Let Me Out Is The Least Of What I Shout!

So the other day the cat had karma get revenge on Pat, if you believe in that karma tit for tat. Anyway, he was out and about and stuck in the car squirming like a trout on top a sand bar. Put me in that cage will he? Payback is nice even if it wasn't because of me.

Driving along.
Nothing wrong.
Playing a song.
Maybe singing along.

When oopsy, stuck.
Crap out of luck.
Accident maybe?
Causes no glee.

A cop here and there.
A cop everywhere.
Firetrucks too.
Paramedics up the wazoo.

Place burning down?
Maybe the whole town.
Still rather stuck.
Move it, truck!

Slink out and around.
A new path is found.
Damn it! Blocked again.
Like a confused hen.

Back another way.
Tired of the maze play.
Yippee, I got away.
Damn it! More join the fray.

Stuck once again.
Hate those policemen.
Lights are out as well.
This really is hell.

45 minutes later,
Crawl like a gator.
Finally out of there.
Let loose a final swear.

Gave them all hate.
At a high cursing rate.
Good thing traffic isn't like New York.
I'd want to stab all with a fork.

But what was the cause?
They may deserve an applause.
For Pat could have went boom!
That might have brought gloom.

Some construction worker hit a natural gas pipeline. I guess natural gas isn't divine. The odds of it going boom were really high. Thankfully there were no fireworks in the sky. So being blocked was a good thing, even if the curses Pat did fling. Could have been worse you know. At least he didn't have to go. I guess I'll have to work on my gas, it's not quite as explosive when it comes from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "Let Me Out Is The Least Of What I Shout"
    Just do one's own thing and not to be loud
    Tired of the maze play
    But try hard not to delay
    Then just hankering around up and about


    1. Climb over the wall
      And get to another stall
      Gaze the exit door
      As you explore

    2. ho ho ho no traffic in the sky ho ho ho

    3. I guess no lanes
      But what about planes?

  2. natural gas isn't divine?

    probably smells like swine

    1. Hey that's what I said!
      You stole my thunder!
      (No, not that kinda thunder...)

    2. It sure doesn't smell swell
      Least no one got blown to hell

  3. So, who is the wise guy?/Pat or the cat, my oh my! :-)/Dem coppers saved your ass, mate/better listen to the cat or next time at home leave the hate! :-) Going up in the air ain't deffo no fun/What if the cat gets funny ideas, pushes you further up and you get to the sun? :-)

    Autum is (nearly) here, have a cheer.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Autumn has left the building here
      Hot as summer my side of the sphere
      If the cat pushes me into the sun
      I might have a sun burnt bun

  4. At least traffic slowed for a real reason. I hate the ones where you finally get to the bottleneck and it's a car on the side of the road with a flat tire.
    Glad you didn't blow up.

    1. True, getting stuck there because of a tire
      Sure can make the cursing aspire

  5. Traffic in Florida was always so slow going to work, and coming home. 5 mph on the highway busy. Hubby hated it, I expected it so didn't mind. It's sure different here in Michigan. Busy highways are still not what I call busy (but I'm not complaining). ;)

    I agree w/Alex....glad you didn't blow up. :)

    1. Yeah busy here isn't the same as busy there
      Much faster to get everywhere
      Nice not to go boom
      And bring forth doom

  6. Did you say, "karma tit"?
    Sounds like a never Culture Club hit
    Making me feel fit
    Maybe just a bit
    Natural gas isn't divine
    Unlike you like it sticky like a swine
    Or a cat digging in some dirty litter
    Might explode too when you smoke in the sh... um itter.
    Haha no that's no funny
    Give me some money
    Don't go boom
    Not even in the smallest room

    1. lol death on the can
      Get a nice pissy tan
      As you pass away
      From being blown with no foreplay
      Went gutter there
      Sure you don't care

  7. Good thing you didn't have to pee!

  8. Well good thing it wasn't more than that ~
    Could have turned into something deadly ~

    Have a good Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah could have went boom
      All sorts of doom and gloom

  9. Natural gas from a pipeline and gas from Cat's little ass
    Could blow up the world in one enormous mass
    Better to wait and not mix the two
    You will all get a ticket as it's raining down poo

    1. That would be nasty as can be
      I'd hate the drown in a poop sea
      But the maggots would find an allure
      To a world filled with manure

  10. Glad you found a way out
    Even if you did pout.
    Blowing up would have been sad.
    We would have wondered what happened to the Pat lad.

