Blogvengers Part Two, Zombies Continue To Chew!

Chapter 2
The Crystal Showers
Zombies With Powers

     Drazin lead the way as the group searched for a safe spot to lay. The place was littered with zombies at every spot. The whole area smelled of skin rot. The group scurried around and through, avoiding the zombie spew. Orlin and Cassie wished for their bed while Drazin wondered what happened to the voices in Pat's head.
     "So fleabags, did you get your human a lobotomy or something like that? He seems to be sane." Drazin whispered the best he could. Normally his voice was loud enough to shatter wood.
     "The cat thinks his other stuff calmed down the voices, or maybe he has few choices."
     "Drazin figures it must have been that other nut we met in that candy land fiasco, then?"
     "I'm right here you know. Damn, blabbering cats." Pat shook his head as he stared around the corner in dread.
     "Well you should never let us see everything if you don't want us to tell." Cassie looked like she had a grin and yelled as Pat used his foot to push her back in.
     "Quiet!" Pat whispered and waved his hand, as what was passing by was a zombie band.
     The zombies actually played the instruments as they staggered along, of course they did not resemble a song. It sounded more like a two year old banging on pots. It was quite loud though, as there sure were lots.
     "Drazin has seen it all." Drazin shook his head and then jumped back as a zombie went on the attack. "Okay, now Drazin has seen it all."
     "A Stretch Armstrong zombie? What next? A Teletubby?" Pat muttered as zombie arms fluttered.
     The leader of the zombie band seem to be able to stretch his hand, and everything else for that matter. He had overheard Drazin and now wanted the group on a platter. He stopped and stretched his arms just missing Pat. His rotting toes came close to grabbing the cat. Then he stretched his neck and his head came toward the group. It got right in Drazin's face and then was turned to goop.
     "And we had such a great thing going."
     "Bryan, you can't beat rotting flesh and tunes."
     "Drazin just can't catch a break. How do those two always find Drazin?"
     Two of the zombies began to speak. It was clear to the group who they were after one peek. Bryan and Brandon, the beer guys, looked like zombies as they blended in with the pack. They had thrown a cymbal and chopped off the stretchy zombie's head. They both really looked and smelled like the undead.
     The zombie band stopped playing and their heads began swaying. They turned and surrounded the pair, their flesh they wanted to tear.
     "Pat, we should help them stat."
     "Drazin says let them get eaten. The zombies will choke on them anyway."
     "Bryan, what do you call rotten meat that can walk?"
     "Do we really have time for this?"
     "A miserable meal."
     "See, even their jokes got lamer. Drazin thinks Drazin will avoid this."
     Bryan and Brandon were surrounded by zombies and had nowhere to run. The pair just stood up looking at the sun. It was hopeless, or so they thought. Pat just smiled wide, touched his head and concentrated a whole lot. Crystal shards then began to rain down from the sky. They fell and went right through each zombies eye. In a matter of moments the zombie band was dead. Pat fell unconscious and Drazin caught him before he whacked his head.
     "Damn fleabags, where did your human learn that?"
     "Orlin you don't think that is why he isn't nuts?"
     "Sadly I do. Now let's get out of here before we are through."
     Drazin slung Pat over his shoulder and the group ran off, leaving the zombies to smolder. Bryan and Brandon stood in awe. They could not believe what they just saw. They attempted to follow Drazin and the cats but then they noticed the sky get black, filling with zombies that had wings of bats. They scurried off for cover while the zombies continued to hover.
     Brian, Mary and the rest of the dVerse crew all seemed to really have no clue. They were just slinking around hoping not to be found. It was as if Brian was running things by just gawking. The rest of them just kept following and walking and walking.
     "Brian, where are we going?" Mary rubbed her feet, still pissed the zombies ate her small dogs as a treat.
     "We have to get back to nature. I bet the zombies won't be there." Brian pointed straight ahead like he knew the path. The group then noticed a guy dressed as a ninja dishing out his wrath.
     "Am I seeing things?"
     "No, there are over fifty of him." Brian gawked and gawked some more as Alex the ninja wannabe shouted for an encore.
     Alex's clones were fighting the zombie horde at his doorstep. They all seemed to have plenty of pep. His house was rather small and the lawn had overgrown. Alex just smiled always hating mowing the lawn anyway at each weekly tone.
     "Rock on, clones!" Alex cheered and pretended to play his guitar. He knew if he actually played it zombies would come from lands afar. He missed being able to jam and instead, just acted like a ham.
     "Damn it!" Alex shouted and pointed the way for the clones, as they all heard more zombie groans.
     Another horde came from down the street. Alex's clones were starting to deplete. He got ready to flip a switch and make some more when he heard a rather large roar. He jumped off his porch and landed in the grass. A zombie with the mouth the size of a dinosaur ate his whole clone machine in mass. The zombies and clones were falling all around while Alex hid in the grass, crawling across the ground.
     "I have failed you master." The last clone whined as on him the super power zombie dined.
     "Brian, it is just one left. Look at all his weapons." Mary urged for them to help out, as clones and zombies lay on the ground dead as an out of sea trout.
     Brian nodded and the group ran into view. They picked up whatever weapon that they first came to. Alex got to his feet and stood by their side. He struck a ninja wannabe pose with such pride.
     "Any ideas on how to beat this thing?" Alex asked, now that all of his clones had been unmasked.
