Light Hearted Fools And The Cat Is Where It Is At!

This time no fake representation of the rhyming cat is at play. I finally get to have my say. Of course Truedessa has hers too. Pat just shut up and followed the directions that came due.

So time for a tale,
That surely won't fail.
Unless you get into the wine.
Care to start off or should the feline?

A tale of two light hearted fools
searching the sea for rare jewels
along with them a rhyming cat
pull up a crate it's time for a chat

So the two light hearted fools just chat?
No wonder Bora Bora they are never at.
But I guess they have to shut their yap,
When they hear the wings of a dragon flap.

white billowing sails wind gives a huff
choppy sea, the night air gets rough
through the darkness, two fiery eyes
swooping down, heaving eerie sighs

Wow, you really set a scene.
That thing looks rather mean.
Wait! It is really a brain sucking alien parasite.
The cat is going to run now out of sight.

Out of the blackness, green scaly skin
soaring the sky, a mischievous grin
get back here cat, it's time to fight
pulling our swords  dueling this night

Pffft you and Pat can protect the cat.
Go and kill the brain sucking thing, stat!
Use a sparkly fart and some magic wine.
With those big teeth it looks ready to dine.

Captain Pat  has a few tricks of his own
he'll blast that alien into another time zone
Now, where o' where is my magic wine
casting a spell,  that demon will whine..

You better hurry up and fill your cup,
The demon parasite thing is starting to hiccup.
With each one it spawns a new clone.
It wants to suck us back like an ice cream cone.

bitter taste, we better chug a lug
those alien clones we will debug
a force field of energy zip zap
blinding light, at the sound of snap

They are confused and look abused.
Pat seems to also be infused.
Wow, he can really jump.
That clone came down, dead, with a thump.

Now, those aliens can't get any connection
Truedessa sending vibes in their direction
Pat has the clippers, he will do a snip snip
as their aliens minds do a backwards flip

Oh the dreaded snip snip comes to pass.
Serves those probers right in mass.
Vibes and clippers bring them to the ocean floor,
The original demon is upset its clones are no more.

With fiery breath,  he attempts to attack
Truedessa throws a crystal into his back
his evil eyes roll around in his green head
filling the night air with a sense of dread

The crystal is oh so very shiny.
The demon thing is now very whiny.
Poof! He turned into a fluffy hare.
Oh no! It's the mothership with sirens that blare.

have no fear Pat will send  up a  drone
infiltrate the ship's brain with a magical stone
just as  a giant meteor comes into play
look out, those hideous demons now will pay

Boom, goes the ship.
Those fireworks are rather hip.
All kinds of colors in the sky.
I'm very glad we didn't die.

tired they go to the berth below
where they can bask in the glow
Sailing on their ship of dreams
under golden moonbeams...

Brain sucking parasite demon alien things came up in a 100,000 comment guest post. Ever think that would come due at my coast? You just never know what will show. Now I have to go plug my ears as they cause fears. I guess I will go bug Cass with my ever so annoying little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. ok, I am convinced Hank has a trick when I tried to post it would not let me. I received a message conflicting post and it blocked me until Hank was in your bin..anyway I was defeated..Congrats Hank..

    2. Thanks Truedessa Ma'am
      But there were no pranks!


    3. Good Morning Hank,

      I never received a message like that so I think we were posting at the exact same time and blogger kicked me out to the curb..congrats well played.. Won fair and square..

    4. Good morning Ma'am, being up early
      Thanks once again for the company


    5. Hank has a magic keyboard
      In which his #1 is stored

      does that to me once in a while
      Just means 2 at the same time are turning the dial

    6. That means you should be just as fast
      In fact much much earlier than all of us


    7. Yeah just as fast
      Just a second off with a blast

  2. It was grand to read this post
    fun convo with an entertaining host
    as the banter goes to and fro
    where it goes one never knows
    always fun conversing with the cat
    it couldn't be done without Pat
    now, I am off to get a glimpse of moon
    a blood moon will it make my head swoon

    1. The cat yaps away
      Pat hides in the bay
      Everything is thanks to the cat
      Pat can just clean my scat lol

  3. "blast that alien into another time zone"
    Should learn to leave earthlings alone
    Messing us around
    Will leave a frown
    Enough problems already setting the tone


    1. Yeah already enough problems across the land
      No need for aliens to give us a helping hand

  4. Grand verse, I have had quite a few conflicting post lately which I have never received before. Loved the read, keep up the good work.

    1. Conflicting is done here and there
      At each and every lair

  5. Well, now I want to throw all sorts of weird sentences at you to see what you come up with!
    And that alien doesn't know a thing about clones...

    1. haha can send your clones
      after that martian oh, how he will groan

    2. haha the cat can take on anything
      Throw away at your wing
      And yeah the martian's clones are bad
      He must be oh so sad

  6. I will never again look at a cute, fluffy (garden-eating) hare the same. Silly rabbit...tricks are for kids (some things are too hard to resist this silly commercial phrase). ;)

  7. When brain sucking clones get in your face
    Would be handy to carry a can of mace
    Pat's snip snip snippers worked like a charm
    Kept all safe and free from harm
    Saved the ship again ka-boom
    Send up a drone escape from doom

    1. Those snip snip nippers can be bad
      Have to watch where in use at ones pad
      Could chop something important off
      Then one would surely scoff

  8. ears can cause fears

    like winter can cause a nose to froze

  9. Hooray, the cat got away! He lives to rhyme another day.

  10. Those brain sucking parasite aliens can really be a pain in the arse!

    1. Yeah have to watch out for them
      And their oh so nasty phlegm

  11. Loved this, Pat and Truedessa! I was hoping that Pat would do a Rhyming Convo thing with Trudessa. You know I've been getting such a kick out of the Bora Bora posts! Have a good one, you two!