    1. Yeah nothing good about going boom
      Unless I fell into the ground and discovered a riches filled tomb

  11. Glad no one got blown up. I hate traffic

  12. At least it was a good reason and not something like a parade

    1. Yeah that is true
      Not some long arse parade in view

  13. Well we are glad you didn't go boom even though some norty words were hurled. What would we do without Pat and the cat's rhyming ass's. Have a great Sunday.

    1. haha our ass's need to rhyme
      If not, that be just a crime

  14. Glad it all turned out alright
    After cursing in traffic, I tend to delight
    And feel selfish too
    For having raised a fuss
    When someone else's day was made blue
    But things were managed just right.

    1. Yeah things come due
      How they are supposed to
      Least there wasn't need of a loo
      Or out even more cursing may have flew

  15. PS that didn't rhyme...um...add "too" or "through and through" or "thankfully I need not sue." "It's true." "Phew!"...

    1. lol this rhyming thing can be tough
      So many words in there you can stuff

  16. This traffic slowdowns are hard to bear
    especially when you are in a hurry
    to get somewhere!

    Here road construction is a way of life
    not as scary as a gas main break
    but it sure does bring driving strife!

    1. Yeah we have those too
      But thankfully they easy are to through

  17. that would have been a day of gloom
    if all on the road had gone kaboom
    I wouldn't want to hear that on the news
    it would certainly give me the blues
    glad you made it safe and sound
    and no need for a blood hound...

    1. The cat would save the day
      Find and drag Pat away
      Just to prove you don't need a hound
      For someone to be found

  18. Getting stuck in traffic is no fun at all.

  19. Did you know that we've kind of skewed the concept of karma. The true Buddhist concept of karma was that what you do in this lifetime will come back on you in the next. Since many Christians don't believe in reincarnation (although I'm open to it as a possibility, even as a Christian), the concept actually doesn't seem relevant.

    1. Hmmm never knew that is where it was from
      I tend not to believe in karma and its strum
      Because many don't get it in the end
      Just some weird trend

  20. Never like to get stuck in a traffic jam
    that's why I'm very happy
    that I work at home and don't have to commute
    that keeps me feeling very free!


    1. Damn, care to switch?
      I got the work from home itch

  21. Toronto is insane
    Traffic, construction, film crews to blame
    I'm not a driver but take buses and cabs
    It's enough to put you in the crazy lab

    I'm glad you didn't explode
    In the middle of that busy road
    What would Orlin and Cassie do
    Without you to see them through?

    1. They'd have to go
      To a new show
      With 10 cats already
      So good thing I remain steady
      And blah to Toronto traffic too
      I'd blow a gasket at that zoo

  22. Things become so topsy turvy
    when at wrong time/place
    occuring ....

    1. Yep, wrong time wrong place
      That day I sure could embrace

  23. ha. new york traffic is def something all to itself, unless you ride the pacific shelf, i have never seen anything like traffic in cali, anywhere you go expect to daly...

    1. Never been on that side
      I hear the smog has it's own pride

  24. And this is why I live in a small town - no long traffic jams.

    1. Much easier indeed
      To get around at one's feed

  25. Glad this didn't end in doom
    With you going ka-boom!

    1. Yeah it was nice
      I didn't pay the death price

  26. I'm glad that you, the cat, and everyone else is all right. A natural gas explosion would be no fun.
    I enjoyed mail4rosey's and your convo' rhyme
    and all the blame game excuses.
    Have a happy week, Pat!

    1. Yep, would not have been fun
      To get blown off to the sun

  27. Traffic Jam, When I'm Already Late... I think I'd be singing this Alanis Morriset song through the whole ordeal.

    1. I take it the singing wouldn't be grand
      Across the land

  28. I hate when something like this happens... My Hubs gets so upset that it makes it even worse than it is. .. If that is possible.

    1. haha yeah that can make it worse
      I just sit and curse


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