     "One!" Brian gawked the area and came up with a plan, one in which he knew Alex would not be a fan. "Keep it busy."
     The group lured the dinosaur mouthed zombie away and Brian made a break for where Alex's guitar was on display. He leaped over the rail and grabbed onto it. He strummed a few cords making the zombie have a fit.
     "Nooooooo!" Alex cried, not wanting his last guitar to cross the great divide.
     The zombie ran at Brian with its mouth open wide, enough drool fell out to make an incoming tide. Brian chucked the guitar in its mouth and hoped it would choke it when it swallowed and sent it south. The zombie crunched the guitar and burped it back out. Brian shrugged, running away, as Alex seemed to pout.
     A spotlight appeared over the balcony and out of nowhere came Hank. He then stood with his arms on his hips declaring his rank.
     "I am number one!"
     Hank threw his arms in the air and then made fists by the pair. In a split second he punched into the zombie's open mouth and stunted it's growth. Hank had shoved his hands right through the back of the zombie's head and back out again, making it good and dead.
     "I always knew you had special powers." Mary cheered as Hank stepped up to the group, ready to join their troop.
     "That is why I never beat Hank to number one, he cheats!" Alex muttered looking over his broken guitar. He also decided to join the group from the dVerse bar.
     They once again started down the street, feet steeping on zombie guts that were scattered all over the concrete. Brian pretending to know where he was going, gawking Alex's lawn thinking it really needed a mowing.
     Drazin, and the cats had found safety in a sewer cavern. Drazin wished it was a tavern. He really needed a drink after all of this. Pat was still unconscious, smiling like he was in some sort of bliss.
     "So fleabags, while your human takes a nap, why don't you tell Drazin who sent Drazin away from home this time? Some letter R? Some Gawker? Some witch? Please tell Drazin it wasn't a Thinkingcap ass?"
     "I have no idea at all. No one came this time to our hall." Orlin remained curled up on Pat, still the ever so rhyming cat.
     "Maybe it was your fault this time, you godly mook. Who did you piss off?" Cassie stated in between licks. She really hated the guts of these zombie dicks.
     "Well Drazin guesses a great god like Drazin could have ticked someone off. At least there are no whiny blue cyclops or that Irish chick here this time. Where is that nutcase your human found last time?" Drazin stirred the small fire they had started with a stick. He wondered where Truedessa was as she followed them out of candy land some slick.
     "She's here." Pat muttered as he stirred, he shook his head a bit as his vision was blurred.
     "Look who's awake. Drazin thinks he still must be a bit out of it. But less than usual at least."
     "No! When we were sent here we somehow became one. She is within me. I think that is what is stopping all the voices in my head, and she brought forth those crystals earlier."
     "Pat, do we need to open wide and suck out Jekyll or Hyde?" Orlin showed off his razor sharp claw as he stuck up his paw.
     "She'll come out when the time is right, never fear. So why are we pretending to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, anyway?" Pat curled up his nose as the sewer sure gave his OCD woes.
     The group stopped talking as the splashing of feet could be heard coming near. The cats both hid behind Pat, having a little fear. The drips of the sewer were drowned out by the splashing. At that moment the cats were all for dashing. Drazin waved his hand and muttered how they would make a stand. He then rolled his eyes as Elsie came into view and he expected her whiny cries.
     Elsie stood before the group looking rather weak. She was covered in much fecal matter after having lived in this dung creek. Her one eye glared us all down. At least she was not blue this time like she was at candy land town. But she did not speak a word. All she did was flip a glaring Drazin the bird.
     "Drazin will take that over your whining for that Irish chick any day of the week." Drazin smiled and played with the fire. He expected her whining to become dire.
     Pat and the cats looked concerned as no retort from Elsie was returned. She sat beside Drazin soaking in the fire. He whining was not but her smell was sure dire. She then opened her mouth and the group all looked past the bacteria growth. There they could see her tongue had been ripped out. Drazin almost cheered but stopped himself from giving a shout.
     "I guess you had a run in with a zombie?" Pat asked and Elsie gave a nod. She really looked like something that came from an alien pod.
     "Well I guess you got the snip snip, just it was above the hip." Orlin trotted back in front of Pat, no longer being a fraidy cat.
     The group sat around the fire not saying another word. Unlike Gawker Island and Candy Land this place was not as absurd. It was more deadly than before and they knew they needed to be careful if they ever wanted to make it back home to their shore. Drazin took watch listening to nothing but the sewer drips while everyone else caught some sleep and took dream land trips.
     Dr. Zoggif leaned back in his chair and just continued to stare. He was pleased with his work and could not stop himself from giving a smirk. His huge hands were interlaced behind his head. He could not wait for every blogger to be good and dead.
     "There goes another one." He laughed to himself as he stared at a screen on a shelf.
     The screen seemed to have blog names from all over the Earth. Even if blogs were retired or no longer had worth. Just Keepin it Real Folks had a red line now through the blog name. He was happy death had come to that dame. He watched as more and more got red lines, hoping zombies ripped out their spines.
     "75% of the world's bloggers are now dead. Soon my master plan will be complete." Dr. Zoggif continued to stare at the screen while dreaming off zombies eating a blogger's spleen.


