No Idea At Your Show? I'll Help With My Flow!

So you still don't know what to go out as at your show? I guess the cat could put things all in a row. But did that last year. One plug it in plug it in is fine by my rhyming rear. Instead the cat will tell you. Easier to do.

Can't get a date?
No need to wait.
Grab a blow up doll,
Go as a horny old man at your hall.

Can't fly a plane?
Instead board a train.
Go as a train passenger this year.
See, easy and can drink beer.

Can't rock n roll?
Go take a stroll.
Go as a jogger.
Beats losing at Frogger.

Don't have any money?
Do something funny.
Go to work as an employee.
That has to be different for thee.

Can't take out the trash?
Well go for a splish splash.
Toss it on the ground.
Could become a hound.

Can't spread your wings and fly,
Like that Superman guy?
Well if you regret that, try,
Then a smudge you can go as while others cry.

Can't make a blog post?
No need to head for the coast.
Instead go as the brain dead.
Wait! Make that fluoride head.

Or grab a big block.
That will sure shock.
Say you are a writer.
That writer's block just pulled an all nighter.

Put on a fat suit,
Go as that Austin Powers brute.
Or if you want crazy fans,
Go as Honey Boo Boo banging pots and pans.

But if that isn't enough,
Time to get rough.
Rip your clothes off and go nude.
Hey, you'll be a birthday boy/girl, it isn't rude.

There you go, now you can go out to and fro and be something fun at your sea. Unless the smudge comes to thee. Then I guess you are screwed indeed. Better off with the first for your screwed deed. Now trot as one across the grass, there is no need to thank my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall. 


  1. "I guess the cat could put things all in a row"
    Leave it to the smart feline it ought to know
    Lots of questions asked
    And situations unmasked
    Answers are forthcoming the feline will show


    1. The cat does much
      Crazy and such
      The way to be
      Here at my sea

  2. As I ponder with glee
    What you'll likely be
    I already know
    What I'll be at my show...
    I'll be a mouse,
    But stay away from your house!

    1. Might become a snack
      If you are a mouse near our shack

  3. Smudge doesn't sound like fun. Splat probably isn't either. But both beat going as Honey Boo Boo.

    1. Yeah I'll take the smudge
      Over being so large I can't budge

  4. well pick the wrong one and you are done, especially the streek
    for police will seek you out and throw you out
    or in the door slamming bin...

    1. Get thrown in the clink
      For giving the old appendage a wink? lol

  5. No smudge for me thanks or honey boo boo

  6. I think I will be a fluffy cat
    what do you think of that?
    pay a call on Mr Pat Hatt
    or just take a nap at my mat

    1. Nap on the floor
      Right by the door
      A cat works for the cat
      Sure beats a rat

  7. Great verse Pat with a good message.

    I live on my own,
    No calls on the phone.
    Don't care about wealth.
    I just laugh at myself.

  8. Ha ha, this made me smile really. Loved the idea that a person without money should go trick-or-treating as an employed person! And going nude - ha, that would be the scariest costume of all.

    1. haha just have to get creative as can be
      And you can go as anything at your sea

  9. I think I'll be R
    And carry a sign
    "Great post! Great post!"
    That'll work just fine.

    1. haha might grow stale
      If that is all you wail

  10. LMAO in my kitchen
    Two I thought were really bitchin
    Just what would a train passenger wear
    To blend in and avoid the really big stare
    Do you wear tan like Jake from State Farm
    Or dye your hair red to cause some alarm
    To dress like an employee, I do not know
    Do they all wear black suits to go with the flow
    All good ideas and perfectly sound
    But I'll sit in the dark so I can't be found

    1. haha I've done the dark thing
      A time or two at my wing
      Not sure state farm would do it
      But dressing as him could be a hit
      Depends on the job as well
      To be poor janitor Bob you may have to smell

  11. I like the idea of the Fluoride head. That one could also pass as the undead. You can also just dress slutty at your sea. For many, this is how Halloween should be. Just add a bunny ear or foxtail, surely can't fail.

  12. It truly would be scary
    to see some of us nude
    I think I would pass on that one
    it would be just too rude


    1. haha oh yes there are some
      But in the end a bum is a bum

  13. I sure hope there is no nude dude at our door on Halloween!

    1. lol yeah go under the bed
      To avoid that dread

  14. One year my mom taped cereal boxes to our heads and taped a fake knife through the box. Then painted fake blood on us. We were "Cereal Killers". hahahaha

    I vote for the cat to go as honey boo boo. I want pics, cat!

