More News For You At My Zoo!

The cat was minding his own business the other day when those future headlines once again came on display. But this time it wasn't just stuff. It was a different future huff and puff.

2018: Betsy gets 12 more cats.
Damn, they'll never be any rats.
2016: Brian's gawk goes nation wide.
In that he must take pride.

2019: The Blue Guy turns maroon.
Wow, almost the color of my litter sand dune.
2100: The Grammar Nazi is still alive.
Damn, he can sure survive.

2032: Mark Kirkland breaks the freebie record worldwide.
In freebies she does take pride.
2015: Hank gets #1 365 times in a row.
Damn, that is dedication at my show.

2018: The Ninja Wannabe loses the Wannabe.
Pffft that has to be wrong at my sea.
2019: The Ninja Wannabe fooled all.
That is more like it at my hall.

2020: Truedessa gets to Bora Bora.
Does she find there is too much flora?
2020: Truedessa grows bored with Bora Bora.
Yep, there was too much flora.

2016: Betty gets two speeding tickets.
Damn, need to go slow like crickets.
2015: Mary gets another dog.
Four now run her blog.

2017: Humbird does a humming post.
With that she sure can boast.
2101: Manzanita is still alive.
Damn, ancient at her hive.

2020: Rosey loses her mail.
Maybe it hit the trail?
2030: Optimistic long name guy steps on a tack.
Damn, slow news day at their shack.

2021: Anne's airline goes bankrupt and dies.
No longer will she fly the skies.
2022: Old One Eye gets a plastic eye.
But people still see her and go, Oh My!

2500: R still only knows two words.
Still more than say umm birds.
2020: The cat strikes it rich.
Knowing my luck, I'd then end up dead in a ditch.

And there you are at your sea. Now you have things to look forward to thanks to me. Don't say the cat never helps you out. Did your news want to make you twist and shout? It will come to pass and you will remember it was said by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. "More News For You At My Zoo!"
    Great headlines but too good to be true
    Let us dream
    And no screams
    Just hoping to come up with things new


    1. Hopefully things come new
      That would be fine at my zoo
      As long as they are good though
      And more crap doesn't show

  2. Good fun poem, enjoyed the read.

  3. 2015: Flying Cars

    wait no Back to the Future 2 lied to us

    1. Yep, lied a ton
      No hover board either to give a run

  4. Cat has at his den a big round ball
    Sitting in the middle of a long dark hall
    It glows in the dark like a huge TV
    And it tells the truth for all to see
    The ball shows the future, what a blast
    Will the world go ka-boom or will it last?

    1. It will go ka-boom one day
      Far far far away
      When the sun explodes or something like that
      Otherwise it will still hold the cat

  5. Six more years until you're rich
    Hope waiting isn't too much of a bitch. Lol....
    More cats you say?
    I'd take a few more any day!
    Since I already wear the crown
    What's a few more hanging around? Lol

    1. lol my cardboard box and I
      May find waiting a hard try
      What's a couple more
      Going in and out your door

  6. Do you have a magic crystal ball
    as you write the future on your wall
    what is this the blue guy turns maroon
    could happen under a rare blue moon
    Truedessa finally gets to bora bora
    has to leave from inhaling too much flora
    Tell me did her captain take the trip
    were they attached by the hip?
    2020 the cat strikes it rich
    hmm six years to find his niche

    it's fall pack away the beach ball

    1. The blue guy goes poof
      Changes due to a goof
      The cat only read you
      As only headlines come due
      6 years is a long time
      But bring on the rhyme

  7. Can you tell me the lotto max numbers?

    1. umm 7 18 22 45 43 26 9
      Aren't I a helpful feline?

  8. I hope no ditch comes after you strike it rich

  9. 'Different future huff and puff'
    sound very promising, ah-ah!
    hope the future humming post
    will hatch with ease like scratch of claws ;)

    1. Hopefully it will hum along
      Creating a humable song

  10. LOL with the speeding tickets
    hope you didn't jinx me now
    never been stopped by the police
    that could be a record wow!

    cute headlines for all involved
    could be some interesting news
    certainly if Hank got 365 in a row
    that would be nothing to lose!


    1. haha hopefully no jinx came due
      But you can blame my zoo
      Yeah 365 in a row would be a ton
      See if Hank can get such a run

  11. I'm just waiting for the day that R suddenly posts the most eloquent, thoughtful, 4 paragraph long comment. And then, like it never happened, goes right back to "great post!" forever. Silent Bob style. Come on R, you can do it. We... kinda believe in you.

    1. haha - that is a funny thought..hey you never know he might surprise us all.

    2. lol that would be quite the day
      When R knows more than 2 words to display

  12. Great Post! (sorry, I couldn't resist). :)

    1. Still more words then R
      With the extra at my sand bar lol

    2. And for the record, my mail can't be lost. I'm married to the mailman. ;)

  13. R is so amusing with his predictable comments ~ Guess we have wait if Hank makes it ~

    1. Yeah we'll see if Hank can give it a go
      And at least get 100 in a row

  14. The future is so hard to tell
    Best to wish upon the well
    Coins in fountains work well too
    Birthday candles make wishes come true

    1. haha so does a rabbit foot
      And a foot full of soot

  15. Scary thought that I could live that long...

    1. As long as no diapers come due
      Could be fun for you

  16. That is almost back to the future!

  17. I'm laughing about R and B&B's words too
    When you type "Yippee for me" - laughter from me always comes due.

    1. haha easier to say the same
      With his two word game

  18. Well if Betsy ever needs rats for her cats to play with, you know where to find mine. I even have one almost as big as a small cat that would give a cat a run for its money. lol

    I do like the freebies. :)

    1. haha cat and rat as one
      Now that would bring youtube fun

  19. Orlin the Prophet
    Can make it so
    How does he foretell?
    Magic food at his show

    1. Magic food
      By the brood
      Or magic treats
      For good eats

  20. As long as the cat doesn't end up dead in a ditch.
    After the past couple of days, I think I lost more than my wannabe...

    1. Lost more than your wannabe?
      Damn, hopefully no appendages at your sea haha

  21. It'll be the end of the world if blue guy turns maroon!

  22. HA HA -- I like the idea of getting a fourth dog. Smiles.
    Except my checkbook couldn't handle vet bills
    for yet one more dog at my pad!
    If Betsy has 12 cats, I don't know how she does it.
    Hoping your cat does strike it rich!

    1. I think she has 15 or so now
      There that go meow
      Yeah the vet bills sure are no thrill
      As they pile up at ones hill

  23. How in the heck does Hank do it? And twelve more cats? Better buy some kitty litter!!

    1. Always on time at his sea
      Not sure and yeah many a kitty

  24. All kinds of great things to look forward to at your lair. Pure awesome as always!

    1. Hopefully the riches come due
      That would be great for my zoo

  25. No, Blue guy can't turn maroon! That would just never do!
    Poor Keith has the worst fate of all, I hope that tack in the foot doesn't make him fall.
    Rosey probably won't be alone in losing her mail. With the way the government runs it, it's already a fail.

    1. Hopefully he gets through it
      Yeah they must just throw all the mail in a deep dark pit

  26. for my gawk to go nationwide,
    my eye must be up high in the sky
    perhaps a giant telescope
    i just need a rope
    to climb up...

    betsy must have a small nation of cats

    1. haha high in the sky
      The hawk the sun may fry
      Betsy has a ton
      In more will run


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