And so ends chapter two as zombies try and eat the blog crew. But why is that? Are you sticking with the cat? Is that too much rhyme that came to pass? Never too much for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Another great post. I doubt I beat Hank but we will see.

    1. You did it, Mary!


    2. lol Thank you! Being an insomniac has its advantages. ;)

    3. Whoa! I didn't think it was possible. I'm actually checking in early but knew I had no chance.

    4. I think this might be the second time I've beat him to posting first. Who knew that so many would be up so early.

    5. Today is's Mary who tames
      As Hank goes down in flames
      You had another great run, Hank
      But Mary takes it to the bank

    6. a feat for Mary
      so very neat!


    7. haha even got a cheer squad
      That come to applaud

    8. Congrats Mary for being first

      I know my record for waking up early is cursed

    9. She stays up late
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    10. LOL Applauds and cheers make staying up all night worth it. ;P

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      She won at 3am at her pit

  2. A zombie ate my guitar! Oh the humanity...
    Another great entry, Pat. You even remembered how much I hate mowing my lawn.
    Although I guess Mary's superpower is stronger than Hank's today.
    Brandon, Bryan, and I really do need to jam together sometime...

    1. haha chowed down on it
      Became poor zombie spit
      Poo Hank lost his #1
      All could jam away under the zombie sun

  3. Hank got beat by Mary today deservingly # 1
    Socking Zombie took time Hank got beaten
    Stressful these last few months
    But fun that it lasted that long
    Now got to start all over again from the bottom


    1. No need for stress
      Should had more than less
      Only missed like maybe 10 times this year
      With #1 drawing near

    2. What happened, Hank? Did you oversleep? :)

    3. by a few seconds at least
      To stop his #1 feast

  4. keep it busy, how smart i am, almost as much as a ham,
    i haven't said One! in a very long time,
    all those above me commit the crime
    of stopping that, drat! is i was dead at least i could sleep
    and from me you'd hear no peep!