    1. haha giving poor cereal a bad rap
      The cat would never go as that crap

  15. LOL! I think I like the writer's block the best! I may take a big block with me to Parkway Friday night! The regulars know I'm working on a book, so why not? These were awesome and fun suggestions, Pat! Have a good one!

  16. I'm always good fairy
    at home or at blog sphere :)

    1. A good fairy you say
      Can you bibbity bobbity boo the lottery numbers up at my bay

  17. I'll go as a Canadian
    with a Moose for a head
    say "eh" a lot and
    feel people with dread.

    1. Well if you go as a moose
      Add some cushioning to your caboose
      For moose get hit
      So you may be dead because of it

  18. That should say "fill people with dread" Ya, I'm already practicing to be a Canadian by not knowing how to spell.

    1. What? You don't want to feel canadians up?
      Feel free to fill your cup
      Your spelling is already sparse
      Using things like arse lol

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What's harder than flying a plane?

      Flying a train.

      Not even little annoying Anakin Skywalker could pilot it.

    2. Should have crashed and burned
      And never ever returned

  20. Wow,so many suggestions for so many problems. So glad I don't have all those problems. Just keep smiling and staying happy. What could be better. Have a great day Pat.

  21. Can't take out the trash?
    Well go for a splish splash.
    Toss it on the ground.
    Could become a hound.

    I wish I could get the hound to
    take out the trash
    Instead I;ve got two teen lads
    who I have to hound
    every Sunday when its found
    They're on the couch
    and the mound of
    garbage is intact

    1. haha well they just want to hear you speak
      And make sure the garbage bag doesn't leak

  22. We're not dressing up.
    Staying in with our pup.
    She hates Halloween.
    Totally not her scene.
    Her hatred of folks at the door is huge-o.
    She turns into total Cujo.

    1. damn, that would stink
      End up in the clink
      If she went crazy
      Stick to butt sniffing with an oopsy daisy

  23. I am going to dress up like me
    just a little more spooky.

  24. Just have to tell you I like the spooky Halloween header ~

    Writers' block is a poor excuse
    Just write away, even a recluse
    a pen a journal but no need to be
    naked, just wear a costume, wannabee
    superhero is the best ~

    1. That has been here a while
      And yep, just an excuse not to turn the dial

  25. orlin N cassie

    ewe haz just given uz de werst nite mare ...well, cept for de burd thing...

    N that wood bee see inn de food gurl

    butt azz naked....

    any wear....any time...any day

    pardon uz while we go hurl

    1. haha raise a paw
      To cover your eyes so what was seen won't be saw

  26. Those were great, creative out of nothing

  27. I have my costume all picked out!
    Hope it doesn't make anyone shout!

  28. I was pretty good at frogger. I like those old school games without the complications of all those buttons.

    1. They were easier than 50 buttons one need to push
      Now you have to use your hands, feet and tush

  29. Or dress like a pirate with sword and eye patch,
    For some lovely lass ye might make a good match.

  30. Great job! I think I'll just go as me this year for Halloween! It's much cheaper than buying a costume.

  31. I think this year I shall be
    A treat disperser at my tree
    No creativity left with all
    The deadlines and snowflakes at my hall

    1. Well the kids like that
      So its where it is at

  32. I don't know about you, but I really hope I don't see ANY of those costumes this year. That would make for a scary holiday indeed!

    1. haha even the halloween nazi would get a scare
      Hmm the possibilities at my lair

  33. A naked trickster
    Is an interesting mixture
    No pockets for treats
    Avoid the main streets

    1. Stuck in the dark
      But sure to leave their mark

  34. I'm going to fit my butt in the sofa and stay home as a couch potato.

  35. That last one'll get ya arrested...Halloween or not. ;)

    1. Have to get caught
      But yeah arrested wouldn't be so hot

  36. It may not be rude to be in my birthday suit for Halloween, but it's illegal, sadly. And I don't want to dress all in orange for my costume.

  37. Tonight... Manzanita and I want to go as jailbirds. We will see if it comes to pass.

    1. haha jailbirds would be fun
      As long as no actual jail time is done

  38. What if I can rock but not roll?
    Would I need to take a stroll?


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