    1. Always fun to go to bora bora at our sea
      Now we just take on aliens with glee

  12. Your imagination amazes me
    your use of words simply outstanding
    how you weave it all together
    is very fascinating!


    1. The cat can weave no matter what comes due
      If if nonsense is in his view

  13. Magic wine AND a sparkly fart?? Who could possibly ask for more? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    1. lol a perfect mixture in the end
      A flare a sparkly fart could send

  14. ha. what should i say to maybe make you play at your bay all day....asparagus brush dental floss...and truedessa and you might one day make it to bora bora...

    1. lol that is some kind of floss
      Is it as soft as moss?
      Not sure we'll get there
      More fun trying to find the lair

  15. If aliens came to visit my pad.
    The cats would show them who's bad.

    1. Send them on their way
      Never to bother your bay

  16. Dear Pat, I think my comment "didn't take" before so I'll try again. This is an exciting tale told by a master. My favorite stanza, because it tickled my funny bone is the following. Peace.

    have no fear Pat will send up a drone
    infiltrate the ship's brain with a magical stone
    just as a giant meteor comes into play
    look out, those hideous demons now will pay

    1. lol Pat has tons of powers I guess
      Or drones on and creates a mess

  17. Oops, I had difficulty in making it past those sparkly things!

    1. lol they can really catch the eye
      Sure give an oh me oh my

  18. Demon parasites
    at your bay
    you and Truedessa
    together shall play.

    Hey Cat, I read up on Humaworm and then got to watching videos on intestinal parasites. Jesus, that's some scary stuff. I can't afford Humaworm, but I did a lot of reading and found a good list of natural things I can try. Pumpkin Seed, Fennel Seed, Cloves, Pineapple, Grated Coconut and some others. I can easily add these to my diet. We'll see what comes out my arse end.

    1. haha yeah it is a scary thought
      Having those in you by the lot
      If you see them come out your arse end
      You will want to bleach yourself as you mend
      Blah, so nasty indeed
      The big ones are even nastier, trust me, at my feed

  19. Brain sucking alien clones ::shivers:: My worst nightmare. Thanks for defeating them for me, Pat!

  20. orlin N cassie

    grate post two by truedessa & pat
    brain suckin parasitez bee wear itz at
    de food gurl haz sum at her place oh employ
    noe money, all werk, all bull shitz, noe joy

    1. Damn that just sucks
      Need to feed them to the ducks
      Or hit them with trucks
      Save a few bucks

  21. Nice to see Truedessa was given her due. Smiles.

    1. She came with a rhyme
      Evil aliens full of slime

  22. Brain sucking anything sounds like zombies to me.

    1. Zombies eat not suck
      But zombies too could be in luck

  23. Brain suckings the thing.
    Not just for zombies you see.
    For your brain will go "ZING!"
    When you put on the TV.

    1. Off in la la land mode
      Like a sort of comatose toad

  24. Replies
    1. Indeed that alien is mean
      And tried to make a scene

  25. Ships, aliens and monsters attacking at sea,
    My favorite things combined in a story.

    1. 3 in one is lots of fun
      Many a tale can be spun

  26. Hey, I love the banter back & forth with Truedessa ~

    I am always amused where your journeys will take you ~

    Have a good week Pat ~

    1. Never know where they will go
      Always fun with a banter flow

  27. bora bora is my wish for you..
    hope it's all you hope for, too!

    1. Not a place I want to go
      Too expensive and not much in tow

  28. The gal with a crystal has all sorts of skills
    If it's crystal meth
    You should head for the hills.

    1. Yeah get far far away
      From an addict at your bay

  29. Brain sucking monsters? Oh what a fright!
    I am glad you and Trudessa made it through the night!
    Now off to Bora Bora you both shall go.
    And hope no more brain sucking monsters want to follow.

    1. Sure there may be a few
      Can't get there without some monster coming due

  30. If brain-sucking monsters are on the loose,
    I won't let the door hit me in the caboose!
    And if they're not in Bora Bora,
    Well then tha's where I'm heading for(a).

    1. Head there and hide
      Wait out the brain sucking tide

  31. A comment I tried to leave at your bay
    In a more timely way yesterday
    Disappeared into Blogger hell
    And over my own blog did cast a spell
    Now I can't remember my cute clever rhyme
    So I must draft something new this time
    It's fun to read the stories you post
    Crafted from comments along your coast

    1. Yea blogger hell
      Sure isn't swell
      Does that once in a while
      Making you turn a new dial

  32. Snip,snip is not good
    Depending on the part
    Could go from bass to soprano
    In the blink of a sparkly fart

    1. haha yeah so stay away
      From anywhere with a little metal tray

  33. Truedessa Dear, did you say Captain Pat can blast aliens into another time zone? So he could do the same with, you know, your average brain sucking politician? Yes? Pat? Now you're telling me?

    1. I could give it a go
      But rather just send them below


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