll

  25. I don't think zombies are that smart ~
    I think Betsy is for keeping her house still clean ~
    Enjoyed the zombie story Pat ~

    1. haha yeah she has to be clean
      Zombies sure make a scene

  26. orlin N cassie

    awesum storee two day guys.....N yea....we will see how... smart felines....R...



    1. Felines win in the end
      Sending zombies around the bend

  27. Once again Orlin-Cassie team won the zombies stream
    Still not clear where is Rosie dear...

  28. Cackle, Cackle! Adios Rosey! Keith had to go simply because of his stupid winter loving fetish. I wouldn't call that mean. I call it an offering to the Gods of summer ;)

    1. With that I agree
      His winter loving fetish has to flee

  29. You are quite the fantasy killer. You killed the Worm Queens off awhile back .... Now, Manzi and I are coming back and will be stronger than ever..... BEWARE!!!

    1. The cat has killed all once or twice
      Hey, less boring than mice

  30. Betsy gets serious
    When cleaning comes due
    Even Silver's pleas
    Are silenced at her zoo

  31. I never knew zombies could shriek
    Or, you know, speak....


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