    1. Yeah it has been a good long while
      Since you turned the #1 dial haha
      They get up earlier than you
      Or maybe time zones come due

  5. Fake zombies, clones and a cyclops, got it all in there

  6. This story's really getting hairy
    Zombies always make it scary
    Zombie bands are loony tunes
    Stagger about like real buffoons
    Oh Buffalo Gals won't cha come out tonight
    Dance with the zombies, quite the sight

    1. haha they wouldn't be dancing long
      Zombies would end their song
      Wait until the next one
      I think that is when you come undone

  7. That is exactly why you should never trust those zombies!

    1. Yeah run the other way
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  9. A zombie band I'd like to hear.
    As long as they didn't come too near.

    1. But be hard on the ear
      If they were really near

  10. Quite a story and a little bit gory. Alex is going to kick your rhyming ass, as is that Irish lass. The lawn thing cracked me up, but I was sad about the snacked on pup. I liked the Stretch Armstrong zombie, bet he shops at Abercrombie.

    1. Poor Mary had her mutts eaten
      Those zombies must be beaten
      The Irish Lass told me to do it in the next one
      So her and Elsie are amazonian lesbian lovers under the sun lmao

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  13. Hahaha ! I love the part of Mary with her dogs (you know I have dogs too) and she say " Brian where we are going? Oh you bad cat!
    So long
    But I read all
    .and I laugh a lot!

    1. haha the cat likes to add things in
      To take some picking for a spin
      Yeah a long arse one
      But the cat couldn't stop as it was fun

  14. There are always
    someone behind
    the zombies.
    Great! you got a team
    to prevent the victim.

    1. The team will break through
      Although they may eat one or two

  15. Oh no no, they didn't eat my small dogs
    what would I do with no dogs at my zoo?
    And yes, that Brian is always gawking
    Hope those zombies stop their talking!

    1. haha need a bigger one to scare them away
      And make them have a very bad day

  16. A stretch armstrong type zombie would be scary

    1. Could get you wherever
      But it still isn't too clever

  17. I've been downgraded to nothing more than a mention as "that Irish chick" Well up yours Cat hahahaha.

    1. lmao oh you will return
      As your want that you told me before, for you and old one eye to become Amazonian lesbian lovers, will get its turn

    2. I don't mind being portrayed as a lesbian, but could you make me a lipstick lesbian please and not an Amazonian.

    3. lmao I was following your instructions to a tee
      With the story that came at my sea

  18. I don't think I was included, but that's okay.

  19. The scariest part of this for me
    Was the Stretch Armstrong zombie
    I visualized a cyclist who
    Has quite a frightening spew
    At one time, the power to crush
    Now his life is nothing but mush

    1. Nothing but mush would sure suck
      Stretching zombies have no luck

  20. orlin N cassie

    three cheerz for HANK


    ONE cheer for HANK !!

    and as R would say

    great post !!

    1. Hank got to be number one
      At least as the story was spun

  21. Ridding the world of the bloggers doesn't make me as sad as those mean zombies eating Mary's dogs. The nerve!

  22. Great stoiry but, man dem voices!/ain't these folks got no choices? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. No choices to be had
      As they are down right mad

  23. Impressive that you rhyme in prose. And I'm very happy that my duckbill was not included in the zombie attack!

    1. No attack fro the bill
      Can rhyme anything at my hill

  24. Two become one, as she resides within
    you are now responsible for her journey
    can they beat the zombies and win
    or does she land up on some gurney

    1. She will be got out
      With a little scream and shout

  25. Oh those crazy d'verse peeps...
    and the zombies are just creeps!

    1. That they really are
      Wait until they get to your sand bar

  26. Oh yeah.... Had that cavern been a tavern they might have been servin' nip beer. I sure could go for one of those, right now.


  27. Thanks Pat, couldn't sleep so read this, Excellent write,
    will try and get some shut eye before dawn.

  28. Poor little pup
    Gets all eaten up
    And munching a guitar
    Will bring burping afar

  29. Why's it gotta be the bloggers on the chopping block? I guess someone was bound to do it... ;)

    1. All will be revealed in the end
      On why there is such a trend

  30. I'm always late. See, now I don't even know a thing about what happened in part 1.

    1. But it's good to be the king. Now, who said that?

    2. Isn't that a song?
      Also a Stargate SG1 episode that can do no wrong


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